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A House with a porch – it's not only extra space, but and able enough to use it effectively. These cottages look much more interesting and more comfortable, because depending on what a project is selected veranda, it is possible to equip living room, Conservatory or library, saving the useful area of the main building.

Types of porches

Quite often, people not well versed in construction, are confusing two concepts, a terrace and a veranda, considering that they are identical. Actually this is a completely different structure, and if the first is possible to attach to the existing building, the second should immediately enter the house project.


Porch – is a small extension to the house, having with it a common Foundation, while the terrace is called the structure on a raised base, just adjacent to it. There is the possibility of building a porch after putting the building into operation, but will have to pay for the paperwork and a separate project for her that would cost a lot.

Divide two types of extensions:

  • Covered porch, target direction where – use additional space as an integral part of the main building. They usually equip of the lounge, or dining room, winter garden or the fireplace.
  • Open the extensions serve as a place for rest in warm time of the year and are in addition to home and decoration, but do not release the load from its useful area.

covered porch

Modern technology and materials allow you to turn into a real architectural masterpiece of any veranda. This is especially true for extensions of the closed type, as the methods of glazing give the opportunity to experiment with different styles.


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Materials for porches

At the stage when only considering the project of a veranda, you need to decide what function she will perform. If she becomes the gathering place for the whole family exclusively in the warm season, you can create a budget version in the Australian style. It consists of a stone base and wooden roofs, stacked in the form of boards with gaps. The distance between them gives the chance to the sun rays illuminate the entire space inside of her. As a rule, such additions becomes a grill or barbecue area, around which are concentrated tables and garden furniture. It is clear that on a rainy day like veranda – it is damp under the Windows, so it is good only in those regions dominated by the sun. Perhaps that is why in areas with short, cool summers, they are not popular.

project of the verandah

Covered porch – this is a more expensive project that allows you to create a true architectural masterpiece. As practice shows, in the regions with temperate or warm climates often use a combined view of the outbuildings when the summer window frames are removed, and in winter return to the place. In these porches you can often find fireplaces, which create a warm atmosphere and warm, when outside the window the snow.

It is Important to know: covered porch – is the ability to make beyond the main building and auxiliary facilities, such as a hallway or Conservatory, so the use of materials such as stone and glass, though influenced pressure on the Foundation, open up opportunities for design of experiments.

Closed extensions

The Basic materials for verandas gated – stone, brick, wood and glass. Particularly impressive look extension with a glass from base to ceiling. In regions where sunshine prevails most of the year, many traders, even the roof made of glass.

wooden porch

It is Important to know: porch – part of the house, so must be built in the same spirit with him. Even if it was not originally in the project should adhere to the combination of materials and architectural style, then the house will really look elegant.

External decoration of verandas

As a rule, open porch – is a reason to surround your home with greenery. So decorate your outbuildings the owners of private houses and cottages. Curly or evergreen plants especially in their honor. This natural shade creates not only the comfort but also are the decoration of the facade of the building.

Another thing - veranda closed. Here is where carousing fantasy. The combination of different materials such as wood, stone and glass, or exterior finish decorative plaster - it's not all options, which can be externally prettify extension.

Especially popular lately is vinyl siding, due to its affordability and ease of installation. This special polymer material for finishing buildings, which is not afraid of no dampness or temperature extremes, neither the fungus nor the fire, but it can mimic wood or clapboard.

It is Important to know that the veranda looked spectacular and has long served as a pleasant place to stay, you need for its external design to use materials that are not subject to external influence, durable and environmentally friendly.

Home decor

As a rule, to internal furnish porch use natural materials such as stone, wood or glass. For floor covering the bestoption would be either laminate or ceramic tile.

what is veranda

Flowers and ornamental plants are used in internal decoration of buildings, as often as the external. If the veranda is gated such that its attributes, such as the fireplace, the tulle on the Windows, upholstered furniture and other accessories is the ability of each host to show your taste and talent as a designer.

Examples of the use of verandas

As a rule, the value of additional space in a private home cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, many owners see the porch a place where you can hang the hammock, put the grill and drink beer after work.

Actually, what is a veranda, I understand not all. Is the ability to:

  • To Make the outside the house spaces such as a dining room, cinema room or Conservatory.
  • Open Veranda allows you to enjoy nature, be outdoors and to feel part of the ecosystem.
  • Covered porch creates a separate climate outside the house. Modern technologies allow to build an extension of any size, on most types of soil and use the best materials.

Statistics says that most popular today is the wooden deck. In fact, given the fact that it is environmentally friendly material, it is also an opportunity to maintain health and sustain energy at the right level and look for inspiration in nature.

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