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Wardrobe – an integral part of any apartment or private home. No matter how small any home, people will always find a place for chest or his older brother. After all, this is the perfect place for storing not only clothes, but also miscellaneous items (household, boxes with equipment, shoes and so on). Today you can not only buy ready-made wardrobe, but also can order furniture on individual parameters. We invite you to learn how to make clothes with their own hands.

Dressing room or wardrobe?


Many people, when they hear the word “dressing”, imagine a room filled with racks and racks of clothes and shoes. In fact, it may even be a niche. By the way, it can be done and in the place where you plan to put a basic wardrobe. Closet that you will be much more spacious and roomier. And visually, it will not “eat” precious space. In other words, the dressing may serve as a regular wardrobe.

The Process of creating clothes with their own hands not fast. It consists of such stages as:

  • Choice;
  • Measurement of the dimensions;
  • Layout and drawing;
  • The selection and purchase of materials;
  • Build-in wardrobe.

Features of storage system

dressing room

Have you ever Noticed that when you open the door regular wardrobe, there comes some type of scent? This is because in the conventional wardrobes are not provided ventilation. In the modern dressing room of the air ventilation system – this is a requirement of the design of the Cabinet. Don't need a complicated and intricate systems. It is enough to have natural ventilation. And there will be no smell of mustiness and other scent. Ventilation can be implemented using indentation doors from the top of the wardrobe, the creation of special slots or create a small ventilation hole.


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You Also need to consider the lighting. If closet are made shallow, it is possible to do without light. But if the dressing room is wider than the usual Cabinet, you need to post at least one point of the lamp.

Ventilation and lighting are important. But the main point is to organize the storage system. Wardrobe with your own hands you can do one of the following types:

  • Rack;
  • Dressing area
  • Pencil case;
  • Niche.

Construction of storage each type differ. Somewhere hanging clothes can be stored only on the pull-out rod, provided somewhere familiar. In the dressing room could be boxes or shelves. All of this depends not only on the desires and possibilities of space and the size of the structure itself.


closet with their hands

Making clothes with their own hands, you choose what materials to use. At this point, by the way, you can save. After all, the course can go even what is already there.

The Best material for the foundations of design are wood sheets (chipboard). They are able to withstand the entire load of the structure, and also has a number of useful properties. Among them – absorption of moisture and its gradual return.

If you need a dock leaf, it is better to buy new material. For the inner suitable chipboard sheets that are at hand (for example, from your old wardrobe). By the way, many stores have a free service for cutting material. Therefore, it is possible to cut the tree, and the house will only have to assemble the design.

What will be the dressing room – the size of the structure

closet drawings

The Value of the smallest dressing room – from 1.2 to 1.5 square meters. That is, a rectangle where one side is equal to 1.2 or 1.5 meters, and the other – 1 meter. By the way, there's a trick that will allow you to put more things in a little closet. Just make it angular, not rectangular. Most often, when a width of 1 meter, customers choose the length of the Cabinet from 2 to 2.5 meters. This outfit will fit a lot of things, and the area it will occupy almost the same as the tricuspid wardrobe.

In Addition to size, you need to know other parameters of the Cabinet:

  • Height compartments for outerwear varies from 100-150 cm from the floor to the level rod. Plus you need to throw another 10 cm from the rod to the top rungs.
  • The height of the Shoe shelves and hat – 10 cm
  • Linen shelf height usually make between 250 to 450 mm.

The depth of the wardrobe - from 65 to 100 cm As a rule, it suffices that the hanger was located functionally, and doors are normally closed.

Knowing these parameters, one can easily understand what size Cabinet you need and how it will look.

Layout of the dressing room

project wardrobe

Any dressing room must be at least two compartments – for hanging clothes and for folded. That is one will be a bar for hangers, and another – shelves and/or drawers.

As the penultimate item, it is best to buy a special iron shelves for closets. They have the form of a lattice, whereby the garment is well ventilated. But if you are a supporter of vertical storage, it is better to stay on the classic version of the shelves – from DSP.

The Boxes canalso buy ready-made at the store or order them build. But they are easy enough to do yourself. To create them will need a few sheets of chipboard and plywood, which will go on the bottom. The cut can be ordered in the same place where you buy stuff. Conveniently, when the drawers run on rollers. So don't forget to buy this mechanism.

The elements

closet with their hands

Today, it's easy enough to make clothes with their own hands, because you can buy everything separately, including extra accessories to store various things.

There are the following devices to organize and store clothing and other items:

  • The Horizontal obecnice and brusnica: have the form of transverse strips, which are mounted on special rails. Sometimes they are there and even clips. On these straps you can easily hang skirts and pants. Things will hang straight. The system extends forward, allowing the clothes to hang and remove easily enough.
  • Vertical hangers for skirts and trousers: I have the kind of hanger with several rails arranged one below the other. Such a system is lower price and compact placement method.
  • Horizontal and vertical tie rack. The principle is similar to brachycome and obecnice. Only hangers for ties much already.
  • Sliding brackets for hangers with clothes. This is a more expensive alternative to the usual bars. Ideally, when you have a narrow dressing room. The dimensions of this bracket are small, but thanks to the sliding system can accommodate a large number of prophetic deep into the Cabinet.
  • Pantograph. This rod, which has the ability to descend. A great option to make two levels of hanging clothes. Thus it turns out to use a closet space to the top, while taking things you do not need to go for a stool or a ladder. The system of this storage is equipped with a special handle, pulling which you can omit the bar. However, the pantograph has a weight limit – up to 18 kilograms.
  • Various storage systems for shoes. It can be a special mini-chests, hanging organizers, hooks and hangers with clothes pegs for boots, mesh, hooks, and so on. You can find option for any budget and for any size dressing room.


sliding dressing room

Sliding wardrobe room takes up less space than a Cabinet with doors. And it's not the size of the wardrobe. Just such a Cabinet can be placed even in the narrowest place, you will still have access to its content. Because sliding doors do not need space on disclosure, as is the case with doors. Therefore, this option of closing-opening of the wardrobe is particularly relevant in corridors, hallways and small bedrooms.

Also, when using sliding doors there is a wide range of design wardrobe. You can choose a mirror surface, thereby using the trick with the visual expansion of space, or order the print on the doors, or come up with any other way to design. Then it all depends on your fantasies, wishes and financial possibilities.

From the drop-down shutters also has its advantages. One of them is that you can make the door-curtains. Then the question of ventilation will disappear.

New project

dressing room size

Will look Like the dressing room project, depends on many factors: the size of the space allocated for the wardrobe, to the design of the storage option.

So, firstly, decide the place where you will put the closet. Drawings of the future of the project directly zavisaet, wardrobe standing against the wall, or make it in an existing niche, need more walls and top cover or not and so on.

When the chosen place, decide the question: what will be the doors. The sash can be opened either to go in the special guides. If doors open up, they need the extra space. Well as for drawers.

Drawing a rough draft of your perfect wardrobe, go to create a working sketch. It must consider the depth and height of the Cabinet, and the height of each compartment and drawer. This can be done on the basis of recommended parameters, which were mentioned above.

Define the layout of the closet. Calculate your needs you need drawers, shelves, compartments for shoes, the size of the rods and other accessories (which there are extra storage compartments we have already reviewed above). Also try to imagine where you want to use certain storage systems. For example, the boxes you better positioning in the left corner, and a rod for outer clothing and costumes – the right.

Tip: when composing drawing his dressing room at ready plans, developed professionals. Sometimes it's easier to tweak something than to draw everything from scratch.

Design and implementation in specific examples

wardrobe closet

Dressing plays an important role, but still remains a utility room. Therefore main principle in the design of the wardrobe is – do so as not to be noticeable. Hence the peculiarities of the choice of the place under the Cabinet, and his appearance.

Typically,the dressing room project is developed at the beginning of the repair, and its design – at the very end. When it is already clear style of the entire room, set the palette and so on.

As for the features of appearance of the dressing room, which depend on the location of its implementation, let us consider specific examples below.

Closet out of the closet, or any other niche

dressing room with their hands out of the pantry

The Dressing room with their hands from the pantry – the easiest option that you can think of. The question of the place and size out of the way. It remains to consider only the ventilation system and lighting, and equipment. Also it turns out very much to save on materials – Cabinet box is already there, and it is very durable, only need to buy wood for shelves and accessories for storage and to make the door.

This closet, you can create not only the pantry but also on the loggia or in niches in the walls. The principle of operation in these places is the same as in the regeneration of the dressing room in the pantry.

Dressing area

wardrobe with your own hands

This option will work out slightly more expensive than the first, but it will be more optimal. After all, most pantries located in the hallway, and there is not always convenient to make a dressing. Therefore it is better to collect a dressing area in the bedroom. However, if the room is to sleep less than 16 square meters, the space under a wardrobe in it.

A Variant of this embodiment of locker area you can see in the photo above. As you can see, storage compartments are placed on the walls in the corner of the room, and the doors are on the sides. The creation of such a dressing is used a minimum of ingredients materials.


the depth of the wardrobe

Pencil Case – it is a narrow and tall cupboard. It takes a little space, so perfect for small spaces. An example implementation of this Cabinet is to make wardrobe on the sides of the bed (instead of bedside tables).

The internal content of the wardrobe-the pencil case is a little different. No, compartment with shelves and drawers remains the same. But for storing coats, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses and other things that are best kept in limbo, will have to buy pull-out bar.

By the Way, the doors here will be open as places for pull-out no. So you need to be a place for their discovery.


closet with their hands

Closet-rack – the classic version of the design of the cabinets. Material creation is, as it is necessary to make side walls – the Foundation of the wardrobe. But with the bundle and the inner filling here the situation is much simpler. Even to save. For example, to make only shelves and compartments for conventional rod, and to abandon other accessories and designs.

It is Worth noting that when creating a wardrobe-shelving all the profiles and guides, which is attached to all filling Cabinet, attached to the wall. Therefore, it must be made of concrete or brick, not plasterboard. As the load on the profiles and the guide is very large. Drywall simply can not cope with this task.

As for the exterior design, wardrobes-shelving is usually made with sliding doors. And, as stated above, they can order absolutely any kind. Therefore, these wardrobes are written perfectly in any room, without attracting special attention.

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