How to make gum? How to make a gum for yourself?


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If you ask any passerby what is famous in America, then surely he will call three things - jeans, McDonald's and chewing gum. And that is absolutely correct. That's just about the last celebrity we will lead the story. How do gum, whether it is useful and possible to do it yourself? And you will learn some interesting facts about the sweet and delicious-smelling gum, which captivated children and adults worldwide.

Is there anything to eat?

It's hard to say how long and where it appeared the gum. Our ancestors discovered it a few thousand years ago. Though she looked not like her contemporary, but the benefits are considerable. Mainly as used gum resin of trees. She helped to clean the teeth from plaque, to refresh breath and disinfecting the mouth, because resin – excellent antiseptic. In the Northern regions of the country, especially in villages, many people to this day are well aware that such sulfur (resin of deciduous trees). Some people prefer wax, others, such as the Mayans – the dried SAP of the rubber tree. It was from him came the generation of modern chewing gum. Certainly each of us would be interested in knowing how to make gum today.

how to make gum

A Little history

In the mid 19th century John Curtis made a first attempt to produce gum from tree SAP, but the business failed and the company closed. But Mr Adams has managed quite well to bring to life the idea of his predecessor. But to do gum, he had already begun rubber with the addition of the taste of licorice. After just a few dozen years, the band has got a pleasant taste and aroma, it was wrapped in beautiful wrapping and are widely popularized among the inhabitants of America. Needless to say that it quickly gained recognition and soon spread around the world.


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how to make homemade gum

Fun fact:

  • Gum is a symbol of America thanks to the world-famous Wrigley. It was decided to present to all who crossed the United States border, chewing the disc as a gift (well, for the purposes of self-promotion, of course).

What do we chew?

So how do gum today? The basis for this production are synthetic materials, which include a mixture of plasticizers, resins, elastomers, and other additives, which are often derived petroleum products. Simply put, it is rubber and plastic. The mixture was thoroughly purified, and then add a sweetener-sugar or dextrose, various aromas, flavors and, of course, food coloring. The mass heats up and is made thoroughly to become smooth and elastic.

How to make gum in the future? It is passed through a special press that creates a long rubber band, and a special device cuts them into portions. After the gum is wrapped in a beautiful wrapper, packaged in boxes and in this form it will arrive on the shelves of stores.

how to make gum at home

Fun fact:

  • Common gum rescued from the plane crash in 1911. With its help, the resourceful British closed up the hole in the engine and the tragedy was avoided. The news spread to all corners of the world. A good ad for chewing gum, isn't it?

Should we believe the hype?

Certainly, learning about what makes chewing gum, you have a question about whether such a product is useful, because so many additives in it, and chew gum certainly not helpful. Maybe someone knows is it possible and how to make gum at home?

About the benefits and harms of chewing gum controversy continues for many years. Like any product it has its pros: it really can clean the tooth enamel from plaque. Disadvantages: the manufacturer might not be completely honest and add in a treat is dangerous for health supplements. When you send in a mouth chewing a plate, your brain thinks that there came dinner time and starts preparing the body to receive food. But that's only the food in the stomach is not received, and this can easily cause gastritis or ulcers.

But I wonder what the gum ‘Orbit"? After all, dentists around the world recommend! To be sincere to the end, such chewing gum will protect your teeth, but simply will be less to destroy enamel than any other. Its composition differs only in one – using sugar substitute. In the bulk chewing gum that is added sugar, and it is bad for tooth enamel.

what makes gum orbit

Fun fact:

  • Often believe that the pink color of bubble gum because he is the symbol of youth and tenderness and love. But in fact, the first bubble gum was pink because it was the only paint that was available to its Creator at the time.

Make a gum for yourself

Resourceful minds are not sitting idly by. There are many ideas of how to make homemade gum on their own. For this you will need a packet of gelatin, water, ½ Cup of powdered sugar, 20 g beeswax, 100 g of honey on the comb.

Gelatin, pour a small amount of water for swelling. Honeycomb cutpieces, put in a sleeve for baking and send in a microwave oven to a mass of melted. Now it necessary to add gelatin and wax. For several minutes stirring the mass until all components dissolved. Let cool, and then send the gum in the fridge for half an hour. Left to slice it into serving pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar so they don't stick together.

By the way, it is possible to make not only an edible gum. In the network there are many videos on how Mr. Max makes the gum for the hands. This is a great educational toy for the whole family.

Fun fact:

  • One day, in order to clear the sidewalks in Beijing, gum, spent about $ 120,000. Since then, the police fined all who dare to spit out chewing gum on the streets.

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