Tips and recommendations: caring for your Bicycle


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On the road anything can happen, and assistance you may require your two-wheeled friend-a Bicycle. Repair, of course, is best done in a specialized workshop. To reduce possible trouble in the way to zero, must be constantly and carefully to care for your vehicle.caring for your Bicycle

Daily care of the bike

Let's See how well swapped camera. If too much, it would tire punctures and despite the improved speed performance, reduced handling. Poorly inflated will also fail during the trip – you may eat the camera and break it. On prospectively wheels to go at all difficult. Inspect the chain is not broken and how it is tight, and knots – how tight the wheels, seatpost and of mountain Biking

Caring for your Bicycle once a week

Gently wipe with a soapy sponge own transport, avoiding contact with fluid on the bushings, the drivetrain and other parts that contain bearings. If water gets on them, the grease will be washed out very quickly, which invariably leads to rapid wear of parts. Dry and lubricate the chain. Wash water can not be. Apply the lubricant sparingly. Because of the small number of nodes will be crisp, and the details will not live to see the next season. If you applied a lot of grease, chain “grows” with mud, and it is dangerous for the stars and chain links.

Once a month

The Monthly care of a bike is simple. Most often during this period, the vehicle rolls about two hundred kilometers. So, it is time to inspect the steering column, saddle, fork, frame, condition of bushings and chain.


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Useful tips for repair and care

To remove the rod, you need a special puller, screw-in. On the road it may not be. So Unscrew the bolt or nut through which the connecting rod is attached to the axle of the carriage, and at a low speed, not much pressing on the pedal, drive a few hundred meters. Then you can easily remove the item, tapping it with a hammer via a piece of wood.

Treatment of disc brakes spray means to care for the car brakes will save you from unpleasant creaking sound drives. This sin even the design with a clean and new pads.

On older bikes on the go can Unscrew the nut wedges. To prevent trouble for each of them, put washers Grover and flat.

Bicycle repairIf your vehicle has a hollow seatpost, then you know how through the frame in bearings of the carriage penetrates the dust. Wooden or rubber plug will deprive you of this problem.

Ongoing care of your bike will extend its life. But there are very effective procedures, which are to be done once. So a steel frame is not rusted from the inside, and aluminum does not “been plesnevami”, armed with brush and “Movil”. And coat the inside of frames with corrosion protection.

Fine fasteners will not work loose from vibration, if you drop the threads with nitro or lacquer.

All Sorts of little things are easy to attach to the tube frame of the worm clamps that you can buy in any kiosk auto parts. And the tools didn't make any noise if I wrap each key with a soft cloth.

Secure the rear plastic wing saddle, using thin fishing line, and on the film you won't hear Pat on the bus.

The Care of mountain Biking would not be complete if not I will try to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that fall into different nodes. Wear rings of oil-resistant rubber cones on the outside. You can buy them at auto parts stores. And the splash guard from the chamber of the truck attached to the front wheel, will solve the problem of dirt on the star.

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