Sumac: planting and care, cultivation and propagation


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Sumac leather photo which will immediately remind you of down covered with unusual attractive shrubs, you probably have noticed, is a long-lived plant. sumac planting and caringYou can grow it on their own site without a problem – it will bring you many benefits.

Sumac leather. Planting and caring, especially of a plant

This deciduous shrub sometimes reaches five feet in height. Branching stems with brownish-grey bark topped with reddish shoots. The most interesting and attractive of the fact that it has sumac (planting and caring for it will be described below) – leaves. In the spring they are green, during the summer, gradually change color to yellow (without loss of elasticity and contrast streaks), and closer to the cold take on a deep orange or crimson hue, becoming a true decoration of the garden. The flowers of this plant in panicles, surrounded by hairs, why look fluffy balls. The color of these hair panicles can be different even in one species of scampi – from white to reddish.  sumac leather planting and caringSometimes they are even multi-colored. Flowering began in late spring and continues until July. After it is ripe small dark fruit. In nature, the sumac (the planting and care cultivated types allows you to maintain and increase their decorativeness) lives a very long time, up to hundreds of years. It occurs in the Caucasus, in the Crimea, in southern Russia.

The Growing smoke tree in your garden should begin with the selection of its location. It must be Sunny. Regarding soil fertility can not worry, it sumac undemanding. However, to prevent water stagnation around the plant – it can cause failure to thrive.

Sumac: planting and care, cultivation and propagation

If you already grows one such plant on the site, you will want to have two. No problem to propagate sumac layering, cuttings and seeds. Cuttings are formed after the escape separated from the plants and pressed to the ground using staples or a small amount of soil. sumac leather photoAfter some time, branches begin to form roots. Then it can be separated from the main plant – now this is a new sumac. Planting and caring for it starts with irrigation. If you are a supporter of reproduction green cuttings, you should know that it is better to harvest in the summer, to soak in the IAA for half a day and then planted in the greenhouse. Rooting will be long. Green cuttings need to be watered as often a small amount of water. Smoke tree seeds can be collected in autumn and spring, after subjecting stratification, planting. Both adults and young plants require mulching. Regularly from smoke tree, you should remove the dried shoots – it only stimulates branching.

Health Benefits

The Leaves of smoke tree – a storehouse of useful essential oils, ascorbic acid, tannin, and substances that have a choleretic effect. They contain flavonoids and tannins led to the use of this plant in folk medicine. For example, for the disinfection of septic wounds. For this purpose the pulp from the leaves of the smoke tree are mixed with oil (butter), or glycerin in a proportion one to two. The resulting ointment treated wounds twice a day.

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