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Modern cleaning equipment can surprise even an experienced housewife will not only appearance and structural features, and functionality. Strong technological breakthrough, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, offering the concept of separation of wet and dry cleaning. Along with this change and approaches to management this technique. In place of the classic buttons and mechanical switches came touchpad wireless modules for communication with mobile devices. It remains only to answer the question about how to choose a vacuum cleaner from a wide variety of new designs and features.

What type of device preference?

Hoover washing container

Classifications of vacuum cleaners very much, but is fundamentally different to the traditional model dry clean and more modern version provided with the function of wet nursing. Than good classic vacuum cleaner? They have optimized design, designed for a standard set of functions required in everyday cleaning. How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for apartment? As a technical device no features provided, just need to consider the characteristics of cleaning accessories. Should evaluate the possibility of nozzles for dust, their purpose, the diameter of the intake pipe and hoses. It is also necessary to consider features of the dry cleaning itself. This operating principle is suitable for smooth surfaces, it is far cheaper and does not require special maintenance.

Now it is necessary to consider the vacuum cleaner, designed for wet cleaning. The design of such a device heavier, so the owners of small apartments should consider in advance the possible distribution of free space. And again, if the emphasis is on cleaning linoleum flooring is not much point in buying such a model will not. Hoover justified where we are talking about comprehensive care and fleecy wool coatings. Eliminate dust and allergens in the air – mandatory feature, if the house is inhabited by people with chronic lung diseases or small children. But how to choose a vacuum cleaner to effectively perform similar cleanup tasks? It is desirable to include in the model the function of deodorizing and humidifying the air, not forgetting the technical reliability. By itself, the concept of wet cleaning is expensive, so in order to attract customers lower cost manufacturers of such equipment often skimp on quality components. Breakage of small parts, cracks in plastic, breaks in the hoses and the typical blown engine – common problems of budget cleaning equipment.


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How to choose a robot vacuum?

A Completely separate niche in the vast collection of modern vacuum cleaners. The main difference lies in complete autonomy the robotic equipment. The vacuum cleaner without the participation of the people enabled, selects a path, the options of cleaning and work regimes. How can we achieve this autonomy? The device provides an innovative e-filling on the principles of artificial intelligence. Software algorithms on the basis of signals from sensors to make decisions about the movements and settings of suction, in particular.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

How to choose a robot vacuum? First, let's clarify what was initially created for such devices. They are the perfect solution to the troublesome cleaning in hard to reach places. Therefore, the size of the structure, and in particular the height of the vacuum cleaner will be the basic selection parameters. The average body height with wheels is 6-12 refer to a Specific value should be chosen based on whether the device is to go under the bed, sofa, Cabinet or other furniture under which it is planned cleaning. Equally important is the shooting area, you can count on at harvest in one session. The average robot vacuum can handle for a single output of about 550-600 m2. At this rate directly affects the size of the brush – for example, a 30-inch nozzle is quite suitable for a medium size apartment. On the other hand, the smaller the design size of brushes, ponyslave will be the device.

Of Course, independence in the office – not the main feature of such models. Manufacturers compete among themselves, giving a high-tech product and other operational «chips». How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for apartment additional features – what you should know of the useful functions? In this part you have to be careful as attractive to the ear option often increases the cost, not fundamentally improving the quality of cleaning. One of the truly valuable qualities can distinguish the presence of UV lamps with disinfection function, remote control and a fixed docking station that the device will come back every time after you finish a work session.

Select power

vacuum Cleaner

Power potential – one of the key parameters determining the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. Thus it is necessary to divide the power consumption and powersuction. Regarding the first value, it is an average of 1000-2000 watts. There are models of 800 W, which are suitable for the target cleaning small spaces, and the version in 2200 W, which it is advisable to purchase for maintenance of private homes. To lose this option difficult, if you focus on a specific purpose. The more important question of how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for suction power and that generally means this feature? This is not just an expression of the forces with which the device sucks the dust, and its ability to support this effort at the appropriate level for a long time. Usually calculated suction force, the current first 5 minutes of operation of the vacuum cleaner. This value is expressed by the product of the vacuum and the air stream, and denote it as aerbt. You can now consider a specific value of suction strength, acceptable in different cases:

  • 350 aerot – optimally, if you plan on dry cleaning of smooth surfaces. For example, the same with linoleum flooring, tile coverings, etc.
  • 400 aerot – the amount that is recommended for cleaning Turbomeca.
  • 450 aerot – a model with such a potential is suitable for cleaning and long-pile carpets.
  • 550 aerot – such power will effectively damp care specifically for carpets.
  • 650 aerot – suitable for gentle cleaning of surfaces of upholstered furniture.
  • 700 aerot – universal indicator, adjusting that can be performed even professional complex cleaning.

Network or a cordless vacuum?

The electricity grid – another significant parameter that began to divide the model of the modern vacuum cleaner. Traditional household version, working from the outlet, respectively, require a voltage of 220 V. There is a narrow and small segment of automobile devices connected to the local battery voltage is 12 watts. How to choose a good vacuum cleaner connected to the network communication? Special nuances here two – the presence of security systems and insulation. As regards the first aspect, it is desirable to choose a model with a device that protects the unit from overheating and power overload. Because network models are powerful motors, it is important to take into account the noise level. Normal index in the range 70–80 dB.

cordless vacuum

More modern – rechargeable vacuum cleaner, or vertical. From the usual network it differs is offset downwards from the centre of gravity and the battery. To the operational advantages of these vacuum cleaners include mobility and the absence of restrictions on movement. Robotic model, by the way, are powered exclusively by the battery pack, not limiting the design of the transaction.

How to choose upright vacuum cleaner on the battery? The main parameters of the power system in this case – battery capacity and duration. Regarding the first value, then the block contains a powerful 2200 mAh. working time interval is 60-120 min on a single charge. And filled this battery for 200-300 minutes depending on volume.

Optimal filtering

The Stages of purification in modern vacuum cleaners are implemented in steps, and only rarely with the budget models are limited to one way. Those that support wet cleaning, and provides for the Aqua-filter bag for dust collection. They collect fine dirt and debris. However, these stages of treatment do not affect the improvement of the composition of the air environment. Filters with support for thin clearing – the most technologically advanced and useful in cleaning the air. This group includes filters S-class HEPA and membrane microfilters. Also to protect the technical stuffing of a vacuum cleaner provides a special filtering system. This so-called motor filters that are permanent and removable. But such devices do not help cleanse the air.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home, from the point of view of the efficiency of the cleaning system? The most popular of all think of the membrane NERA. They themselves are multifunctional and can replace a whole group of traditional filters. In addition it will be useful to provide an electrostatic microfilter. He holds the smallest elements in the size of 0.3 microns. With such a combination you can count on clean air up to 80–99%.

Filter cleaner

Dust collection System – which is better?

The work of the cleaner consists of three main stages – immediate cleaning, the above-mentioned filtration and collection. The last stage, at first glance, is not significant, but in the long run depends on the hygienic background, arising in the process of cleaning.

The Simplest way to accumulate the collected dust and dirt is bag. It is inexpensive, simple to use and familiar to many dust collector, which is still equipped with a budget of horizontal vacuum cleaner. But, from the point of view of sanitary-hygienic safety, this is the worst option.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for apartment, to eliminate the spread of harmful elements in the accumulation of the collected dirt? Best show themselves as such containers and water filters. In the first case we are talking about a permanent dust collector that does not requirereplacement – just periodic cleaning. It the possibility of easy cleaning of surfaces is the strength of the container. But, he has a disadvantage in noise because of vibrations. As for water filters, in creating an optimal climate with the maximum safety they have no equal. Passing through it the air is washed with water, and the dust settles in a special container. In the end, the garbage neytralizuya already while in the case of a vacuum cleaner. Next. it remains only to pour the contaminated water.

Approaches to the management of the device

Of Course, the manual method remains dominant in most models. Full autonomy is controlled through programming are only available in the robotic technique.

But how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for ease of control functionality, if we are talking about the standard models? This is largely an individual approach in which each interprets the configuration controls for it comfortable. However, it is important to consider the progressiveness and development of traditional control systems. Thus, the appearance sliders and touch panels with LCD displays will make the process more informative and enjoyable.

Most modern means of control, as already mentioned, implemented in robotic vacuum cleaners. They can communicate through the same control panel with touch buttons, via a remote connection, etc.

But how to choose a vacuum cleaner, if the emphasis is on maximum autonomy? Then you should refer to the model provided Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With such modules, the user can connect via a mobile device, giving commands from a distance. In addition, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be set to long-term work schedules so that the instrument will be to pick a cleaning service specific to the current mode without entering commands.

Issue price

vacuum cleaner

For a modern option you have to pay the price, so the high technology is still not fully replaced the traditional segment. Thus, the conventional budget models cost 3-7 thousand RUB It may be an ordinary plastic cleaner with power up to 1000 W with a small set of functional elements. 15-20 thousand it is already possible to count on models that support wet cleaning. In the class of up to 25 thousand manufacturers offer high-performance filtration media with HEPA-purification.

But how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the home if to pay for the extra functionality you do not want? Those who expect to just reliable helper for dry and wet cleaning without excess of options, it is necessary to pay attention to ergonomics and physical strength. Plastic should have a thermal protection coating that protects from scratches. Inside still desirable to provide for the efficient filling of the separator Aquafilter like.

Top manufacturers

Not long ago, leaders in this segment of household appliances recognized company Polaris, Electrolux, Zelmer, Philips, etc. the Products of these brands and is now in demand, as the developers retain the same level of quality. To this direction the manufacturers should apply for classic network models costing 8-10 thousand But technology vacuum advance companies like Panda, iRobot Miele and Karcher. For example, the last two of the manufacturer brings a lot to the household segment of the professional sphere.

How to choose vacuum cleaner for home the firm of origin? To pay attention to tasks. The quality and reliability of the leaders are the German brands-Bosch, Karcher and Miele. For modern functionality is selected from the range iRobot, and budget tradeoffs is products Polaris, Electrolux and others.

Household cleaner Mile

In conclusion

As you extend the functionality of modern appliances, some of the segments were intersected with each other, adopting the seemingly unnecessary features. In the case of a vacuum cleaner to such functions include moisture and air washer. With such tasks far better handle the special climatic devices. So if you do not want to overpay and have a goal to get good equipment with useful options, the focus is on basic performance parameters.

For Example, the question of how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for power, will determine the efficiency of dust collection. And here, too, do not chase high rates – 1200 watts is enough for a city apartment with an area of 50–60 m2. Next, take into account a set of accessories, nozzles and brush mechanisms. Only with the complexity of assessments to make the right choice.

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