Peonies: growing delicate flowers


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Peonies, the cultivation of which brings only pleasure, love gardeners. They are popular all over the world plants. Their beauty, wonderful aroma and simplicity attract almost everyone. A surprising fact is that peonies can grow in one place for a hundred years! Only one downside – they quickly wither. Did not have time to admire the beauty, and the petals have fallen…

peonies growing

A Genus of herbaceous perennial plants of the Buttercup family – peonies. A farming began a very long time. Most varieties (there are about 45 thousand) come from molochnitsa peony called Chinese. They are divided into double, semi-double and simple. Their large flowers – up to 20 cm in diameter, regular, bisexual, have a nice delicate flavor. Leaves alternate, large, double - or triglyceridemia.

Plant peonies in early September (at the end of August) so they have time to take root for the winter. Bloom in may-June. Grow well in loose loamy soils. It is desirable that the area was Sunny and without groundwater (from them the peonies are dying). The roots are very deep in the ground, so the hole for planting needs deep – up to 70 cm Distance between the bushes-one meter. The ground must be mixed with a bucket of compost, 100 g of lime and 500 grams of ashes. The bottom of the pit lay the manure at 10 cm, then covered it with earth (a ball up to 20 cm) and compacted. Next, the prepared earth fill mound and gently watered with plain water from a watering can. Thus the ground is well compacted. In the middle of this mound to put the Bush so that the kidneys were right at the top of the pit. Then covered with earth roots. Then Bush should be abundantly watered. It is very important that after planting the buds were not lower than the edge of the pit, because if too deep the planting, they could enjoy their flowers or not bloom.

peonies planting and care

For the winter to cover the peonies. Grow and care for they still require attention. So in cold weather it is better to cover with dry leaves or spruce branches (the layer 30 cm). The spring cover is carefully removed, and the appearance of the first germs spend feeding poultry manure or a solution of mullein. The second top dressing – the formation of buds, the third-after flowering.

Watering is very important for peonies. Therefore, until late autumn they should abundantly supply water, after which a little proryhlyat (5-7 cm).

To propagate peonies, growing them in large amounts starts with a division into parts. Do it every 5-8 years. In August, the bushes deeply dig no closer than 50 cm from the centre, lift them carefully with a garden fork or shovel and remove. Then water with roots washed away the earth, the sick are removed and split the hive. To share better with a knife with a sharp edge and hard blade. On each of the parts leave 4-5 stems with roots and buds. Cuts definitely need to sprinkle wood charcoal. In the pre-prepared holes to plant the new bushes.

growing peoniesPeonies, cultivation which is not very difficult, breeding and seeds. They are planted in the garden after collection, preferably immediately. Next year, they sprout and bloom on the fourth or fifth year.

Popular cultivation of tree peonies. It is hardy shrubs, hibernating without shelter. They are hardy and resistant to disease. Decorative due to the unusual shapes of flowers and leaves.

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