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In 1994, was created today well known on the Russian market, the company Riho. It became a subsidiary of the company Riho International (Holland). The excellent reputation of Czech products, its high technical characteristics has pushed the leadership of the Dutch company to create in a small Czech town, located near the Moravian karst, the new company, which soon showed excellent results. In a subsidiary company was formed a team consisting of the industry's best technicians.

About company

Great importance employees assign Riho quality products. Excellent performance and first-class materials - the secret to amazing longevity plumbers of the Czech company. Reliable production work Riho convincing even the skeptics that the acrylic bath Riho certified according to strict technological and sanitary-hygienic norms is a great choice.

Today, the brand Riho – reliability and quality. That is why its product warranty to ten years. It provides for the preservation stability of color and brightness, and shape retention. Baths massage have a warranty period of twenty four months, but if the installation produces a technician with a certification from the manufacturer, it shall be extended to four years. bath riho

Bath Riho

The Products of this relatively young company is the increased interest of Russian buyers. Its main feature is the unusual design and high performance. Acrylic coating layer is from 6 to 8 mm.


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Advantages and disadvantages

Since the quality of acrylic to determine the ignorant man is quite difficult, there is always the risk that the purchased bathtub after a few months of use lose luster and acquire an unpleasant yellowish tint. Riho baths are manufactured from premium acrylic, which ensures reliability and long life.

The Design of these products can be various: from timeless classics to bold modernist solutions. We can not say about some of the shortcomings that have bath Riho. This low resistance to high temperatures and fragility (mechanical). These deficiencies do not manifest themselves with careful use of the bath. They are compensated with the ability of the bath to keep heat well, are easy to clean, original design.

The Bath Riho have a number of features:

  • Surface layer will not damage cleansers;
  • If the integrity of the bath broken and cover any unsightly stain is not difficult to restore the surface;
  • Acrylic bath Riho have antibacterial properties, prevents development of fungi and bacteria;
  • An attractive appearance that is for many buyers a powerful argument for the purchase.

Acrylic bath 5/200 l L

This is the original model for an asymmetric shape. Additionally it can be equipped with a device drain/overflow panel, air massage and whirlpool systems, chromotherapy and light. Price of the model 31 863 rubles.

Bath Riho Miami 150

This model has hydro-massage, combines the excellent quality and affordable price. It has a classic rectangular shape and is executed in white color. This model is perfect even for very small bathrooms, since its length is only 1.5 m. such Riho bath from high quality acrylic. Have a long service life and high strength. The price is 15 272 rubles.

riho bath miami

Future Riho 170

It's Always nice to take a bath, especially after a busy day. But if you're not undecided, we recommend you to pay attention to this model. Future 170 is made of acrylic of the highest quality specialists Riho. She has snow-white cover, traditional shape and ergonomic, easy to use and maintain. Price - 18 592 rubles.

 acrylic baths riho

Riho Lyra 140

Not always consumers interested in a classic shape and size. Therefore, you should look at this model. Lyra 140 performed by Riho on the modern equipment with quality materials (fiberglass, acrylic). Model unconventional asymmetric shape, white. It is installed in the corner of the bathroom. This bath is very comfortable, functional and ergonomic - easy to clean with a long lasting Shine and perfect whiteness. Price - 25 896 rubles.

 riho bath reviews

Bath Riho: feedback

According to most owners of this product, the purchase is justified. The quality of the bath Riho is great, they hold heat well. Care simple. Moreover it is quite affordable price. Many people with experience say that during the operation (three to five years) bath has not lost its pristine attractiveness – still shines and pleases the eye with the blinding white.

Great lineup. Every buyer can find a model the right size, shape and color. Often the kit includes a frame and a screen. This saves a lot of time looking for these items. The majority of owners thought the tubs from this manufacturer are high-quality and reliable products.

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