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Currently maintaining the health of the body is not possible without such plumbing devices, like the bathroom shower go. The latter is much more popular, because a bath takes a lot of time and freshen up with the shower just a few minutes.faucets concealed mounting

The flush-mounted Faucets are a great solution to the problem of "small area", as it is one of the ways to save much space. All models have the same designation, only the device.

What is mixer concealed installation?

Traditional devices require the placement of the adjustment device and the supply of water in the body. A flush-mounted mixer – a device that exists separate from the spout. To install such a device to the moment when the breeding water pipes, as there is a montage in the wall. The outside shows only the metal nozzle and lever control.

Every manufacturer tends to produce their mixers with concealed mounting, but in General we can distinguish 2 main types:faucets with concealed mounting

  • Built-in mechanism-solid metal cast frame with holes for leading hot and cold water, equipped with fastening elements. The only portable part of such a mixer is a cartridge.
  • Embedded box. These universal mixers with concealed mounting are of two types: a device for the shower (ceiling watering can or watering can with a flexible hose) and the unit bath and shower (two water output: shower head and spout).

Fixed device with showerhead and single lever switch

The Mixer flush-mounted – regulator temperature and pressure of the water coming from the faucet or shower heads. Latest are: simple and multi-mode. The most primitive is a single lever system, which acts upon the cartridge that perform the same function as the ball valve and mixer in the traditional device.mixer concealed installation is a


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The Lake with the mode switch and the mixer connects to a long flexible metal corrugated hose. The wall mount is via a special bracket.

Sequence of installation or replacement mixer

Shower Mixer concealed installation possible to install yourself, all that is required – is a little experience and special tools.

Procedure follows:

  1. Using grinders or wall chasers need to make the groove until, until you reach the desired height.
  2. Pipes for hot and cold water should be routed from the riser to the installation site mixer and hide them in the wall. By the way, to compensate for thermal expansion capable special "stockings", which used expanded polypropylene. If the output tubes need to comply with the requirements concerning the level and distances, otherwise the process threaded connection with the housing unit will be delayed for a long time.
  3. The installation of the hidden part is made directly in the wall. This uses a drill and bit. We must not forget what thickness ceramic tile or plastic panels are used for cladding walls.built-in shower mixer flush-mounted
  4. To Achieve the optimal values of integrity allows the use of a fluoroplastic tape. Not smaller effect provides a tow in combination with oil paint.
  5. You can Now begin to mount the bracket and attaching the flexible hose to the corresponding inlet of the mixer.
  6. The Final stage is to open the taps and check of tightness of system. If the result is found leaking, first you should check whether tightly adjacent pads to the Spigots and tighten the screws.

Types of hygienic shower with mixer

Hygienic shower with mixer tap flush-mounted installation can be different depending on the peculiarities of its design:hygienic shower with mixer tap flush-mounted

  1. Toilet-bidet. Looks virtually no different from the usual toilet, but equipped with a nozzle, feeding the warm water. The location of the latter may be the case of the toilet, and the retractable fitting. The installation of hygienic shower involves replacing the existing house of the toilet. It is also necessary to provide water supply and install built-in shower mixer concealed installation that needs to be included.
  2. Cover-bidet. Installation of such devices much easier as the previous version, in addition, it can be installed on a conventional toilet. Cover can be electric or conventional. For the first characterized by the presence of additional functions, for example, heated water and a Hairdryer.
  3. Hygienic Wall plus shower mixer concealed installation – this is the same design as the ordinary shower, but with some differences. The lake has a much smaller size and fitted with a stop valve. To set this shower can be both separately and on the toilet. Before you begin self-installation, you need to find some hidden niche in the wall, needed to feed hot and cold water, and then start the mixer. The result – warm water. If you plan to install a shower like this directly on the toilet, you first need to stock up on a tee to feed water into the tank. This option is much less labor-intensive, but will eventually be available only cold water.

Quick facts

The Mixer flush-mounted-a device that is best set in a time when not yet completed finishing and plumbing work.mixer shower with concealed mounting

Ideally, the installation should be performed by a qualified person. If a decision was made about independent work, you can seek the assistance of special pamphlets developed by the world's leading manufacturers – to them it is possible to find detailed step-by-step instructions for installing recessed mixer.

Where you can install a hidden mixer?

Regardless of the type of wall and its thickness, the following mounting unit:recessed flush-mounted faucets

  • Wall;
  • On the support frame;
  • Interior wall by mounting tires;
  • Inside the walls.

The Value of the optimal depth of the recesses for boxes varies from 80 to 100 mm. If needed, you can use a pin extension cable, usually included with the kit. Partition, for the erection of which was used pazogrebnevye or plaster blocks with a depth of 100 mm, require special reinforcement, e.g. in the form of sheet metal, bolted down.

Water Supply

After recessed flush-mounted mixers have been installed, you can proceed to the evaluation of water: flammable should be placed on the left side, cold-right. Manufacturers typically include in the kit all necessary, namely, eyeliner, somewhat reducing nepela and stub.

Finishing work

The Next stage is to finish walls or wall trunking manufacturer of plasterboard. The second option involves the mounting block to the GCR, in accordance with the design. In conclusion, installation of the mixing node and closing the inner part of the panel on which is located the control lever, switch and spout.

Instructions for installation of mixer concealed installation

To Install a sanitary flush-mounted system is much more complicated than the corresponding construction on the sink. In this situation, you can either drill the wall, or make a special box in which to place clothing inside.

Such work supposes consecutive execution of the following steps:

  1. The Study of the user to familiarize with the device and its features.
  2. Think about the location of the mixer and its components.
  3. Carrying out wiring of water supply system.
  4. Determining the point of withdrawal of the shower hose.
  5. Laying of the connecting plumbing.
  6. Preparation of niches in the wall or conduit. Manufacturer of niche involves the use of a punch installed in a special nozzle.
  7. Laying in the holes of all the necessary elements (pipes and taps).
  8. Setting the mixer in place in accordance with the instructions.
  9. Conducting the trial run, namely, an attentive examination of the system at the time of the leaks, examining every inch, especially in the joints.
  10. Wall Repair.

Important! When purchasing a mixer concealed installation, should pay attention to the mounting box. The presence of this device greatly facilitates repair work.


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