Wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel: detailed instructions


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The Wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel is fast enough and not too expensive. This is because in this case does not require a liner lines the inside of the housing, since it provides a construction company. As a rule, for holding wires use the ceiling, but it could be wiring in apartment from a guard on the floor. This article explores all the highlights.

Stages of wiring the rooms

The Wiring in the apartment from the panel with their hands begins with the creation of schematic plan. In this case, we need detailed wiring diagram of the electrical wires in the room. Prepare it according to certain rules:

  • Provides the location of the switchboard, and in accordance with it, are outlined next steps. When the flap outside the housing, it is recommended to implement the wiring using wire of copper. Its section must be not less than 6 mm sq. You must also find in the apartment an extra point for distribution. It should be placed near the ceiling at the entrance to the apartment.
  • Next you should decide how many outlets you will need on the basis of at least one copy for a room every 6 m2. For bath and kitchen will need two sockets for 6 m2.

wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel

  • Wiring in apartment from a guard with your hands to outlets and devices for lighting are laid separately. While the records come from a private line, designed for outlets with a high rate of electricity consumption from 2 kW and above. Such devices are used to connect the heating boiler, a powerful climate devices, etc.
  • After you have counted all the points of electricity consumption, they must be listed in the outline.

Installation of sockets

The Wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel, a photo of which is presented in this article is carried out at a certain height. As a rule, sockets are installed at a distance of 30-40 cm from the floor level. Switches lighting devices must be positioned at a height of 1-1,5 m.


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In this article, we describe the process of electricity a hidden method. We'll look at how it differs. It should be noted that to date the conduct of electrical wiring in an open way. The article presents step by step instructions of how is the wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel. Recommendations will be useful both for beginners and for people who are familiar with all the intricacies of electricity.

How to make a schema

So, how is the wiring in the apartment with his hands? The shield in a Studio apartment you can own will have electricity. With this goal, we recommend the use of a photocopy of the plan of the new building, where it will be convenient to note the location of electrical outlets, switches, chandeliers and other components.

wiring in apartment from a guard with his own hands

The Starting point of the map is the location of the electrical panel for distribution. It is usually installed in the hallway near the front door. Flap height from the floor should be around 1.5 m.

What to consider when designing your schema

The plan must take into account the following important points:

  • Route the wiring in the apartment must have a vertical and horizontal direction along the walls. This ensures a low probability of damage. For example, the location of the outlet will be an indicator of the location of the cable.
  • The Angle of rotation of the track must be straight.
  • Wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel on the ceiling is laid below his level at 20 cm is the best option. This will protect the wires from mechanical damage and will not affect the ease of maintenance. Can also be carried out wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel on the floor. There is a special plinth.
  • Switches should be at the entrance to the room from the door handle. Altitude of their location is not standardized, but usually is 80 or 150 cm European standard assumes installation below. Besides it is very convenient for children.

wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel photo

  • Fastening of the outlet is below the height of 30 cm from the floor level. But if necessary, they can be placed at any height, for example, on top. The kitchen outlets must equal the number of electrical appliances. Usually set 6 pieces.
  • In each bedroom have mounted junction box.
  • Before drafting the electrical wiring in the apartment takes into account the location of furniture and equipment.
  • In the bathroom is mounted at least two sockets (to connect a washing machine and dryer).
  • The scheme must take into account the RCD is 30 mA, which will serve as protection from electric shock. Separate RCD set to 10 mA. It is designed for a bathroom.

How to choose accessories

Before going to the store, you should decide what type of sockets and other items you want to install.

It is Recommended to stop the choice on the following models:

  • Switches and sockets concealed configuration. They are easy to install in the wall and not too flashy. Moreover, the cost of them is acceptable.
  • Cable Diameter should be 2.5 mm2 for the sockets and 1.5 mm2 for switches. You must pre-calculate the power and length of wire. The most suitable model of cable to the apartment is VVG, as it has the optimum ratio of cost and functionality. In addition, the wire of copper able to withstand high load current and different durability.
  • The Pads on the terminals that serve as connecting wires, are inexpensive and have high functionality.
  • Automated switch for power sockets with a capacity of 25 And 32 A. the RCD For lighting, as a rule, choose a capacity of 10 A or 16 A.
  • Box for the distribution harness of non-flammable material.

wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel on the floor

And finally, I would like to note that cheap products from China buy is not recommended. Wiring is done for a long time, so it is better to spend money once, than a few years to make a full replacement of communications.

Methods of conducting wires

The Wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel Comes in two types: open and closed. The vast majority of cables under the plaster. The reason is that the outer holding makes the appearance of the dwelling unattractive. Although this method is applicable in rustic wooden homes and offices.

Main stages

Many people wonder how wiring is laid in the apartment from the panel. Most how to do is described step by step. To route the internal wiring you need to run in the wall recess 2 cm Before that you need to implement the markup. Only then knocked the hollows is designed for switches and sockets.

How to implement the partitioning walls

The wiring from the panel in the apartment with their hands involves the implementation of a marking of walls under making. In some apartments, the construction companies are preparing ready-made grooves for electric cable. The article considers the option of mounting in the absence of these pits.

Method with high efficiency and easy - use cord for pegging. All that is required from the by fixing the rope at the starting point of the track. She carefully stretched to the next point. The result is a clear pattern for wiring is laid. It should be noted that the track should go only horizontally and vertically. To create vertical lines are used to plumb and horizontal level of the building. The conductor is directed perpendicular to. The fastening of the cords is held by clamps and dowels. Then the wall should be plastered.

wiring in the apartment with his hands from the panel in a Studio apartment

It is Advisable to carry out the wiring in a special sleeve that serves as protection. However, the cost of operation in this case will be higher. The sleeve provides the routing of wires without disturbing the plaster. It will be very convenient in case of repeated repairs in the apartment.

Power supply Lines are conducted from the panel that is installed separately from outlets. Then through junction boxes communications are all over the place. All this can be done by hand, but such manipulations require time-consuming.

After marking the walls are moving to self-making. It should be noted that the holding body wires of each type without shtrobleniya open method is more simple, but less reliable. The apartment are advised to do the transaction closed. The outer method is suitable only for the balcony.

How to shtroblenie walls

For shtrobleniya walls you should prepare the following tools:

  • A chisel;
  • Hammer;
  • The grinder with the disc, y...

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