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The Technology of erection of ventilated facades are popular in Russia at the end of last century. First, users appreciated the operational benefits of the design, its aesthetics and versatility. The main advantage of the ventilated façade lies in its ability to provide removal of condensate in the free space between the cladding and the wall. Despite the popularity of this design, the question remains: "a Ventilated facade – what is that?" Of course, it is not only hinged frame and fixed panel. The installation involved a range of additional mounting accessories. There are various settings and approaches to the selection of materials for component elements.

Design of the ventilated façade

ventilated facade what is it

The system of ventfasady is focused on ensuring reliability, attractive appearance and optimal moisture conditions. All these qualities are achieved due to the outer facing surface, the basis in the form of a frame, and layers of insulation. Is a reliable, efficient to use and undemanding in care “cake”, the components of which may vary.

And veneer, and metal for the frame, and the means of insulation are chosen from a wide range of materials based on the requirements of specific buildings. Anyway, this set of components allows you to better understand the answer to the question: "Ventilated facade – what is that?" This design, designed to protect walls by means of high-strength decorative veneer and metal frame. The configuration of these layers can be different and depend on climatic conditions and technical requirements of the project. For example, if you want to increase the resistance to water vapor facade, technologists reduce the presence of the heat transfer elements.


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ventilated facades price

Subsystem ventfasada

Subsystem in the design of rainscreen – this is the basis which form the brackets and profiles. This component provides direct fixing to the building and is the basis for mechanical attachment of decorative panels. Most of the load assumes the profile for ventilated facades, which can be aluminum alloy, galvanized or stainless steel. For private houses, as a rule, aluminum subsystem. It is inexpensive and easy to install material with optimal for small houses strength characteristics. The best price and galvanized steel, but its durability leaves much to be desired. Under the influence of corrosion such profiles become useless in 6-7 years, requiring replacement. Aluminium and stainless steel in this sense, profitable.


The last place is in the frame and the fasteners, including rivets, expansion anchor and various clips. The hardware in this case cannot be regarded as a universal means of fixing, since each subsystem requires an analysis of compatibility of component parts – including the calculation of the combination of profile fasteners. In addition, a subsystem for ventilated facades is responsible for the formation of the air gap between the facing panels and the layer of insulator. The gap is a necessary condition in mounting ventfasady, ignoring which it is possible to finish with characteristics that are inconsistent with the project.

The Nodes of a ventilated facade

For each system developing appropriate architectural and design nodal points. They also involve the use of fasteners, technical performance which may vary. Due to the presence of such elements is a high strength of the subsystem. The choice of the technology, its performance depends on the mounting method, which is implemented in the specific ventilated facade. Nodes standard structures can be of the following types:

  • Node of the fastener to the supporting base. Is performed using the bracket for fixing the profile to the wall of the building.
  • Node of the fastener profiles to the brackets.
  • Node for mounting ventfasada slopes – the system can be represented in the form of framing door and window openings of the house.
  • Nodes of the fix for the corners of the building. Such fastening of ventilated facades involves the use of special corner hardware and racks.
  • Basement nodes – are located in the lower and upper parts of the walls.

Material for cladding

a subsystem for ventilated facades

From the point of view of decorative properties is the main part of the facade, which is the shell of the house. The fastening of the facing elements to the profiles is performed so that between the panels and the insulation layer remain air niche. Again, you can return to the question of ventilated facade – what is it? Of course, in the eyes of ordinary users of the building is just the exterior design. On the technical device and fastening systems thinking designers and installers, and the output of the first estimated aesthetic advantages of the cladding material. With this feature handle metal panels, slabs of stone, siding and even glass with wood.

The Most popular still won the granite with composite materials. The mechanical strength of ceramic granite has identified its organic place in the system of ventfasady. It protects the building surface against atmospheric influences and is itself resistant to wear, and a variety of textures and even makes it the optimum solution for such problems. Serious competition to the granite are composite, fiber cement panels, which are based on lightweight concrete and synthetic fiber. In addition to high strength, composite ventilated facades on the basis of fiber cement and provide a decorative effect. With their help mimic rocky and stone surfaces, as well as recreate the texture of traditional facing – for example, tiles, brick, plaster and other coatings.

composite ventilated facades

Wooden ventfasady

In such an important enterprise as the installation of a ventilated facade, it is justified by the use of metal structures. However, extremely high strength is not always the main requirement to the external design of the house. So at first might be the cost of construction, the ease of its performance and environmental properties. For example, for frame-panel buildings engineers are increasingly recommended to use wooden ventilated facade. What is it with the standpoint of economy – the answer is clear (reducing the cost of profiles and brackets), but the strength still have conflicting opinions. The structure is based on timber, which, no doubt, inferior in many respects the same aluminum. However, wooden crate before use is subjected to special treatment, and brings it to the optimal characteristics required for ventilated facades.

Installation ventfasada

ventilated facade nodes

The work Begins with the layout of the mounting points brackets on the wall surface. Followed by direct installation of load-bearing fasteners for the subsystem: creating holes, the introduction of anchor dowels and fixing brackets. After that, proceed to the installation metroversity film and insulation. The insulating panels are mounted on the surface through the slits for the brackets. Thermal insulation boards are mounted in combination with the film by means of dowels. In the next step, the installation of facades involves the installation guides. For this purpose, the profiles are installed in the slots of the brackets, and finally fixed with rivets. Completing the installation of the facing plates to the guide profile – this is done with clips or self tapping screws.

Rainscreen and solar energy

The way the panels are advantageous for the processing of solar energy. It is an innovative solution using photovoltaic panels. Today, there are many projects for private use, which include “Sunny” facing. Despite the apparent complexity of such technologies, installation of facades with photovoltaic elements is straightforward. The only difference from traditional technology-is the integration of solar cells, including photovoltaic system. According to the developers of such models, facades can produce up to 200% of the energy required for maintenance.

Issue price

The construction cost is influenced by many factors, but chief among them – is the material for the subsystem and the cladding, which are made of ventilated facades. Price systems, in which it is assumed the aluminum is 500-600 rubles. per 1 m2. The granite for the facade can cost 300-400 RUB More affordable designs are made of galvanized subsystems – payment 1 m2 rarely exceed 200 rubles. But it is important to consider that the cost of falls is quite justified, because less sturdy and durable frame made of galvanized steel in the future may require renovation or complete upgrade of the facade.


mounting of ventilated facades

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