Shingles: reviews. Shingles or metal: which is better?


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Every person living in a private home, dreaming about how to make a quality roof once a lifetime. Unfortunately, to achieve this almost impossible, or at least it used to be. Now the situation has changed. With the advent of advanced technologies there appeared so-called “roof”, which currently has some mixed reviews. Shingles – a durable and unique material, but everything in shingles

Metal: advantages and disadvantages

Today it is one of the most popular materials for roofs of buildings. If abroad, thus make the roof only for industrial buildings in our country are mainly private houses, cottages and villas. Of course, metal has a few advantages. First, it is a very durable material, and secondly, relatively inexpensive, and the choice is quite wide. However, there is also their disadvantages in the form of a large weight, excessive noise, especially if the installation was done incorrectly. Do not forget that the metal, like it or not, are prone to corrosion, so the wet conditions pretty quickly loses not only its attractive appearance but also properties. So, the cheapest options of roof from metal will last no more than 20 years amply speak consumer reviews. Shingles in this plan succeeded, and now you will understand why.shingles or metal reviews

Bitumen On the basis of details

Soft tile is the name for a reason. It is able to bend to a certain angle while maintaining its elastic characteristics. Because of the similarity with the roofing material, many believe that the basis of shingles is the cardboard, a material that undergoes decay. But it was quite different. And, besides resemblance of shingles and armored roofing material, they have nothing in common. So, the first is based on fiberglass, usually with increased strength. Of course it is not without bitumen layer. By the way, the quality of the latter depends largely on the performance properties. Various polymer additives and silicone outer protective layer is made of a soft roof is durable, resistant to frost, etc. factors. It's safe to say that approximately 85% of consumers leave positive reviews. Shingles is much less waste, so it is slightly more expensive than metal roofing. And now, let's talk about what people write.rufleks shingles reviews


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Shingles or metal: customer reviews

Many consumers say that in practice not all so is bad with metal. Despite the fact that this tile is very noisy and during the installation there is a lot of waste with the right approach, it has excellent performance. Approximately 70% of buyers of the metal suggests that it is more expensive than bitumen, but we are now talking about a quality product with a high content of zinc. In addition, absolutely all are pleased with how the metal copes with wind and mechanical damage.

With a soft roof is also not so clear. On the one hand, it is low-cost coil coating (roofing, linokrom), and other luxury materials like bitumen with long service life. If the roof you need to do as quickly as possible and inexpensively, all suggest to give preference to roofing felt and linokrom, when you are more important than quality, better than bitumen. As you can see, it is quite difficult to answer the question, what is better shingles or metal roofing? Reviews say that all the materials are good, but only if they are high quality. In addition, much depends on the manufacturer.shingles tilercat prima reviews

“Reflex" - shingles: consumer reviews and expert advice

Shingles from this manufacturer known around the globe. Characterized by high quality and performance. The main advantage, according to most consumers, lies in the fact that such shingles can be used in very cold regions and, on the contrary, very hot. Experts also point out that the Finnish soft tile suitable for pitched roofs with an inclination angle 11 to 90 degrees, and it boasts not every manufacturer. The warranty period is 25 years, but in practice this figure is higher. The main thrust of the production company "Reflex" - shingles reviews, almost all positive. Product quality, lightweight and can withstand temperatures from -45 to +110 degrees Celsius.the best shingles reviews

Shingles “Tigercat”

In a separate presentation of this type of roofing material does not need. This is a fairly known brand which is an affordable price and acceptable quality. Thus, the period of operation, customer testimonials, is over 20 years, while according to the manufacturer – 15. In principle, shingles Tilercat “prima”, has positive reviews. Note the extremely simple and quick installation, and high strength of the products. But many notice that the coating starts to fade after a few years, although the paint does not fade. As the company Shinglas producing this type of roofing material is produced, it is a very affordable choice with good quality.

“helper” - Italian quality and price

Many say with confidence that this is the best shingles. Reviews about 95% of the cases positive and, moreover, enthusiastic. The fact is that according to the manufacturer's lifetime soft roof “helper” is about 60 years. But it will have to pay good money. It is worth noting that your roof will be protected, because the tiles do not rot and corrosion and thermal effects. Not to mention the fact that the company has taken care of a large variety of colors. Just the assortment you can find more than 70 cuts from different lines (premium, exclusive and super). Of course, shingles “helper” has positive reviews, and due to the high quality of the roofing material.

shingles Tegola reviews

What else is worth mentioning?

As noted above, the weight of shingles is very small. Thus, 1 square meter accounts for only 5 pounds soft roof. This greatly reduces the load on the house, but does not compromise the protection from precipitation. By the way, bitumen base insulation is much better than the metal, pay special attention to this. Not to mention that soft tile, in some cases, the only right decision. So, on roofs with complex geometry extremely difficult to work with metal sheets, which are almost not be processed.


Here we have talked about what is better: metal roofing or shingles. As you can see, the choice is not so obvious. In some cases it is advisable to use a one roof, in others very different. Nevertheless, it is important to give due quality. For example, the domestic producer is not always a bad thing, so flexible tile Shinglas, which is mostly positive, it is not very expensive and very high quality. As for brands such as “helper”, they can afford not everyone, but this roof is done once for life, you can be sure of that. Despite the fact that the network has a variety of reviews, shingles are quite popular and demanded in the market.


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