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In our article we consider one of the most popular tomato varieties – “the mushroom basket”. Tomatoes of this kind won for itself a firm place on the table not only because of the special appearance. Here a significant role was played by the taste of the tomato. Gardeners who grow this variety, actively praise him for the simplicity and excellent yield. To obtain such beauty, only need to study the features of cultivation and care of tomatoes.

Tomato “the mushroom basket”: description

mushroom basket tomatoThis grade book is for those who likes to experiment with vegetables and prefers non-standard forms. This tomato is considered a greenhouse option, but if the location and climatic conditions allow, you can put it on the open ground, but with film.

Originally it was the brainchild of breeders from Russia. Herbs growing on the principle of the vine, so needs a special construction for convenient growth and development. Reaching a height of about two and a half meters, the branches need strong support. Themselves tomatoes are known for their large size, bright red color and excellent transport properties. Ribbed shape made tomato wonderful decoration of the table. Tomato can weigh from 250 to 500 grams, and larger fruits usually grow at the bottom. Many gardeners fell in love with “the mushroom basket”. Tomato can give for the season to three kilograms of fruit from one Bush, and it is very high indicator. But in order for the whole process was successful, you should not forget about proper care.


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Tomato “the mushroom basket”: the pros and cons

tomato mushroom basket

This variety has enough advantages to even a novice gardener thinking about growing in their area:

  • The non-standard form of the fruit;
  • High rate of productivity;
  • Excellent transport properties;
  • The ability stored for a long time;
  • High immunity and resistance to attacks by diseases and pests.

Tomato “the mushroom basket”, reviews of which can be read only positive, is still a number of features. We can't call them cons varieties, but still worth knowing about them because these facts can be perceived as a disadvantage by some fans of tomato.

  1. The Fruits of this variety do not differ in richness, so those who prefer the abundance of tomato juice, you should think about the feasibility of landing.
  2. High branches, like a vine that curl high and they need high and stable support. If you are able to do such, and you should not start the process.
  3. Sort requires a constant heat, so it is grown mainly in greenhouses. And only in very warm regions, you can try to grow it outdoors, otherwise you do not get a normal harvest.
  4. Tomatoes are not suitable for use in pickling inside of the fruit too many voids.

Planting varieties

tomato mushroom basket descriptionThose who have decided to grow this variety, you need to know about how to put “mushroom basket”. The tomato must be placed at a distance of about 60 centimeters, while leaving between the rows and 80 cm. Seeds need to be sown for seedlings around the beginning of spring. Primer is recommended to take loose and easy with a mixture of sod and humus. Before planting, soak the seeds for maceration. Plant every seed you need two centimeters in depth, then to cover the film and to provide a temperature of about 25 degrees. Only when the sprouts will find two leaf, you can swoop them in individual pots. Plant out the seedlings about the end of spring, pre-feed his mineral complex fertilizers.

Particular care

With regard to care, tomato “the mushroom basket” is not particularly capricious. Watering - about once a week. Main – to provide warmth, but not excessive humidity, ventilate the greenhouse. Don't forget to feed the plants with mineral fertilizers. Enough to do it three times over the entire period of growth and development. Pay special attention to the formation of branches. Observe their development and help by guiding them in the right direction. Otherwise, instead of properly formatted rows, you will have a real jungle.

Potential problems

tomato mushroom basket reviewsThere are a number of issues that may arise in the process of growing varieties “the mushroom basket”. Tomato is fairly resistant to diseases, but troubles such as late blight or gray mold, can affect. In order to avoid this, we recommend that you regularly treat the plant with a special solution, and this must be done starting from seeds. Seeds need to be decontaminated in a solution of manganese and subsequently irrigate the seedlings in the same solution or means “fitosporin”. Pests can also harm the plant. Aphids, spider mites, whiteflies – the most frequent guests in the garden with tomato. To prevent the need to constantly ventilate the greenhouse, mulch the ground and keep doing the inspection of the branches. Discovering the presence of pests, take action immediately: remove the parasite, treat the plant with soap and water or the plant and save the plant at the initial stage. So you will be able to obtain a rich harvest.


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