The restoration of the Windows: tool, material and technology


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Plastic convenient and practical, but not everyone likes. Moreover, in old houses the window often look ridiculous. Don't forget about cottages, where to deliver and install glazing is difficult and expensive, especially if you have inherited an Adobe house, where they are not put by definition. So the restoration of the Windows is not sunk into Oblivion, even though it will meet infrequently: recovery RAM is sometimes more expensive than new glazing is not cheap. But if you have the time and hands grow whence it is necessary, can be at leisure to do the restoration yourself.restoration window

Feasibility Assessment

Before you start your restoration of old Windows, a sober approach to the question of its rationality and possibility. Need only visual inspection, but tapping through the entire perimeter. The idea of recovery will have to be abandoned if:

  1. Strong bias frames.
  2. Mass progrevaniya wood.
  3. Numerous rassyhaniya on the wings and main frame.

If the whole window fragments – often lower elements and angles – need to be replaced, it is only available pretty experienced carpenter. Deciding on such action, pre-order the right parts to the exact dimensions.

Typically, restoration of the Windows is not difficult if they are made of solid wood species that are Vivarais in linseed oil. These Windows are found exclusively in old buildings. In high-rise buildings of the Soviet times, the tree was substandard, but the age of the Windows significantly less, so that without careful examination you can not do.restoration of old Windows


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What you need

If you have decided that the restoration of the Windows with their hands full of you, prepare all that is needed:

  1. Industrial dryer.
  2. Spatula from hard metal and rubber.
  3. Fine teeth of a hacksaw.
  4. Drill or screwdriver.
  5. Measuring tools.
  6. Drill.
  7. Carpentry clamps.
  8. Carpenter's glue (waterproof definitely).
  9. Antiseptic, primers, putty, paint and tools for application thereof.
  10. Hammer.
  11. Sander or sandpaper of different grit.
  12. Beadings, screws, dowels, joinery cloves with galvanization.

You May need a grinder. And don't forget personal protection: gloves, goggles and a respirator will be vital at certain stages of your of restoration of Windows

Preparatory work

The Restoration of the Windows begins with the dismantling. And his first stage – the removal of glasses. If they fixed the bead, they podavitsya any thin and strong tool and can be removed together with the fastener studs. If glass stick on the putty, it is removed by a chisel, and cloves pulled out with pliers. After removal of the glass and disassembled the rest of the design. Including the accessories.restoration of the Windows with their hands

Removing old paint

The Technology of restoration of Windows in the next step requires removing the old coating. Often frame covered with several layers of paint to remove which are quite difficult. You can do it manually, using scrapers, wire brush or nozzle on the grinder. Time-consuming, and all the coating is not removed.

Another option – chemicals. Applied to the frame to soften the layer raskisshaya paint is removed with a spatula. Drugs are poisonous, time to use them requires a lot of qualitative results can not be expected.

Least of all papers require heat dismantling – wypalanie old paint construction Hairdryer. Under a stream of hot air, it's bubbling up and immediately removed with a spatula.

After removing the old coating all elements are sanded. First used rough sandpaper, then finer. To perfect smoothness to the surface finish is not necessary: it is only an intermediate step.

Important step: putty

The Restoration of the Windows will give good results only if the frame is filled. In the presence of damp or fungus untouched sections prior to filling of the frame is impregnated with antiseptics and left to dry completely.

To handle Windows uses part of the tree. Its color does not matter, but the professionals recommend to take white putty. Before its application, the frames are primed. The mixture is overlaid with a rubber spatula after filling in defects and pits extra immediately removed, since dry coating is removed with difficulty.

If found significant holes, they are up to three times until the plane will not be smooth. The finished frame is dried for a day, then sand with fine sandpaper and primed again.the restoration of the Windows of Moscow

Return aesthetic appearance

Most of the frame paint. Of course, the wood structure looks more elegant, but the colors are more resistant to external influences, rather than lucky. And repaired the defects are masked by paint. If your frame has not suffered much damage due to the long years of service, and you are going to ulcerate, look for formulations which cover yachts: they are the most resistant to atmospheric influences.

In more traditional cases, when buying paints pay attention to their purpose: the paint should be designed for outdoor use. Bought paint diluted in strict accordance instructions: too thick will fall unevenly, with the formation of stains and streaks from the brush, as too much liquid will drain. In wide areas the paint roller is rolled; angles and curved elements will be painted with a brush. The paint is applied twice; in the intervals it needs to dry completely.

The Insulation of old Windows

And the last, which requires the restoration of the Windows – their insulation. Swedish technology it is fast and reliable. Work are as follows:

  1. Removed the sash around the perimeter of the grinder cut a groove located under an angle of 45 degrees to the batten.
  2. A deeper thoroughly clean shavings and sawdust.
  3. In the groove is laid a seal. It is impossible to fix no glue, no staples. For pressing uses a special roller.

After finishing the thermal insulation frame is mounted on the box, then attached the glass. Outside they worked out the sealant back into place accessories – and you have almost a new “insane” for a very budget price. Unless, of course, all work carried out on their own.restoration of plastic Windows

Restoration of plastic Windows

Finally, I would like to say a few words about modern glazing. They represent a much more complex engineering system, and restore “plastic” requires technical knowledge. You can adjust the sash, lubricate the dry loop and spend a number of minor maintenance works. But if the failure is serious, it is better to turn to professionals: restoration (Moscow), plastic is offered by almost all companies involved in their installation. And cost a lot less than “from the ashes” wooden frames.


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