Hunting matches, a reliable source of fire in rain and wind


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About the ancient ways of fire, we know mostly from the history and descriptions of travelers, who observed them in the camp of the so-called backward tribes. Themselves a long time ago used to use matches. It should be noted that in recent years they added lighters and autoranging on gas stoves. However, the matches and to this day has not lost its relevance. But how much do we know about them? How often do people look to such a familiar, everyday things?hunting matches

Matches are different

Even the most simple, “home” matches quite cleverly conceived. The secret in their heads that satisfy two almost opposite requirements: the tip of the match should not fall away from the sticks in the fire, to crumble during storage and the wand almost immediately go out when a little burned.

Still more difficult task, which must carry a hunting match. They are obliged to burn much longer, the flame they have to give a big and hot, and they are supposed to light and wind, in the rain. The result is hunting a match below the head coated with additional composition and can burn from 10 to 20 seconds – what you need, when you kindle a fire in the “bad” conditions. Cover head with a special film to prevent it getting wet. So light up a quality product can even in the to make a hunting match

Even more ‘weatherproof’ storm matches: the composition of their coatings also led naphthalene with starch, so even the wind points in 12 is not a hindrance for their flare-UPS.

For those who rarely use such incendiary sticks, note: to apply them in the apartment (house) is not desirable - they are too extensive flames and smoke they with the acrid and unpleasant odor.

Most common form

Hunting matches can be bought in any specialty store for fishermen and hunters. However, if near your home such is not observed, and go to find him lazy, you can handle yourself. Most often hunting matches your own hands made from the usual additional substances: silver, nitrocellulose lacquer and ammonium nitrate. The silver is mixed with ammonium nitrate in equal amounts, it is added to the varnish. All kneaded like dough, until it begins to resemble. Received the ‘clay’ finely rolled (preferably a glass bottle which after not a pity to throw out). The pancake is cut in as narrow strips, no wider than a couple millimeters, but better – and still have. These ribbons are wound spirally on the match, from head to mid-stick. Almost ready hunting matches left to dry, after which the wound stripes are painted with a varnish. In any case, not varnish the head – without a sulphur match will not be lit. Of course, working hard, almost jewelry, but at the cottage, camping or fishing, you fire not remain.hunting matches your own hands


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Less known is another way how to make a hunting match. Instead of the above components fit cotton threads and wax. The thread is tightly wound on the hardware match, preferably in a single layer. Head, of course, remains open. The wax melted and dip of the workpiece. Easier just to throw him in a match, and after the catch; but not to wait for draining excess "wax", it is better to take each one with tweezers and dip into the melt.

But whatever method you do a hunting match, don't forget to attend dry "certicom" (or "circelli" – call it what you want). Without it, the waterproof matches will not light up. The most simple method – keep it in a tightly tied the condom.

Will be helpful in the holidays!

The craftsmen believe that this hunting device is appropriate not only in the field. If the squad that handled the matches in the first variant of manufacture, to introduce a little fine iron filings, in combustion you can watch the beautiful spark of the fireworks similar to that give sparklers. In bad weather, the occasion to cancel do not want, and not every factory product is “agree” to work in the damp. So children please can and safe homemade products.

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