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Vertical gardening for decoration decorative columns and arches, balconies or gazebos give preference to climbing rose because of its amazing compatibility with small architectural forms.

Reproduction rose climbing better occurs in areas with mild and warm climate. Central Russia is poorly suited for its cultivation on a large scale, but on gardening or home gardens it survives on the forest-steppe Chernozem soils.

reproduction rose climbing

Reproduction of the climbing rose cuttings

One of ways of reproduction of a flower — the cuttings. In the spring select a strong escape, from which a 20 cm wide hole is dug in the soil. At the bottom lay the mold and stack the escape. Previously on the escape in several places, cuts to the roots. The whole summer it abundantly watered. Next spring it gets the roots. Now a new plant is separated from the mother. Young rose is transplanted to a place, well lit by the sun. It is very important the first year to prevent it from flowering.

Reproduction climbing roses from cuttings

You Need to choose in September not ripe shoots of the plant up to a thickness of 0.5 cm and 20 cm long. Cut the stalk with 4 buds from the middle of the escape. Remove the bottom two leaves, and the buds leave. Dug with one edge vertical groove on the bottom of which pours sand from the river. Now the cuttings vertically at a distance of 15 cm from each other and pressed against the edge. The earth is compacted and watered. Reproduction of the climbing rose cuttings requires careful selection. The light should be soft and in sufficient quantity, the temperature required for germination roots - at least + 20 C. Further care involves only weeding, watering and tilling the soil.


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climbing rose reproduction

Climbing rose, a reproduction of which can be productive in spring and autumn, prefers the place where the roses grew. She loves dressing, which can be done up to five times during the growing season, requires pruning and trellising, mulching. Cut off withered branches of the Bush to stimulate new flowering. In winter, the plant takes shelter.


reproduction climbing roses from cuttings

In the second year of life in the spring is pruning the plants. Removes all damaged and dry shoots. Trim should be careful not to damage the young shoots from the root or old shoots. Otherwise, the Bush will not flower. For flower formation, pruning is no more than a third of the length. Removed long, thin and underdeveloped shoots. To rejuvenate the rose cut shoots at the age of 4-5 years at the base, leaving only the strong three year.


Beach climbing roses — fungal diseases, particularly powdery mildew. Also at the end of the winter, the flower may be a cancer of the cortex (coniothyrium).

A Properly conducted reproduction rose climbing, good care, light and heat settled in your garden is very beautiful and fragrant flower. As befits the Queen of flowers, the climbing rose will be a real pride and decoration of any area.

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