Liquid floor on concrete floor: the choice of materials and technologies


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Self-Leveling floor cement pour is quite simple. If you follow the recommendation, even a beginner will be able to cope with this task. Technology is that the prepared mixture was poured on cleansed from dirt and dust and cement screed. As a rough coating, however, can use other types of materials such as wood or tile. The rough coating must be pre-prepared. About it and the features fill filling the floor and will be discussed below.

Provisioning ties

screed concrete screed

If you decided to pour the floors in a private home yourself, you need to know about the methods of preparing cement or concrete screed. The correctness of the work is the key to long-term use created by coverage. The screed must have a solid structure, it must be devoid of problem areas. If they revealed the weakened area, greasy or oily spots on the surface, the site should dismantle and repair the concrete floor.

Self-Leveling floor for concrete floor is poured after the restoration surface using a cement plaster or a special mixture, if there is such a need. As one of the important stages is to fold the foam deformation of the tape which is attached around the perimeter of the room. Its thickness should amount to several millimetres. This material prevents the adhesion of the mixture to the walls.

More tips

floors in a private house

The Presence of such a seam softens deformation, which is transmitted to floors from the rough screed due to temperature changes. In the end, manages to create floors, which for many years to maintain the integrity of the structure. On their surface cracks. If it is important to ensure absolute tightness of the tape after drying, the floor is cut out and the void filled with sealant layer.


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Recommendations for contractors

what epoxy flooring is better

Laying screed concrete screed, it is important to pay special attention to the temperature. The air in the room should not fall below +15 °C. During installation it is necessary to avoid draughts and temperature changes. If the temperature falls below the mentioned level, then the blend may lose the ability to flow with the necessary speed. In this case, increase consumption, and the uniformity and strength may not be at a high level.

If the temperature exceeds the specified value, the rate of solidification increases. The result will be the run time decrease with the floor, which will impact on the end result for the worse. It is important to keep and humidity of the screed.

This parameter should be kept at around 4%. If humidity will not be reduced, it is necessary to handle rough surface of a layer of waterproofing. As one of the phases is the primer, which will increase the level of adhesion. When the starting porous surfaces not coated with primer, it stand out air bubbles which can spoil the appearance and integrity of the surface.

Technology fill

a mixture of dry screed

As soon As the Foundation managed to cover the primer, it should be left until dry. Self-leveling floor on a concrete screed is laid for the next phase. It is important to evenly distribute the mixture over the surface. If the area of the room is quite large, the fill may be achieved.

After leveling the mix from it it is necessary to remove the air bubbles through the aeration roller. You can then start pouring the final layer. When the floor covering has dried, it should be covered with varnish based on polyurethane. The prerequisite is constant temperature during drying of the material. Within 2 days it is important to observe temperature, avoiding wetting of the surface and drafts.

How to choose a self-leveling floor

leveling screeds

Quite often consumers ask the question about what kind of epoxy flooring you should choose. All self-leveling mixtures are classified into two types - plastic and cementogenesis. The first is used for the finishing coat, while the second is used to align the existing Foundation.

As for polymer flooring, they can be:

  • Methylmetacrylate;
  • Epoxy;
  • Polyurethane.

As a finish coating of cement screeds are not used. They are an alternative to cement ties. A distinctive feature of traditional screeds acts more fluid working consistency, which spreads across the floor and forms a flat surface. Such compositions are dry mixes for self-leveling floors. They are used as a rough substrate for carpet, linoleum, laminate, etc.

To prepare the ingredients and added water. Among the components should be highlighted:

  • Lime;
  • Cement;
  • Plasticizer;
  • Fine sand.

The Advantages of such floors are as follows:

  • Universality;
  • Durable;
  • Highleveling properties;
  • Resistance to low temperature;
  • Excellent durability;
  • A small cost.

Polyurethane floor coatings are also called liquid linoleum. Such compositions are practical, have high decorative properties and can be used in homes and in the workplace. If you still don't know what screed is best to choose, then you can opt for polyurethane formulations, which have been widespread not only in homes and offices, but also in:

  • Shops;
  • Children's centers;
  • Workshops;
  • Restaurants;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Laboratories
  • Parking;
  • Factories.

Among the advantages of such floors should be allocated:

  • Strength;
  • Temperature resistance;
  • High elasticity;
  • Easy care;
  • Resistance to chemical substances;
  • High decorative properties.

Epoxy self-leveling floors

the minimum thickness of the concrete ties

These floors are composed of epoxy hardeners and resins. After setting, the surface takes on a firm and level base which is moisture and is not destroyed under the influence of acids, household chemicals and alkalis. The use of such compositions in food and chemical plants, car washes and swimming pools. If you want to pour a floor in a private house, then epoxy for this fit could not be better, because they are completely safe and recommended for hospitals and orphanages. Among the advantages of such mixtures should provide resistance to abrasion, excellent decorative properties, high strength and resistance to moisture and chemical compounds.

Metilmetakrilata floors

how to make a concrete screed

The Alignment of the screed can be carried out using methyl methacrylate mixtures, which are perfectly suitable for industrial premises. They are more wear resistant compared to epoxy and is chemically inert. Such formulations after drying are not exposed to abrasion, they are impossible to scratch, they undergo great mechanical stress, so can be used where there are cars and heavy machinery.

These screeds are good for the fact that dry fast, so their installation can be performed without stopping the production process. The main advantages are:

  • Hardness;
  • Increased strength
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Chemical resistance
  • High speed of operations.

But there are drawbacks, they lie in the unpleasant odor of the liquid composition.

About the minimum thickness and the technology of pouring concrete screed

If you decide to build self-leveling floors, it is important to know what is the minimum concrete thickness, in fact it will act as a base. This parameter according to the sanitary norms and rules may be 2 cm, which is true in the case when using reinforced cement mixture.

If the reinforcing frame is not provided, then the minimum layer height may be 4 cm it is Important to know more and how to make a concrete screed. The first step is to prepare the old base and to determine the curvature of the surface. Next, you will set the beacons are waterproof, fit reinforcing mesh.

For the floor the next step is to prepare concrete mixture. The next step will be pouring the prepared solution. As in the case of self-leveling floors, concrete screed can be formed air bubbles, which may impair the quality of the design. Remove them at the stage of pouring a thin rod, which should pierce filled the space.

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