Pobeditovye drill: features and application


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For anybody not a secret that to drill a hole in the concrete of a conventional drill is unlikely to succeed. When you try to do it the product will slide on the concrete surface and will be unusable. pobeditovye drillsIn General, concrete is the most complex and stubborn to handle material. To work with it using special pobeditovye drills, which are welded carbide insert.

Material for the manufacture of products is the alloy of cobalt and tungsten carbide. And the name “pobeditovye drill” sundries received from the word «victory». Because of the drill, created in the last century, were intended to defeat concrete or other material.

Pobeditovye drills require special operating conditions. Their device a carbide insert attached to the body with the help of soldering. In the process, the active portion of the tool exposed to high temperatures, thus reducing the strength of the weld Deposit, which leads to the likelihood of separation of the plates. drill bit for tilesTo avoid this, pobeditovye drill is necessary to cool periodically. Products of the latest generation receive a plate using laser welding. It enables to withstand heat up to 1200C degrees as well as drilling can be carried out with greater speed.

New developments significantly change the structure of the carbide inserts. Today, simultaneously with the tungsten carbide using nitrides and carbides of titanium, boron, silicon. However, such combinations are hard to drill concrete. To greatly accelerate this process allows the use of a reciprocating (drums) movement simultaneously with the rotational. Due to this, the concrete at the point of impact crack, but drilling gives the best results.


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For processing of concrete pobeditovye drills it is necessary to use special drills, are equipped with a shock device. This will allow you to achieve optimum drilling and punching holes. drill speedTo speed up the process and extending the life of the product should be every 15 seconds to get the drill from the hole, insert in the hole the same product that your served, and to apply a few hammer blows.

To succeed allows asymmetric sharpening of the drill. This allows you to easily drilling the concrete. It turns out that even strong pobeditovye drill is not suitable for machining steel, and sometimes even soft material. Therefore colliding with the valve, the product can be spoiled. Modern technological hardware are resistant to the overheating during the drilling process is able to overcome any obstacles. In another case, you should replace additives product drill speed for metal work.

To increase the speed of operation of used carbide inserts, equipped with cutting edge teeth. Similar products thanks to the special sharpening can process any material (concrete, granite, steel, glass and even wood). Sometimes in the process of using the sets of hardware that includes a drill for tile, metal, wood, etc.

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