The flower beds at the cottage with his own hands: photos, ideas


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The simplest way to decorate the suburban area is planting flowers. Ornamental horticultural crops can diversify the landscape design of a country site, and in most cases do not take too much time to care.

Single flowers can't build on the land of special beauty. Planted these plants mostly groups in different combinations and layout. Such compositions are called flower gardens. Cottage flowerbeds can break in the yard, near the small architectural forms, benches, green lawns.

Main species landings

The beds in suburban areas may have a simple or complex form, created by using different ornamental crops. However, the country flower beds are classified mainly into two main types:

  • Annual flowers
  • With years.

Look Spectacular at a summer cottage with the right approach can both varieties of flower beds.

How to make a bed

Annual ornamental planting

The Main advantage of this type of beds is that they give owners giving the opportunity to diversify the landscape design of your yard. After all, when using annual plants design beds can be changed each year. Yes, and this look will be easy to move to another place for next season.

It was at the annual flower beds usually practice their hand beginners in landscape design. If flower beds for some reason suddenly get bad, next year we can just start over.

The Advantage of annual flower beds, among other things, in most cases, is undemanding in care. Varieties and varieties of ornamental crops in this group today there is a huge amount.


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Perennial flower beds

Decorative planting of this variety also have the truckers have a great popularity. Smashing the plot perennial flower bed, flower lovers are freed from the necessity of annual planting plants. That is what is considered the main advantage of such decorative flower beds.

Divided into sections of the beds of this variety are usually already experienced gardeners who learned his craft in a holiday design. To choose plants for such crops need as carefully as possible. Because to change something on such a bed in the future will be difficult.

To care for perennial flower beds often are even more hardy than annuals. In any case, these beds are rarely present gardeners a different kind of “surprises” in terms of diseases, loss of decorative qualities and so After a few years of the existence of such a flower garden at the cottage gardeners usually acquire a lot of experience in growing selected once to several varieties of ornamental crops.

A flower bed to break up

Deciding what kind of bed to put on the site, the first thing to decide:

  • Type of flower garden design;
  • With a view of flowerbeds by way of landing;
  • Layout colors;
  • Color scheme.

You Also need to choose the most suitable place for the flower bed on the plot, carefully prepare the soil for planting ornamental crops and subsequently to properly care for the flowers growing in the yard or in the garden.

Motley flower bed on the plot

Types of design

As with the use of perennials and annuals, in suburban areas can be created flowerbeds of various layout, form and decoration. However, the most popular varieties of the flower beds are:

  1. Traditional flower beds. These flower gardens can be round, diamond, oval or rectangular shape. But they are always planted with ornamental crops with different flowering periods. Throughout the season in such plantings alternately bloom in spring, early and late summer, and then autumn plants. Many gardeners prefer to break these are the flower beds in the cottages. Photos of beautiful flower beds of this variety can be seen below.
  2. Regular flower beds. In this case, in the flowerbed and planted plants, flowering at the same time. While filling the flower bed is selected in such a way that it looked most effective.
How to break a bed

Also very popular among gardeners are carpeted ornamental planting. Below you can see a photo of a blooming flower garden-the flower beds at the cottage this species.

Carpet flower

Types by way of landing of plants

In this regard, there are flower beds

  • Vertical;
  • Ring;
  • Moniklubi;
  • Alpine slide;
  • Edges;
  • Vases.

The Beds of the first variety are used to decorate vertical surfaces. This can be, for example, walls or porches of houses, fences, support poles etc. the Circular flower beds around breaking all kinds of small buildings and small architectural forms − gazebos, fountains, rest areas, etc.

Moniklubi are regular, separately, a solid landing. Alpine slides − it is a small hill dotted with mostly low flowers of different types.

The Borders are used for framing of lawns, garden paths, platforms, etc. Vases − it is a specific flower beds installed where there is no opportunity to break a real bed, for example, the tiled courtyards, inside verandas and pergolas.

How to combine plants in shades

Of Course, when you make flower beds and flower beds at the cottage with his own hands, it is important to decide not only on their shape, size and variety. Need a very responsible approach to the choice of colors and decorative planting. In this respect there are three main kinds of beds.

  • Solid;
  • Plants few, well matching colors;
  • Motley.

In the flower beds of the first type are planted ornamental crops only cold or only warm colours. For example, very beautiful in these plantings look combination blue, purple and blue colors or yellow, orange and red.

Plants for flower beds the second variety is usually chosen carefully. It is believed that the most advantageous combinations of these plantings are:

  • Green with red;
  • Orange with purple;
  • Blue with white or yellow;
  • Blue with orange.

In the colorful flower beds can be planted any decorative culture, even the most neoclasica shades. In order to smooth out appearing in such landings the chaos and disharmony, plants in this case just a little ‘diluted’ with some white or not too flashy flowers.

Correct the layout of the plant

In Addition to the choice of colors, with the breakdown of the flower beds should be defined and the location of her ornamental crops, as well as their variety. In one look, be sure to plant plants with similar requirements in terms of soil composition, light conditions and watering.

Beautiful flower beds

Choosing the location of crops in the flower bed, should be guided by the following rules:

  • In a one-sided flower beds have tall plants in the background, low – at front;
  • Double sided round flower beds and tall plants are planted in the center, low – closer to the edge;
  • Height of ornamental crops in the center of the bed should not be more than 1/3 of its diameter;
  • Creeping perennials are supposed to be planted in the foreground;
  • Spring bulbs are usually placed in the center of the bed.

Original ideas flower beds

Most Often, flower beds are simply common earth “patch”. But very nice and original flower beds, is equipped with the different kind of available at any old, unnecessary items. A bed, for example, you can put:

  • In a worn tub or sink;
  • In the torn Shoe;
  • In the old pot for cooking;
  • In the garden wheelbarrow, etc.

Pictures of flower beds and flower beds at the cottage this species, presented below, illustrates the original appearance of such plantings. Using your discarded items, if desired, will be easy to equip both regular and vertical flower garden. For example, can hang on the walls of the gazebo or veranda of some old bags, fill them with earth and planting ornamental plants.

Original flower beds at the cottage

How to choose the right place for flower beds

Most cultures fully disclose their decorative qualities only in well sunlit places. On such t...

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