Stoves, solid fuel continuous burning: reviews and prices. Is it possible to make solid fuel stove long burning their hands?


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For most regions, gas or electric equipment at the moment is still unavailable. First, the lack of gas distribution networks, and the second due to too high electricity tariffs. And the question about using solar energy or geothermal sources for heating in the Russian hinterland.

Convection equipment in the West appeared for a long time, and it is actively used, but in Russia survives hard. Only after the brilliant Professor and engineer Butakov has created stoves, solid fuel continuous burning, similar devices began to appear in Russian homes. The basis was taken the same design stoves that he has made some changes to the work became much more effective.

stoves, solid fuel continuous burning

Design Features and distinctive features

In the first place by Butakova has changed the shape of the furnace. Domestic appliances were not cylindrical as that of foreign counterparts, and rectangular with truncated upper corners. This was a significant increase in the rates of heat transfer during combustion of the pyrolysis gas. Has undergone a whole range of changes and tube heat exchanger in a furnace for solid fuel continuous burning of Professor Butakov. The main transformation was the room intake openings of the tubes as low as possible, at a height of not more than 100 mm from the floor level.

The Following practical and visual difference made by the inventor, became the protective cover, which is located above the heater and shut down the entire oven. Through this Supplement not only managed to raise the temperature of the heating air in the heat exchanger, but also increase the diameter of the pipes, and this gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of heated air. The surface of the protective casing in the upper part of the furnace is flat, allowing you to use it as a cooktop for heating food and heating water for household needs. Stoves, solid fuel continuous burning at maximum heat-up enables not only to preheat, and cook food.


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Equipment has received a rectangular shape, whereby it is now possible easily fit into any decor modern or rustic style.

Solid fuel boilers long burning scheme

Working Principle

Furnace solid fuel continuous burning, irrespective of model can work for all types of fossil fuels: wood, pellets, eurowood, sliver and sawdust, borax, and coal. Given that their device uses a pyrolysis method in which the combustion of wood gas in the secondary furnace, natural wood is the most suitable option of fuel. The better the wood will be dried, the greater the amount of gas it can produce, that is, to give more heat resulting from the operation of the entire system. The fact that wet wood turns the wet smoke, which is connected with the gas particles, causing them to become heavier and does not burn completely.

The Process of combustion of wood fuel occurs in the main combustion chamber located in the upper part there is a small burner. Through it, the resulting pyrolysis gas is fed to the secondary combustion chamber, where dogugaeshi, giving heat passing inside the tubes of the heat exchanger. At the stove long burning do not use the forced system of air flow. The oxygen is carried out through an adjustable flap, which is enough to saturate the secondary camera.

The lower part of the furnace is equipped with a small container in which is collected the ash. Residual combustion products are poured into him through the grate, which serves as a bottom of the furnace. The ash box of the furnace design is used for purification of the heater from toxins accumulated in it.


A Pipe connected to a chimney in this equipment also differs in its location from convection ovens in foreign production. He accidentally placed vertically. Due to this bystrorezhuschej the condensate flows back into the combustion chamber. It has become urgent due to the fact that the condensation of such boilers is up to 35-40% of the mesogenic pyrolysis gas, viparyayah of moisture, and then consumed. The vertical arrangement of the tubes allows for the installation of the furnace as close to the walls of the room. To smoke in this design you can use any of the chimneys, starting with a simple metal pipe, finishing glass, ceramic, or insulated pipes, so popular now.

the Best solid fuel boilers long burning


A Feature of the design and characteristics made it very popular solid fuel boilers long burning. The arrangement depends on the room where you will install the equipment. The place is recommended to equip heat-insulating screens. Free space should be a minimum 150-200 mm from the body of the furnace to the walls, to protect finishes from overheating and igniting. Near the stove to store wood, thereby partially to dry before using it for its intended purpose.

Automatic solid fuel boilers long burning

Their appearance not only made it possible to make a living in the homes more comfortable, but also to solve the issues related to energy conservation, environmental protection, as well as savings on the purchase of fuel. In addition, it should be noted the improvement of the operational capability of your equipment, as it does not need constant supervision, as the previous model. Heating systems operating on solid fuel, we have great prospects.

Automatic solid fuel boilers long burning at the moment widespread to arrange the heating of houses, cottages, greenhouses, offices, shops, industrial and manufacturing buildings, car washes, service stations and other facilities. Many Russians refused boilers to gas in the use of appliances, working on solid fuel.

Automatic solid fuel boilers long burning


The Best solid fuel boilers long burning have a number of advantages:

- the highest degree of efficiency is assured by the fact that in Russia, to heat solid fuels are much more efficient than electricity or diesel;

- possibility to install in areas without gasification;

- solid fuel is a renewable source of energy, making it a profitable option for usage;

- burning mode does not require continuous control of the best solid fuel boilers long burning provide combustion without human intervention a week and longer.

Solid fuel boilers long burning iron

Terms of operation of the device

For device you want to create certain working conditions that will ensure the greatest efficiency. In the first place is a boiler room group, which includes the boiler, expansion tank, circulation pump, safety group and other elements. Required chimney, which should be chosen according to the results of the calculations, allowing not to appear inadequate or excessive traction. Heating in the house will be organized through the use of the heating pipeline, consisting of radiators and pipes.

Homemade solid fuel boilers long burning

Furnace solid fuel continuous burning your hands

Of all the boilers that can be run independently, rectangular will be the most aesthetically pleasing and compact. They are suitable for heating small spaces, and if they modify, you can make the square bigger. Design of solid fuel boilers long burning is fairly simple, and its implementation will require readily available materials, the number of which depends entirely on the size of the future Assembly. The whole point here is to keep heated air from entering the chimney. For this inside the installed fixtures, which consist of tubes and plates welded to each other in a special way that allows you to create between them a kind of labyrinth that ensures slow passage through it of heated air. When properly organized feeding of the additional gas, the upper compartments will serve as cameras. If desired, the unit inside can impose a brick or refractory tile. It is possible and outside of the device, to do the brickwork.


Homemade solid fuel boilers long burning require the use of certain components sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 3 mm, a steel angle and covers for the openings in the furnace, flue pipe suitable configuration, diameter and length. For a start all the parts you want to cut in accordance with a predetermined plan. Then gently to cut, strip or sand the edges. Only when full compliance with the plan can obtain high-quality solid fuel boilers long burning. The scheme of these devices must contain a name in...

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