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5-6 years ago in our country, only a few knew about what it means to "loft apartment". However, today more and more people with the means to consider them as a good alternative to the apartments in luxury buildings. In addition, some developers are now erecting residential complexes, stylized lofts.

loft apartments

Loft apartment - what is it?

In the first years after the Second world war in the heart of new York city began EN masse to shut down the old factory. Their buildings stood abandoned, despite the fact that housing prices in Manhattan rose by the day. Then the idea arose to convert the former factory buildings for housing. Initially in these apartments, named the attic, began to settle artists, mostly painters who were attracted by its spaciousness and the excellent lighting provided by large Windows.

In 1950-e years the lofts have acquired the status of luxury homes, prices have grown significantly, and they began to acquire successful financiers, top-managers and famous lawyers. Today in many cities in the U.S. and Europe in the former industrial areas, which as a result of expanding settlements appeared in the center of the city, there were entire areas where you can buy or rent a loft apartment. Even formed a special style and some super-elite buildings are made specifically for housing, a former manufacturing plants.


Many questions are asked by those who are thinking whether to purchase a loft apartment. What housing can give in terms of comfort? First of all these apartments can be reprogrammed at will without having to agree on changes with state authorities. It is equally important that they are usually located near the center of the city, in locations with excellent transport accessibility.


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What else can I say about the loft? What housing is on average 18 percent cheaper than apartments in the nearby buildings with a similar level of comfort and square footage. In addition, they can be used in particular for office or showroom, what we have in the country in ordinary apartments is strictly prohibited.

loft Park apartments


Now for the cons. You need to remember when purchasing a loft apartment that such housing is not eligible for registration. It entails a lot of problems starting with the inability to put children on the waiting list to kindergarten, to attach to the clinic and ending with the difficulties with employment. Thus, a real loft apartment in Russia can purchase only those who have registration in another apartment. Another option — to register in the country, and to live in the “attic” apartments. Among the disadvantages of such housing can be noted, and the fact that utilities the tenants will be provided at the rates applicable for office premises.

Main features

As mentioned, besides original, are built many residential complexes, the style of the lofts. The main design features in these apartments are:

  • The Absence of partitions. The first lofts have attracted buyers, who were mostly artists, it is spacious, so the main characteristic feature of these apartments is the lack of partitions. At the same actively used zoning through the use of several types of finishing materials. In particular, usually one of the walls they paint in a different color or leave exposed.
  • Elements, emphasizing the original industrial importance of the space. In these lofts are usually not recommended to disassemble the various tubes, wall ladders, large industrial fans and other equipment. All this is painted in unusual colors and is used in an unexpected way. If we are talking about an apartment style lofts, the designers decorate them with various items that can be found in landfills, remaining on the places of destroyed industrial enterprises.

loft apartments in St. Petersburg

  • Modern furnishings. If the elements of the decor in lofts use the trash, which give a new life, the furniture set the contemporary, often chrome in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. At the same time welcome the combination of old and new. For example, you can set an old chest of drawers near the dining area consisting of table with glass top and chairs of shiny metal with no upholstery.
  • Windows. The loft must have large Windows, preferably from floor to ceiling, which is not recommended to drape or to issue any other way with textiles.

loft apartment on Vasilevsky

Loft apartments in the capital

The First apartments of this type in Russia appeared in Moscow. Initially they were not in demand. It is very rare to meet a family who wants to buy a loft apartment. Moscow appreciated the advantages of such apartments only when they began to rent and buy well-known businessmen for their grown offspring. They quickly became trendy, especially because most of the first lofts were in the vicinity of the center.

river Loft apartments

Among the first successful projects of alteration of former industrial facilities for a comfortable accommodation you can mark "Danilovskay manufacture" and Manhattan House, located in the buildings of the late 19th century and 30-ies of the last century, which quickly turned into some of the most prestigious residential complexes of the capital. And soon began to be built and building, stylized loft apartment. Moscow, therefore, was in line with other world capitals, and Muscovites got the opportunity of a more diverse range of housing options.

"Loft Park" apartments in Moscow

Among the LCD business-class capital can be noted residential complex at Golovinskoye ponds, created on the basis of the ancient buildings of a cloth manufactory "Jokes". In the "Loft Park", depending on the case, it is possible to purchase apartments at the price of 5.2 or 6.2 million rubles. The complex has a developed infrastructure with many public green areas that makes living in its territory similar to life in the old HOMESTEAD.

loft apartments what is a

Apartment "Loft river"

As for styling, it is one of the best examples of this housing option is located on the territory of the Moskvoretsky Park, just a ten minute walk from the metro station "Tushinskaya". This club residence "Loft river". The apartments are built according to individual project with the characteristics inherent in the attic style. In total, the complex of two residential buildings, made of red bricks, which have a promenade area along the facades and the possibility of access to the roof. They are 1,2,3-level apartment, which if desired can be installed fireplaces. As with three sides surrounded by the territory of VSK Burevestnik, residents can use the tennis courts, and their children have the opportunity to attend free classes in rowing and other water sports.

what is the loft apartments

Apartment type loft in Saint-Petersburg

Those who are familiar with the Northern capital, will confirm that there are many old industrial areas are created in order to be converted into a comfortable housing business class. In particular, very promising from this point of view, are located on the island of New Holland and on the bypass channel. At the same time real estate professionals have concluded that a loft apartment in St. Petersburg is much less popular than in Moscow, and such projects, including styling, at the moment, implemented only a few. The reason most likely lies in ignorance and lack of proper advertising of this new type of the Russian residential real estate.

Apartment on Vasilievsky island

Last Fall it was announced the beginning of sales of apartments in the residential Docklands. This comfortable loft apartment on Vasilevsky island, or rather a good stylized "attic" housing. The complex consists of several ten-, ten-storey buildings, which you can purchase 1,2,3 bedroom apartments. In total, the buildings proposed for 527 apartments with panoramic Windows, with trim and without. Most of the apartments have superb views of the little Neva. In addition to residential buildings, the complex has two towers, which rented office space of various sizes, and are close to a three-star hotel, designed in particular for people who come to participate in business negotiations and various events held in the conference hall of the business center.


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