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In many countries, the Cabernet is one of the most popular technical grades. It is mainly used in the wine industry. Because of its simplicity very much loved by gardeners. Its quite a lot, but the most famous – Fran, Curtis, Sauvignon. Especially popular are the last of them.

Origin and historical homeland of the

Cabernet Sauvignon is distinguished by berries with a specific solanaceous smell. He appeared as the result of crossing two Western European: Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet franc. The grape variety cultivated today throughout the world, began its spread from France (Bordeaux). The date of his birth I think of the XVII century. Now it is grown in Argentina, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, America and many other countries.Cabernet


The Cabernet Sauvignon ripens late, because he quietly tolerate frost and drought and also the invasion of various pests. Has high resistance to phylloxera and milieu. The disadvantages are, low yield and shedding of the ovaries. It is unpretentious, has the ability to adapt and grow in all parts of the world. And, depending on the locus, it has its own unique taste and smell. For example, a French Cabernet features a floral-coffee fragrance, but the same variety grown in California – berry and peppery taste. Note: the most favorable place for ripening without the use of the blend – California, not France, at least that was the Cabernet.


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Description class

The Bushes have a long light walnut shoots, covered with leaves rounded, and the crown is white and green with dense pubescence. The clusters grow up to fifteen inches in length, and about nine in width, weighing up to 80 grams. Most of the weight of grapes is a grape juice-about 80%, the pulp and the skin – not more than 20%, and a very small percentage goes to the ridges.Cabernet Sauvignon

The Number of fertile shoots is about half of their total number. To get wine, you need to shorten the vine and loading plant shoots. From the moment the buds have blossomed, it takes about a hundred and fifty days, when you are ready to harvest. Usually this period begins in early autumn. For dessert wines it is somewhat delayed.


The grape Variety Cabernet berries is small in size — about fifteen inches. They are oval in shape, the skin is blue in color and relatively high density. Berries very long time to rot, can be on the tree for quite a long time. The number of seeds does not exceed three pieces. Weight characteristics weight of berries is not more than 1 gram. The pulp of grapes is very juicy and has a transparent color.

grape variety Cabernet

Sugar about 20%, and this number cannot be changed even in respect of exceeding the target crop loads.


The Soil and the location should be chosen with special care, since the Cabernet is very sensitive to uncomfortable surfaces. There are several generally accepted factors that you need to know when planting this grape. Note that this heat-loving variety. Despite the stability of grapes to cold, full of aging occurs in the South, in mountainous terrain. But this does not mean that in other conditions, it is not ripe, just on the southern territories it will happen faster. Time of planting standard – no differences from other varieties: mid-autumn and early spring. If farming is pursued such a goal, as the production of wine, no need to burden the bushes too long arrows of the fruit. On the contrary, they should be shortened. The width between the rows-about three meters.Cabernet Cortis grapes

To Grow this variety is easy because it is practically not exposed to rotting, even in wet weather and resistant to many diseases. Besides, is not afraid of frost and tolerates the winter. The main thing is to provide quality irrigation. In dry summers, when the moisture is not enough, the berries grow too small, and decreases the density of the bunch. Low yield Cabernet Sauvignon – this is probably the only lack of variety.

Serious threat to him are pests-spider mites and grape mites, leaf rollers grozdeva and caterpillars. To fight with them using a soap solution, which handles the Bush dilating kidney. During the summer prophylactically several times used a one percent sulfur.

The Harvest is collected depending on weather conditions. This is generally carried out in the second half of September-early October.

Professional experience

Growers who not the first year engaged in the cultivation of this variety, brought some patterns and tricks, thanks to which almost all fruit shoots. Little bunches of grapes can be placed on the replacement knot. Great adaptability to any location mentioned above. It is worth noting that the Cabernet Sauvignon is naughty and in the new earth. In conjunction with agronomic technologies that gives excellent results. Cutting the plants should be on six holes. On the lower level, although there are rare hands, however there are several small bunches.

It would not Like to use the Cabernet fresh, it will not succeed. Too thick and rough skin covered with fruit. Winemaking – almost the only branch of their use. But it this grape is the benchmark for many competing varieties in France are based on it a variety of wines.

Wine "Cabernet Sauvignon"

Processed berries converted into a beautiful drink that has a noble tannic taste. Fruit gives it tartness, because they have such a component, as tannin. The taste of the berries themselves has nightshades tint. Regarding the external characteristics of the wine, such a high density skin of the fruit and later ripening varieties to make the color of the drink deep and rich. Every year spent on the shelf in the wine cellar "Cabernet Sauvignon" become more valuable, and as a consequence – high cost. Over time, the taste becomes more mild and resembles the taste of black currant.Cabernet description grade

This grape is used not only in the manufacture of wine, he is also involved in the production of juices and champagne. The fruit is filled with a special aroma, no competition. Wine "Cabernet Sauvignon" is served with meat and other dishes, which is expressed by a taste basis, so as not to interrupt him.

Grape varieties

Its Fruits are also not suitable for food, so grow this kind for the purpose of making wine. Launched in Germany in 1982. Cabernet Cortis — grape, characterized by early maturity, the terms of which do not exceed 140 days. The fruits are round in shape have a purple hue and covered with a whitish bloom. The most widely in Germany and Switzerland.

Cabernet franc – grade, which is the founder of Cabernet Sauvignon, yield is much lower, but has a high resistance to frost, so it is usually grown in climatic zones characterized early cold snap.Cabernet France grape

Less common varieties, but at the same time loved many growers are Cabernet Carol, Jura, Michurinsk, carbon. Each of them has its own special flavor, but all share a high tolerance to fungal infections and frost damage.


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