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In the process of finishing external walls of the building today used a variety of materials, but one of the most popular solutions is vapor permeable plaster. Its advantage is that the indoors does not produce condensation, resulting in construction ready to serve for much longer than usual.

One drawback is that the finish is not always possible to do yourself. This is due to some difficulties, which are able to overcome the man who has skills in this area.

Description of the composition of aerated concrete and especially its usage

breathable plaster

In order on the walls of aerated concrete is not cracked, they must be secure from carbonization shrinkage. Care should be taken that the material in the basis of easily resisted the influence of air and moisture that will get inside. Excellent protection acts as a vapor permeable plaster.

Concrete walls have one important feature which is the ability to transmit vapor. Plaster finish must have the same properties. It is important to ensure penetration of steam into and out of the building. If he will settle inside, temperature fluctuations moisture will freeze and thaw, which will promote cracking. The outside layer will disappear, and inside it formed mold.

When decorating it is important to determine the thickness of the layer. Without making any calculations, you can use the experience of experts. The veneer thus applied outside 2 times more thinly than the inside. Finish should not have a thick layer, the part of the premises of this setting is 2 cm or less.


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The Plastered wall should be painted with facade paints, which are characterized by the same permeable characteristics. Some believe that the plaster for aerated concrete is a mixture of sand, water and cement. The composition must have plasticity, high adhesion to the substrate and resistance to damage. If you get ready compound, it is correct to choose it – this is not a guarantee of success, you need to use the material.

When working with plaster water vapor permeability characteristics of the composition are important to consider. After reviewing them, will be able to understand that you must monitor the temperature in the room, which is equal to the limit of +5 to +30°C. Before beginning work to clean the walls of dirt and stains, and if the material peels off, it is cleaning. When working with a brick wall, which absorbs the material before plastering it must be primed.

If the work will be a concrete wall or a surface of plates which do not absorb moisture, the base is still primed, however, the mixture shall meet the requirements for the issue of the adhesion of the two materials. If the plaster for aerated concrete is applied in 2 layers, you should wait until the first is completely dry and become firm.

Description and features of compositions for aerated concrete

plaster for aerated concrete

Among other proposals, the market can be considered lime-cement mortar, which is used most often. It has a good balance of quality and cost. Quite popular brands are:

  • KrasLand.
  • «Balers».
  • «Pobedit».
  • HandPutz Baumit.

Plaster can be applied in layers of 5 to 20 mm, the resulting coating will ensure sufficient strength and capability to operate for 15 years. Before you purchase a blend, you must take into account the consumption of plaster, which will be 15 kg per square meter. Build a bath made of aerated concrete, you can decorate it with silicate composition, which is based on potassium glass. The products are of low cost and lifespan of 15 years. Among the popular manufacturers of such mixtures include:

  • Baumit Silikat Top.
  • Knauf Kati.

Plaster is characterized by a neutral level of electrostatics, which eliminates premature clogging with dust. The material is supplied in tank containers and is ready for use, eliminating the need for solution preparation. Bath made of aerated concrete, you can be finished with silicone plaster, on the basis of the respective ingredient. These compounds are at the high end and have high adhesion and elasticity.

Use the composition can be for new or operated buildings. The lifetime of a mixture on the wall is more than 25 years. Among the most known brands are:

  • Radiators CT75.
  • Kreisel SilikonPutz.
  • Sil cation in faster drying places.

Distinguishing features of the mixtures are:

  • UV resistance;
  • The combination of vapor permeability and water resistance;
  • Possibility to use for exterior and interior decoration;
  • Ease of use;
  • The permissibility of sudden changes in temperature;
  • Environmentally friendly.

The Material is completely ready for application. The surface of precast concrete blocks should be produced, covering the primer. Pre-processing uses a primer based on synthetic. After applying plaster to form a relief on the surface of the facade with plastic float.

Description acrylic compositions for aerated concrete

plaster for external works price

Finishing of aerated concrete can be made of acrylic compositions based on the same resin. These compounds are characterized by high elasticity, thanks to which the surface is formed of chipping and cracking. The layer obtained is attractive because of the possibility to choose any color and texture.

Acrylic compounds are Used not only for the protection of concrete, but the quality of the finish. Among the famous brands need to provide:

  • Ceresit CT60.
  • Bolix KA.
  • Baumit Nanopor Top.

Cons include:

  • Flammability;
  • High electrostatic performance.

Description gypsum solutions

bath made of aerated concrete

Gypsum compositions to be used in a limited temperature range from +5 to +20 °C. the Walls are pre-prepared and cleaned from dust. To prevent the absorption of moisture from the mortar, the facade is covered with primer. As it is possible to use a mixture of cellular materials by type “Knauf Grundmittel” or “Win Primer-concentrate”.

Optionally, a reinforcing mesh of plastic or metal, which increases the thickness and number of layers, and also prevents deformation of the material during its further exploitation.

The cost of the most popular permeable compounds

finishes of concrete

If you want to buy the plaster for external works, price of the mixture should be of interest to you. Buying material based on cement KrasLand, you will have to pay 240 rubles. for a bag with a volume of 25 kg. “First” is somewhat cheaper – 205., but “to Win the AUSPICES of the XI-S-42” refers to the same price category as the first of the above mixtures.

Alternative suggestions market

vapor-permeable facade plaster

The Most expensive representative of the ruler is HandPutz Baumit, this mixture you can buy for 260 Price RUB plaster for external works depends on the material of the base. For example, the silicate mixture Baumit Silikat Top will cost 4000 RUB with regard to silicone compositions, Ceresit CT75 you can buy for 5200 RUB 15 kg Kreisel SilikonPutz presented for sale at a price of 2000 RUB 25-kg bag Sil cation in faster drying places can be purchased for 4000 rubles of a mixture of Acrylic Ceresit CT60 have value is 1900 RUB while Baumit Nanopor Top can be bought for 4400 RUB.

Properties of plaster Ceresit CT 75

vapor permeable plaster features

This vapor permeable plaster is the thin layer composition to form a finishing coating. Among the main properties are:

  • High water vapor permeability;
  • Resistance to contamination;
  • Weather;
  • Excellent water repellency;
  • Excellent UV resistance;
  • Suitable for external and internal works;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Frost.

Key features of the composition

Contains: pigments, aqueous dispersion of silicone and acrylic copolymers, mineral fillers. Drying time before generating the billing is 15 minutes. The density of the mixture is equal to 1.73 kg/DM3. Through the day, which will depend on the temperature, you can leave the facade without fear that it will damage the rain.

Adhesion to concrete greater than 0.3 MPa. Operating temperature varies from -50 to +70 °C. an estimated lifetime of approximately 10 years. One square meter will need 2.5 kg of plaster vapor-permeable, it is true, if the fraction of grains is 2 mm.

In conclusion

If you need to protect the wall from moisture, but retain their ability to pass air in and out, you should use the appropriate composition. These materials can have different texture that defines the method of their use.


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