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Technoelast EPC is used to create paintings of the roofs of buildings and structures, waterproofing protect foundations, basements, and other structures that are exposed to constant pressure and strain. It is very durable and elastic.

Technoelast EPCTechnoelast EPC: features

This product is a SBS-modified roofing multifunctional waterproofing material. Its application provides the maximum level of reliability. Technoelast EPP is mounted by the method of fused deposition modeling. He is lining material, so the correct arrangement of the roof or waterproofing imply the covering layers on top. The material is very practical to install and operate.


Technoelast EPP under stress and pressure is not deformed. The material is just stretched, keeping the integrity of the structure. The canvas does not rot and is resistant to temperature changes. It is suitable for waterproofing the following types of objects:

  • Swimming pool;
  • Garages underground;
  • Boiler;
  • Industrial and the load of the roof;
  • Vaults underground;
  • Foundations.

This material is perfectly combined with Technoelast EKP (product to create the outer layer).

Waterproofing Technoelast EPC


Technoelast is a bituminous material consisting of a polyester base, a binder layer based on polymers and special protective film. This painting can be considered a duplicate. On the basis of the two sides is applied a composition of bitumen, butadienestyrene of thermoplastic elastomer and filler. The latter also has two-way protection (polymer film). The base cloth is white polyester, which consists of individual fibers. Thanks to him, Technoelast EPP is characterized by high strength, resistance to high humidity and precipitation. Compared to fiberglass, which stretched only to the extent of 2% of its size, polyester is very plastic. Therefore it is more suitable for operation in conditions of strain and heavy workloads. Technoelast EPP - biologicaly material. Top and bottom it is covered with plastic film, which protects the fabric from bonding during transportation or storage rolls.


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Technoelast EPP features


Laying Technoelast EPP is carried out using a gas burner according to the method of weld. All work should be performed, following a sequence of actions. The first step is to prepare the ground. It is necessary to remove all debris, repair holes and crack special repair composition of cement-sand based or mastic. Then, you should Prime the bitumen-gasoline solution (1:3) or primer. It must be completely dry. Then you can start fitting. Rolls unfold and lay the basis to assess the right amount for styling. If necessary, you can do a piece of material with a roofing knife. Then it was again rolled into coils. To weld and Technoelast base evenly and simultaneously heated. Roll gradually rolled out, and the cloth is pressed against the surface. It stack overlap (80-100 mm).


Technoelast EPC is very high quality and modern material. It has excellent technical characteristics and relatively cheap. Of course, the price it slightly higher than conventional counterparts, however, this material is very economical, it leads to greater profit. Besides this, waterproof roofing fabric is much easier and more convenient to lay. It serves for a very long time, allowing you to recoup the cost.

EPP Technoelast Thermo

Technoelast EPP-Termo

This material is supplied in rolls. It is a SBS-modified roofing and waterproofing canvas high reliability. The material used to create roofing of carpets, the arrangement of waterproofing of foundations and other major structures with high reliability requirements. It can be used in all climatic zones. Unlike the paintings of a standard type, Technoelast-thermo has a high heat resistance, which significantly increases its service life. When heating of bitumen compounds do not evaporate into the atmosphere. This material is very durable and elastic. Its use provides high reliability and durability of the waterproofing layer of roofing.

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