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Despite the fact that severe winters rarely come to us already and more are in the memoirs, the question of food for birds is still relevant. After all, to find food this time of year is especially difficult, and birds do not disdain any food. And if you build them a comfortable bird feeder, you can spend hours watching them swarm over the food. This work is possible to involve your child both to understand how to make your own hands the bird feeder, which will contribute to the development of his construction skills and communication with the environment. In addition, if the child has no siblings or Pets, caring for their neighbors will be for him especially rewarding, and the result will bring a lot of fun.

Now let's find out what are some homemade bird feeders and how to make them.

Feeder from a cardboard package or plastic bottles

The Most simple bird feeder to make with your own hands can be of cartons from juices or dairy products. A similar trough is easy to make from a plastic bottle, jars from mayonnaise or vederci from ice cream. The essence of the structure of the feeders is to cut openings on the sides to the bottom edge of the cut was slightly above the bottom of the package or bottle. Inside fits a treat that won't fall out or crumble, and through the openings the birds freely to get to him. The meal will be under cover.

In this way still use a Shoe box or packaging from electrical goods, if there is a need in a large trough. Selected dense laminated material, allowing a little to extend the service life of the structure. A separate roof in the form of a cover from a Shoe box in this design will be useful too.


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bird Feeder from a cardboard package

Typically, such feeders are hung from trees, but there is the option of fastening them to the Windows with suction cups. It is enough, that sucker had the hook. Due to the use of unnecessary raw materials and simplicity of execution, this feeder very popular. But you should pay attention to other types of structures.

bird Feeder from a plastic bottle

Feeder from banks

This feeder can be built from tin cans, glass, plastic, or any other unnecessary banks. Around it is wrapped a ribbon or other material, so the Bank could keep the balance. Filled with food, she is suspended in a horizontal position. For the convenience of landing, the birds can be taken care of attaching sticks or twig to the bottom of the suspended banks. In the absence of a smart material applied for two ropes tightly bind the Bank.

Feeder of the banks

To attract birds jar wrapped in bright material or painted a bright color. Below shows an example of a bird feeder in the photo. To do with their hands it is also everyone can.

Feeder of cans

Feeder without a roof

In fact, the feeder consists of a base with a cushion that is attached to a surface with nails or holding on the ropes. The base is often plastic tray, widely used in grocery stores. But you can take and ordinary plywood and nail it to the boards. This feeder is not protected from rain, wind or snow, and eating it would not last long. So to accustom the birds to this place of power is unlikely to succeed. But if something is done without any cost, and excellent results should not count. However, this feeder is often found, because it does not require much time and skills for manufacturing.

Feeder from the grid

Consider an unusual bird with their hands which is not difficult. Its principle is very simple: from the fine grid are formed in small pouches in which food is poured (not very small). You can use the grain, but it will have mixed with melted fat and roll into balls. After hardening, the balls are laid out in the bags, from which the birds love to peck the grain. The bags are attached to the hanging wire. In various bags can be various kinds of designed for all comers. If you wish, then this feeder it is possible to improve the roof, threading the wire top plastic bottom of the bottle. That the roof did not fall, enough to tie the knot of the wire, which will play the role of stopper. But it is also worth considering that birds by nature do not like closed spaces and feeling much better in open areas.

This version of the feeder will also be optimal for those who want to take care of the little birds. This is due to the fact that the characteristics of such feeders is the inaccessibility for larger birds, which often have time first to get enough food. But small birds are especially difficult to find a winter food.

We Now turn to how their hands make for a bird feeder with a roof.

Classic feeder with roof

Most of the existing types of feeders upgrade the roof. But most of the short-lived and is “hastily”. Now we'll look at how to make your own hands the bird feeder that has a roof and solid construction. Let's start with the fact that she used plywood and wooden planks, laths, boards. First you need to make a shield of planks, which will be “Foundation” basic feeders. For this you will need plywood measuring approximately 35 X 35 cm To it are attached in the corners of the bars 20 X 20 mm and a height of 15 cm on Top of the bars are connected by strips forming the frame. Next is made the basis of a gable roof, and she is going out of plywood or sheet metal. When the roof is ready, it connects to the frame. All fasteners can be nailing.

Place a bird feeder better on tree trunks at a height of from 3 to 6 m. it is Possible to nail her to the wall of the house, on the roof of the barn or horse. If none exist, use a wooden pole with a length of 120-150 cm, But in this case it should ensure a reliable support, you need to rely on a large number of people willing to eat treats. The main thing is to provide good visibility for the birds.

Wooden trough

The Feeder is painted with oil paint and well luted to the ends of the plywood that will have a significant impact on her life. Better to paint with bright colors. They attract birds and are well allocated in the area.

Wooden bird feeders

Wood has always had wide application in any industry of construction, because it allows you to create any design, looks good and fits well in the landscape or architectural design. Such materials always at hand, and from its remains you can always make a wooden bird feeder. Material can be tree branches after pruning the garden, a small wood or just remnants of the wooden planks. A skilful combination of all of them can decorate a suburban area or a place of rest. Therefore, the wooden feeders can safely be regarded as the author's creation, benefit and comfort.

Wooden bird feeder

Feeder from the basket

This is the simplest method of making bird feeders, as there are ready-made items. Only need an oblong basket with lid and ribbon. Cover hanging on a tree branch, and her two ribbons suspended basket. The result is the base of the trough with side and roof. If the basket is made of plastic, the service life of this endless trough.

Feeder in pastry form

At the heart of this trough are of grain and other food of birds. For its preparation you need to buy gelatin, mix it with water, boil and stir. Importantly, the gelatin was completely mixed. After it cools down, it is added to food to obtain a homogeneous porridge. This cocktail is poured into molds for baking and then hung on the branches of trees.

the Feeder is in the form of cakes

Feeder garlands

The Best way to make a hand the winter bird feeder to be strung on wire or fishing line finished products. As they can be dry fruit and mushrooms, mountain ash, bread and nuts. Unsalted lard is also in great demand. These treats hang alone or beside the wooden manger, arranging the birds a feast.

bird feeder in the form of a garland

Pumpkin bird feeder

The Pumpkin will be a good product for the manufacture of the trough. Unlike other materials, working with her much easier. You just need to take the top off the pumpkin and clean out all the contents. For convenience, the crepe...

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