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The Government always takes care of people age, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation provides support in the form of financial assistance. Now in Russia women retire at 58 years old, men-63 years. Back in 2011, the fair sex could go retire in 55, and strong – 60. At the moment it is planned to gradually increase the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 for men. Those citizens who have reached eighty years, put in additional assistance from the state.

pension after 80

Increase in pension after 80 years

Pensioners, who celebrated eightieth birthday, have the opportunity to use additional benefits and bonuses of the RF pension Fund (the Pension Fund). Elderly people who are not able to take care of themselves are forced to receive care from relatives or other people (usually nurses or nurses). As the person taking the duties of the Trustee, will not be able to go to work, he paid monthly payment.

Pension benefit in Russia consists of three parts: a fixed rate 4823,35 of the ruble, an additional amount (funded pension), which is paid from employer contributions retiree, and the insurance is calculated depending on length of service, salary of the retiree and the age of retirement.

After 80 the fixed part of the payment is increased by 100 %, and the increase in their pension after the age of 80 automatically increases without recourse to the Pension Fund. Retirees also charged insurance old-age pension, which predisposes the improvements in pension benefits and monthly compensation to the person caring for an elderly pensioner. Also, depending on the area of residence, regional legislation can provide additional citizen support and benefits.


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How To increase the pension after 80 years? At least 100% premium to the fixed part, which after conversion will be already not 4823,35 and 9646,7 rubles. Other benefits are more dependent on individual factors.

Fixed payments

For retirees aged eighty years, living in the North, where there is a regional coefficient for the entire area, the fixed payment increases the ratio. Take into account the experience of pensioners who have worked in the far North. For work more than fifteen years, the allowance increases by 50% if the person was employed for at least twenty years – the pension is increased by 30 % from the initial amount.

For centenarians, who have the right simultaneously and at a fixed pay-out, to the North experience on superannuation is installed only one upgrade of their choice.

Supplement to the pension after 80 years

Upon reaching a pensioner eighty years of PF of the Russian Federation shall increase the payment on the basis of documents on personalized records. Within one month, a fixed payment is automatically increased. Pensioner in old age, to go anywhere is not necessary, all necessary procedures and documents, the Pension Fund will collect without the participation of the older person.

seniors over 80

Elderly Care

That a man could take custody of the pensioner over eighty years old, you need to apply independently or through an attorney to the appropriate authority where the pension is paid. The list of necessary documents when applying includes:

  • A statement from the person who has reached the eightieth, and from those who care for them;
  • Help that a caring person is not a recipient of unemployment benefits and not receiving a pension;
  • Employment history of the person who is going to care for the retired;
  • The passports of both citizens.

Custody of the elderly person can be issued with fourteen, but need to obtain parental consent to the guardianship. If you care going the student or the student, you need to provide additional help with the study.

Compensation payments

If it is, how much pension after 80 years is, of course, what is the compensation for the person who is caring for the pensioner? Annual indexation (as is typical for pensions) this type of payment is not observed, compensation is 1200 rubles. In fact, a pensioner (or his family) personally to negotiate how much it will pay the person who takes care of him.

additional pension after 80

For each citizen, which cares the person is assigned to a compensatory payment:

  1. After the request to the Pension Fund sets the allowance at the agreed time and with all valid documents.
  2. If citizens live in the far North, it takes into account the regional coefficient and is a Supplement compensation payments.

To pay compensation to cease if:

  1. Death of the pensioner, attended in person.
  2. Employment of the caregiver of the person or of the pensioner.
  3. Payment of unemployment benefits or pension the person caring for the pensioner.
  4. Failure to care for the person of advanced age.

Benefits to pensioners over 80years

In addition to material aid, long-livers, whose pension after the age of 80 will increase by 100 %, also provides incentives: government agencies, providing space in the nursing home, trips to various health resorts, absolutely free medical care and even the provision of new housing if the old was in uninhabitable condition.

If necessary, you can receive a full range of social services: food and food once a day, legal advice, medical assistance, leave the home, the results of hygiene products, shoes and clothes.

how much pension after 80

Pensioners, whose age exceeds eighty years abroad, will receive compensation in the amount of 9117,86 rubles under article seventeenth of the Federal law. Changes do not take effect if the pensioner has a certificate of disability of the first group and at the moment, the citizen receives a fixed base size.

Payments to persons dependent on the pensioner

Pension after 80 years, and increases if dependents of the retiree are disabled family members. For pensioners aged over eighty years old with one dependant the payment will be 8971,62 rubles, two – 10253,30 rubles, and three – 11534,95 rubles.

Retirees who have not reached the level of 80 years and being invalids of the first group, with one dependent receive a fixed rate of 5126,65 rubles a month, with two-6408,31 rubles, and three – 7689,97 rubles.

Increased pension and how to get it

After eighty you need to do to get a higher pension? No action on the part of the pensioner is not required. All Pension funds there is a database in which are registered all pensioners, and after their eightieth birthday automatically accrue a higher pension.

At the beginning of the month, when comes the anniversary, seniors, comes the joyful news that pension after 80 years increased. Of course, sometimes there are failures in the automation work, but most often they are insignificant and easily remedied.

how to increase the pension after 80

The Implementation of the additional payments from the state are also provided, but this may require the following documents:

  • If you have a disability and the pension is paid for it, you need the certificate of the invalid;
  • Additional payment by reason of death of the breadwinner must be confirmed by the death certificate, which is provided to the Pension Fund.

The application Process takes about two weeks, after which the pensioner will receive a notice by mail or other convenient method.

It is Worth to note that today the citizens who have reached the age of eighty years, without exception, must receive an increased pension. In that case, if the pension continues to accrue without any changes, you should contact the PF.

Military pension after 80 years

To all the Veterans who have reached the age of 80 years is offset by a pension. The government always ensures a stable financial position for its citizens, and annual bonuses to the index:

  • Pensioners, who during his long life, passed the Great Patriotic war and become disabled, receive a salary in the amount of 4795 rubles;
  • If the pensioner no disability group, the payout is 3595 rubles;
  • Citizens who were in concentration camps, receive financial assistance in the amount of 4795 rubles;
  • There have been cases when military retirees voluntarily took an active part in other wars, these citizens deserve the legal pension Supplement in the amount of 2638 rubles.

All amounts listed above, when the citizen of eighty years of age will increase by five and a half percent.

In conclusion

All Russian citizens older than 80 years, according to Federal law, must receive additional cash payments, the supplementary pension. The bonus is calculated depending on length of service, wages and special circumstances (experience in the far North, mother of many children, military, disabled). The minimum charge is 4823,35 rubles.

pension increase after 80

The Minimum amount of charges for those caring for a pensioner, is 1200 rubles. Relatives or cohabitants of a pensioner who has attained eighty years of age, are not entitled to receive additional payments. When making a guardianship will need the following documents: copy of employment record, a passport and a certificate from the employment center.

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