A Buk missile: the firing range. Tactical and technical characteristics of the Buk missile system


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Today we will focus on such weapons as missiles "Beech". This article has nothing to do with politics, therefore we will consider the purely technical side of the issue. We will try to understand, what is this army self-propelled antiaircraft missile complex and get acquainted with its performance characteristics, range, in short, with all his abilities. So, we have to install "Beech".

Start of history

setting beech

First you need to determine the purpose of the installation. It is to destroy aerodynamic targets flying at medium and low altitudes with speeds up to 830 m/sec, maneuvering with a 12-unit overloads and at ranges up to 30 kilometers. In accordance with the well-known Decree of the USSR and the CPSU Central Committee of January 13, 1972 and started its development. Involved in this group, developers and manufacturers involved earlier in the creation of SAM “Cube”. Along with this has set the development of a complex M-22, called "Hurricane" for the Navy using rocket, fully compatible with "Buk".


As a developer have been identified: scientific research Institute of instrument engineering, as well as research and development Association having the name "Fazotron". Rastov AA was appointed chief designer of the complex. Pre-loading the installation was created in machine-building KB "Start", the head of which was Askin A. I. Tracked chassis, unified for complex machines, developed the Mytishchi machine-building plant, which was headed by N. Astrov. A. 9M38 Missiles instructed to develop Sverdlovsk ICB "Innovator". Station detection and, of course, targeting the "Dome" created in the research Institute of measuring and precision instruments of the Ministry of radio. To install the "Beech" could fully function, was developed a set of tools, service and technical support on a truck chassis. The completion of the preparatory phase was planned for the second quarter of 1975.


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Buk missile system

Change of plans

With the USSR CM Resolution and the CPSU Central Committee of may 22, 1974, in view of the need for early strengthening of air defense armored divisions with increasing regiments "Cube", which consists of these divisions, prescribed create complex "Beech" in two stages. In the first place it was necessary to rapidly develop a managed anti-aircraft missiles and self-propelled fire installation, which could launch missiles 9M38 and 3М9М3 existing complex "KUB-M3". Later on this database was to create a "Beech" missile system of new generation. In September of 1974 to ensure its participation in joint trials. But, regardless of this, earlier appointed terms have been fully complied with.

Self-propelled Fire installation 9А38

It is mounted on the chassis GM-569, and it is in one unit it combines the functions of a self-propelled PU and PRMS, which was used in "KUB-M3". The set-up 9А38 provide quality search in a given sector, carried out the detection and subsequent capture of targets for automatic tracking. It also solved the problem before start, start-up and three homing missiles, which were located on it and the other three 3М9М3-guided missiles from mating with her PU 2П25М3. BukFire installation could operate from PRMS. Her weight-34 tons. Was SAM "Beech" from: radar 9с35; computing digital system; optical-television sight; the device start with the power servo drive; radar ground interrogator who works in the system Password; of hardware SPU and PRMS; gas turbine generator; equipment orientation, topographic binding and navigation; life-support systems.

Function radar 9С35

To this time there has been significant progress in terms of creating a quartz and Electromechanical filters, microwave devices, digital computing machines that allowed a radar 9С35 included in the complex "Beech", to integrate the functions of the stations of the illumination, detection and tracking. It used two transmitters-continuous and pulsed radiation, she had worked in the centimeter wave range. One transmitter was detected and was accompanied by the goal, the other – highlighted the purpose and guided anti-aircraft missiles. installation beech photoAntenna system carried out the search sectors, the Electromechanical method of processing received signals performed by the Central computer. Transit time 9С35, part of SAM "Beech", from standby mode in combat was less than twenty seconds. Target velocity is determined with an accuracy of +10 to -20 m/s, which ensured their stay in the animated state. Possible errors: the standard when measuring the angular coordinates was 0.5 d. u., maximum range – 175 meters. The station was protected from all active, and combined passive noise.

Anti-aircraft missile 9M38

In this rocket, which is part of SAM "Beech", was used dual-mode solid propellant motor. Due to the complexity of processing abandoned the use of the ramjet. Besides, he had a lot of resistance on some, mainly passive parts of the trajectory and at a high angle of attack was erratic in operation. For these reasons, have been thwarted time creating SAM "Cube". Scheme of the rocket was normal, standard, X-shaped, with a wing of small aspect ratio. At first sight, its appearance resembled a ship's anti-aircraft missiles families "Tartar" and "Standard" made in the USA, which was in line with the above size limitation for the Soviet Navy. range of fire installation BukIn front of the 9M38 housed equipment autopilot, semi-active GMN, warhead and nutrition. The rocket was not parts, separating in flight, its length-5.5 meters, diameter-400 mm, tail swing – 860 millimeters. It was equipped with a homing head, which had a control system combination, using the proportional navigation. "Beech" missile system with this rocket, could hit targets flying at altitudes from 25 meters up to 20,000 and range from three and a half to 32 kilometers, the speed of it – 1000 m/sec. The missile had a weight of 685 kg, including 70 kg warhead.

Testing the installation "Beech"

The Installation of "Beech" from August 1975 until the end of October, 1976, passed the state tests. They were directed by Bembas PS, and they were conducted on-site Abinskogo polygon. As you can see, the installation of "Beech" (photo of it is presented in the survey) consisted of: PRMS 1С91М3, fire installation 9А38, anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M38 and 3М9М3, self-propelled PU 2П25М3 and machinery maintenance. The result was some amendments: the detection range of helicopters to 21-35 kilometers at low altitudes, planes – 32-41 km. beech installation specificationsThe launch Time of the rocket from the moment of discovery was 24-27 seconds. The time of charging and discharging-nine minutes. Lose aircraft missile 9M38 were provided: - range of 3.5-20.5 km - at an altitude of over 3000 meters, 5-15,5 km with a height of 30 meters. The affected area coursework option was 18.5 km in height-from 30 m up to 14.5 km and the Probability of fire damage - 0,70-0,93 at the launch of a rocket. In 1978 the installation of “CBO-1” ("KUB-M4") was adopted.

Characteristics "Beech", command post

We learned a lot of details about the weapons. It's time to group the most basic thing in one place. So, we have complex "Beech". The characteristics of his weapons next. 9С470 - command post, mounted on the GM-579 - provided mapping, receiving and processing all data coming from the station, targeting and detection, as well as six 9A310 - firing self-propelled. anti-aircraft system BukHe oversaw the selection of the desired threat targets and their proper distribution in manual and automatic modes between self-propelled firing installations, carried out the job they are responsible sectors and many other important activities. Complex "Beech", thanks to CP, works fine when using missiles against radar and the interference noise. The command post can handle 46 goals at a height of 20 000 m in a zone that has a radius of 100 000 m. were Issued up to six parameters in a single cycle station. 28 tons – weight of the CP, given a crew of six.

Targeting and discovery Dome

We Continue the conversation about what constitutes the installation of "Beech". Features "Dome” – the next stage of its consideration. This station has an electronic beam scanning in elevation in the 30-40 degree sector with the mechanical rotation of the antenna for a given azimuth. Desi...

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