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The realization of the right – this is nothing but its manifestation in social relations and people's lives. Its impact on society in many ways. The form of the right variety. Their specificity is to understand in detail.

The Implementation of the law: the concept and forms

The content of the existing rules is very important as it is on this basis created in the country or the democratic legal order, or a totalitarian regime. Than the first differ from the second? It's safe to say that the main difference is that in a democratic regime norms contained in the law, do work, and to close our eyes to their existence is not even higher authorities. Under the totalitarian regime of the rule of law in some cases exist only on paper, that is, their implementation does not occur.

The Legal effect of any social relations can be expressed in different ways. Often this effect is related to ideology, morality, politics.

The Implementation of rules – ways of implementing the right. The form of the right variety. Most often these include:

- the observance of interdictions;

- the performance of the obligations;

- the application of the law;

- use rights.

One or another form of realization of the right does not have to be associated with voluntary actions of the parties involved, however, the implementation is only possible through these steps.

Legal system functions, and as a result of this action appears in the rule of law, which means that citizens are free to exercise their freedoms and rights, comply with existing prohibitions. It also means that people are able to acquire the rights, and the violation of existing norms is punishable by mandatory sanctions, which emanate from the state.


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

Sick Pay provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular TC and FZ No. 255. In addition, some rules are governed by the provisions of the civil code. Any employee upon the occurrence of a certain disease should contact a health f...

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employers perceive the order of certification of employees as a formality. Regulations intended for commercial organizations, were not issued. Certification is required only for employees of the organizations designated in the laws of the spheres, le...

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Every person who buys a car needs to do its registration in the traffic police. It is necessary when purchasing new or used cars, as well as no matter whether the seller of natural persons or legal entities. Check the vehicle is in the traffic police...

The Above are the form of the right. The application rights – is one of them. It is based on the decision of special authorized bodies or official persons, as well as on the adoption of specific solutions, are able to determine the legal significance of the circumstances.

The application of the law has two stages. It all starts with studying the business and choosing the rules that can regulate desired public relations – sometimes referred to as legal qualifications. The next stage is interpretation of the text (the text of the normative act). Interpretation – clarification of the meaning.

Will Consider other forms of implementation of law. Compliance understand such implementation, in which individuals do not commit those actions which are prohibited by law. Today, there are administrative, criminal and many other prohibitions.

The use of understand the use of a persons subjective rights granted to them. Note that they are presented in the form of entitlements and permissions. The subject implements the discretion in the way he wants. As an example, you can call the visitation of certain institutions, the work under an employment contract, buying or selling anything.

Execution rights associated with the discharge of individuals duties. In this case, the subject performs the actions provided for in the Treaty or the corresponding provision of law. Executed can be recognized by only the charge which was made against established parties in full and within the prescribed time. For dereliction of duty followed by certain sanctions, which can be quite serious. People have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities. Basically this uses all kinds of instruments. They are, as a rule, indicates not only that the duty should be performed, but that they must be performed efficiently (for example, for the poor tailoring a suit, the contractor may get nothing).

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