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Executive documents in Executive procedure ensure the enforcement of judicial decisions. In current legislation there is no comprehensive definition of such securities. Standards are set, their characteristics and peculiarities, rules for submission and some other nuances. Next, consider in detail what constitutes the Executive documents. Executive document

General characteristics

Analyzing the rules of law regulating the enforcement proceedings, it is possible to give a General definition of The Executive document. This paper instructing to commit or not to commit a certain action. Issued a document by the competent authority in the prescribed manner and subject to enforcement.

Executive document – act, composed in a certain form. A key feature is the presence of the power requirements for compulsory execution.


It Should be noted that Executive document – paper, having independent legal significance. During the proceedings the reasons for its issuance not play any role. Executive document – the only mandatory basis for the commencement of compulsory execution of the debtor's obligations.


In accordance with article 12 of Federal law No. 229, Executive documents include:

  1. Writ.
  2. Writ (IL) issued by the bankruptcy court and the court of General jurisdiction on the basis of acts adopted by them.
  3. Notarized agreement (copy) on payment of the alimony.
  4. The Certificate issued by the Commission on labor disputes.
  5. Acts of control bodies to recover from the debtor's funds. Executive production opened in the presence of extracts from a Bank or another credit institution that account for partial/full default requirements in the absence of the sums needed for R/C.
  6. Executive judicial documents and other bodies and their officials in administrative matters.
  7. The Resolution of a bailiff.

Needless to say, the above list is not considered closed. Executive document may be the act of the other bodies if it is established by regulatory legal acts of Federal level. So, the fundamentals of legislation on notaries in Chapter XVI include the Institute of notarial inscriptions made in the documents establishing the monetary obligation. The recovery on them is carried out according to the rules provided for the execution of court decisions. the Executive documents of the court


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Not recognized by the Executive documents of the Ordinance:

  • Imposing a fine, the collection of which is carried out on the offense;
  • Warning;
  • Compensated seizure of the thing;
  • Deprivation of special. law;
  • The arrest;
  • Community service.

Requirements for the content

They are fixed in the Federal law № 229. The Executive documents of the court or other authorized their of on results should contain:

  1. Name of structure, name the officials who drafted the document.
  2. The name of the case or materials on the basis of which is given IL their details.
  3. Dates of adoption and entry into force of a court decision or an act of another authorized body.
  4. Information about the debtor and the creditor. Information about citizens specify their name, surname, address of residence/stay, year, place of birth, place of work (if known); about the organizations – the name, legal address; the subject of the Russian Federation, MO or the Russian Federation – the name and address of the structure, authorized on their behalf to incur obligations and to realize the rights in the framework of enforcement proceedings.
  5. The Operative part of the resolution containing the requirement on imposing on the debtor's relevant obligations.
  6. Date the document was issued.


They allowed in accordance with article 13 of the Federal law № 229. Normal provision for the possibility of derogations from the above requirements in respect of the decision of an employee of the Federal bailiff service, judicial orders, and the agreements on payment of alimony, certified by a notary public.

In some cases, allowed the inclusion of additional information in the act. For example, in The Executive document on collecting of money Funds may be the date on which to start implementation of the requirements. This is possible if prior to its issuance to the debtor has been granted a deferment/installment debt. the Executive document on collecting

Presentation of Executive documents

SLUDGE is sent to the FSSP directly by the claimant or his agent, empowered, unless otherwise provided by law. The Executive document should make a statement. However, this rule provides for the exception.

No statements may be the production aimed at the execution of the decision of the bailiff for the recovery of expenses incurred in connection with the Commission of Executive actions, fees and fines imputed to the employees in accordance with rules of order.

The Application may contain a request for application of interim measures. For example, the creditor may request the seizure of property of the debtor, to establish the limitations of the Federal law № 229.  the Executive document in Executive proceedings

Terms of execution of Executive documents

They can be standard and individual. First incorporated into legislation. Individual terms are defined or in the instrument or act on the basis of which it was issued.

According to the General rules, IL, issued on the basis of the court's judgments may be subject to execution within three years. The calculation starts from the date of entry of the act into effect.

IL containing requirements for the return of the child, illegally detained or displaced in the Russian Federation, can be submitted for execution during the year. The calculation is also carried out from the date the court decision comes into force. filing writs of executionThe IL on the recovery of periodical payments, can be executed during the period for which the amounts were awarded. In addition, provisions contained in them can be implemented for three years after its expiration.

To fulfill the requirements of licences issued by the Commission on labour disputes, are executed within three months from the date of issuance.

The Timing of execution of documents not stipulated by article 21 of the Federal law № 229, are determined in accordance with the provisions of other Federal laws.

Delay/installment payment

If the debtor relief provided for in the court order or Federal law, during the period for filing IL execution starts after the end date of the installment/deferral. This rule does not apply to the documents concerning the recovery of a fine, imputed the Commission of a crime.

Automated accounting system

It says in the article 6.1 of the Federal law № 229. According to the standard, FSSP generates and maintains The Bank of Executive documents.

The system database contains the information necessary to implement enforce the provisions of acts of courts and other bodies and their employees.

Rules for creating and maintaining a database approved by order of the chief bailiff of the Russian Federation. Bank of Executive documentsThe Public is information on:

  1. The Date of adoption of the act under which issued IL.
  2. The Form and requisites of the Executive document, the name of the issuing authority.
  3. The Date and the number of enforcement proceedings.
  4. The Name of the debtor-organization, its legal address or name of the citizen, the place and date of birth.
  5. The Requirements contained in the writ. Exception to requirements of the present documents issued on the basis of judicial decisions, the text of which is not subject to publication on the Internet in accordance with the norms of Russian law, as well as data about the recipient.
  6. The Amount of debt outstanding.
  7. The Name and address of the office of the Federal bailiff service, a leading Executive production.
  8. The Declaration of the debtor's property, child wanted. In the latter case contain the full name of the minor and the year of birth.
  9. Return the SLUDGE to the claimant on the grounds enshrined in the 3rd and 4th paragraphs of part 1 of article 46 of the Federal law № 229, or about the end of production for reasons specified in paragraphs 6, 7 of part 1 of article 47.


The Information above should be considered publicly available prior to the date of completion (termination) of production. The exception is information about the announcement in search of the child, of the debtor or its property. They remain available to the public before the discovery of material values or specified citizens. terms of execution of Executive documentsFor three years access to the information on the return of the SLUDGE collector and the end of production.

The interagency task teams whose...

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