SDA, circular motion. Who's in charge? How to determine the priority


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Learning to drive on the track and around the house, leaving all in the way with hope for a safe and comfortable movement on the roads. But without knowledge of traffic rules is almost impossible, especially at intersections.

SDA circular movement who home

The First thing you have to determine in a real way, quickly and accurately: who's in charge, who has a priority on what road, and then immediately assess their rights on the direction, speed and motion.

SDA: circular motion. Who's in charge

The Rules of the road say that the roundabout is practically no different from any other junction.

The Crossroads of traffic rules pay attention to, but their value is equivalent to straight sections of roads and different variants of rounding on them. Instructors often say that if you look at the top and straighten it, it will still be the same straight road with twists and turns.

From any point of view that is the road signs that change the state of the priorities of road users are important in any way. Especially spelled out in the SDA circular motion. Who's in charge, is determined by road signs 4.3, 2.4, 2.5, plate 8.13.

SDA circular motion who is the main new rules

Not so much need to know to correctly:

  • To enter the circle;
  • To drive through it (and this is again a straight road);
  • Leave the circle in the desired direction.

The simplest and first rule: to move from the right lane to the far right, unless signs or road markings do not indicate otherwise. Only move in your lane and time to show only a right turn. On the circle only to rebuild the lane to the left need to show a left turn. Only from the right lane with a right turn to leave the circle if the signs and road markings don't define a different version of the movement.


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SDA circular motion who is the main new rules

On a particularly dangerous sections of roadway traffic signs will appear - this is another confirmation that two important concepts in the SDA: "circular motion", "who's in charge", the emphasis is on the latter.


As a General rule, the intersection is the intersection of two roads. When one of them home, the question of priority is obvious. When they cross equally, priority is given by the standard formula: "the right of interference, and she is always right." The presence of road signs changes the priority.

The PDP move in a circle when it is a circular intersection, is determined by the sign 4.3 "Circular motion". At this intersection there is always an island, and the impossible. And the road, and the ring may have several bands.

As a General rule, the entrance to the circular motion occurs only to the right only from an extreme right strip of road in the far right lane of the ring. Road markings can specify other options for movement.

Typically, before a circular intersection sign 8.13 set "the Direction of the main road" and signs 2.4 and 2.5.

PPD move in a circle

Thus, in the vast majority of cases to be mistaken with the definition of priority is difficult as traffic movement on the ring regulate in full. Despite this, there are many nuances.

Psychological aspects of the priority

Traffic on the usual route rarely causes difficulties, however, as in any other situation, there's always a chance to be faced with a difficult choice. The road, as the aircraft, like an ocean ship, like any other massive structure, is fraught with a cruel force of nature - she does not forgive mistakes, but the options safe driving provides is always sufficient.

You should Never rely on the fact that all road users are in a balanced state, not only have good knowledge of traffic regulations, but intend to follow them. “Exit” to the conflict, and not on the road - today is too often a problem.

directions circular motion

So it is always important to know, as described in the traffic circular motion. Who's in charge? The new rules clearly tell. That's just old habits that are too strong have experienced drivers to this day, can be a problem for the beginner, caught right, especially in a difficult situation on the ring.

Choosing the route, determining the behavior of other traffic participants, should strictly follow the rules and expect that others do the same, but we should never lose sight of the probability of occurrence of an emergency situation.

The Definition of priority in any business in humans rarely causes difficulties. Here time to make the right decision is rarely necessary. On the road the scale of values becomes on the wheel, and everything changes substantially.

Strange roundabout

The roundabout is not something special compared to other options of crossing roads, but it never hurts to be vigilant and determine the correct priority.

entrance to the circular motion

A circle is difficult to notice here the entry (and not passing) on the circular motion is in a straight line. Not always it is made in the form of a circle. Various touch options are found in the most unexpected place. It is therefore very important to carefully follow the signs.

Entry to roundabout

On the road you need to take into account all the nuances. To safely and comfortable to perform travel in a circular motion, first of all, you need to pay attention to road signs before the intersection. If there is only a road sign 4.3, it is best to choose the right strip, show the right turn, make sure that the machines on the circle remember that they have a priority right of interference, and boldly to enter. But as soon as the vehicle in a circle, equal rights for all until the first intersection, which will is the one who is right.

If the sign added 4.3 2.4 or 2.5, you will have to give way or stop altogether.

If the road before the intersection and it is divided into lanes, a road marking or hang special regulation signs, should define the priority and actions considering that.


You should Never forget that traffic movement on the ring is defined as the movement along a straight road. When you rebuild the lane to the left need to show the turn lane to the right, too, but the right Blinker does not give any right to turn right if the machine is on the second page. Even if the second lane road marking to allow right turn, you should make sure that the right car will not go straight.

traffic rules in the ring

An Important point: rules of the road on the ring require to be mindful of where starts and ends the main road. In cases where this is important, each entry is appropriate plaques 8.13 defining the direction of the main road.

Leaving the crossroads

As a General rule, it starts showing a right turn, the right lane into the right lane. If there are indications of signs and markings and no right of interference, it is possible to rotate with the second and even the third strip. Although the third, fourth or more stripes on the ring intended for other purposes.

traffic movement on the ring

All rebuilding on the strips inside the ring is similar to movement on a straight road subject to those things (usually only applies to the right lane), which imposes priority to drivers entering the ring in the place where they have the main road.

Before you leave the ring not on the right band, you need to be absolutely sure that the right is not moving there is no obstacle directly.

Bon voyage!

Know the rules and abide by them is important and necessary, but after 2010 it is advisable to read the section in the PDD "Circular motion". Who's in charge on the ring, painted the rules. This is just one paragraph, but many experienced drivers may habitually go like in the good old days, and this is the creation of an emergency situation.

Not Only should be based. The road is the road, and not in a circular motion here, and certainly not in the new changes in the rules.

Traffic rules you need to know and apply correctly, you need to go gently and carefully, to prioritize. Then the path will be safe and comfortable, and passengers and goods will be delivered to the right spot at the right time.


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