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A Directive of the Ministry of defense, which establishes a ban on the visit of police officers abroad. Earlier, Russian security forces were not forced to stay at home, but they were recommended to refrain from trips abroad. At the moment the restriction on departure of police officers abroad presented in the required form. Many analysts believe that, perhaps, the inconvenience will only be more difficult.

police ban to travel abroad

The Rules of leaving the country for military personnel

Article 2 of the law of 15.08.1996 N 114-FZ stipulates that the citizen of the Russian Federation is not entitled to limit the possibility of going abroad, except in the cases provided for by this resolution. After reviewing the main points, you can accurately determine whether a specific person to leave the country, or is it right absent.

There are certain regulations that restrict travel of police officers abroad. They all have a rationale, so to read them must:

  1. Getting access to confidential materials and state secrets. Classified this information in the view of the law "On state secrets". Sometimes under this law covers police officers travel abroad are limited to at the conclusion of the employment contract, that is, in his terms already spelled out this limitation. This is only possible provided that the restriction on travel abroad apply for more than 5 years from the day the person received access to classified materials and was familiar with them. The restriction is imposed for the period until the person uses the information and they can be of value to independent persons, but no longer than the specified period.
  2. Military or civil service, with an alternative value. These actions should be carried out according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. This limitation applies to the period of alternative civil service or military service will be completely finished.
  3. Government service or ongoing work in the FSB. The restriction comes into force after signing of the contract and are cancelled only after its completion or termination.

travel abroad police


Calculation and payment of sick leave

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Additional provisions

In some cases, the Interministerial Commission decides that a state secret has not lost its value in terms of risk disclosure and the importance of specific information. In this case, can prevent the visit of police officers abroad for a certain time, that is, to extend the deadline. Data edits in the contract. The total period of restriction, which is not interrupted by the possibility of exit, shall be not more than 10 years, while it includes years limited labor contract.

Features of the ban on leaving the country

Typically, bans on travel abroad are solely related to the employees relevant to law enforcement agencies, namely:

  1. FSB.
  2. In cases where a citizen, while not necessarily an employee of the security Agency, had access to certain classified documents, which may fall under the classification of state secrets. This limitation is valid only in the case that is relevant to provisions in the signed employment agreement.
  3. Citizen, which is due to mandatory military conscription.

The restriction of leaving the country the passport is placed in the public authority who was involved in its design and results. In any case, the military have difficulty leaving the country, and the fact complicated border crossing of the Russian Federation they shall be notified at registration of the employment contract or receipt of the service.

Protection of state secrets

The Department of internal Affairs reglementary the restriction on travel abroad. The police are limited by the need to protect important state secrets. The prohibitions on travel abroad subject to many staff that are on duty have access to important information. A direct ban is not set, but there are recommendations, forbidding people to travel abroad. Police and military personnel are subject to this.

The analysis of the awareness of a specific employee, that is, the level of access to information of a certain degree of secrecy, the authorities can make a decision that concerns the possibility of his departure abroad the Russian Federation. Sometimes a particular police officer has the right to obtain access to secret files, but in the process he did not use them, and thus, may leave the country, as it is not able to disclose a state secret.

If an important degree of secrecy, its delimit into three categories

  • Very secret and important information. This is 1 form of permit for which you need insurance for travel abroad. This aspect concerns the upper management of various departments, heads of Department. So prescribed the ban of the police for border.
  • Information that is considered top secret, protected, however examine them, many operational workers, so access to this information is protected by the 2nd form of tolerance.
  • Classified information, who have the rights to use each employee to order their own service. Thisinformation is protected in form 3.

The Refusal to travel abroad can obtain people that are relevant to the information protected at 1 and 2 form of permit, and 3 form has no restrictions in this matter. So the article argues for the ban of the police for the border.

The Second level of access have the various staff agencies and the FSB, it should be remembered that things are top secret can make out and regular investigators, which limits the travel of employees of the interior Ministry abroad. All the restrictions relate to those people who are carriers of information about the state secret. Those who are involved in it has not been and does not know the secret information, the prohibition of departure are not covered.

police may go abroad

Employee Safety

Russian security officials have restricted travel out of the country after the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation determined that it is undesirable to allow to leave to employees in those countries where the US signed an extradition Treaty. All citizens of Russia, who took a trip in these countries cannot be considered protected by domestic legislation. The leadership of the security agencies of this warning made by order, so all employees were forced to take the issued a passport. This order is based solely on the safety of employees and the right to leave them remains, but at present the government recommends to refrain from it. So prohibits police from traveling abroad.

police opened travel abroad

Regulation of departure of the security forces for the border

Manual, which prescribes the movement of security forces and their eventual departure, provides that the military may be limited this right for a specified period or for all time when the relevant employment contract. If the civilians had signed an employment contract with the Ministry of defence, they can also fall under this prohibition, therefore, need insurance for trips abroad.

Police opened abroad. To obtain permission to leave the military, they should be clearly regulated procedure and collect certain documents. Should submit a report or statement, completed clearly modeled on the head of the specific control.

There are exceptions which addressed the need to travel abroad because of a serious illness of a particular relative or his death, and also associated with the need for separate treatment in another country. The chief takes a decision, which subsequently familiarize the employee who submitted the application. The certificate, which must provide the personnel Department. As indicated by the arrest of police officers abroad.

the arrest of police officers over the border

Features of compilation and reference application

Help employees indicate whether the right particular person to leave the country, or he refused. From the officials ' decisions depend on future actions of the employee. So, the police might travel abroad. If a person has received a positive response, he should be sent to the personnel Department in order to present the issued certificate. There will give him a passport after you receive the opportunity to freely travel outside of the country. So decided the ban of the police to go abroad.

Issuance of passport

A Passport is an employee in the personnel Department and may be issued only upon presentation of permits governing the right to leave the country. This is determined by the departure of police personnel abroad. If the soldiers or citizens of the state are relevant to the Ministry of the interior, the design of the passport they held, with the participation of the above reference. Sometimes a soldier there is a need for finding abroad more than 15 days or there are exceptional reasons that reglamentary his stay outside the country. In these cases the chief officer may grant him permission to cross the border only after consultation with senior management.

Difficulties in crossing the border

Police were allowed to travel abroad. Military personnel and other employees, have access to top secret, can obtain a passport in the personnel Department, but have to return it back after 5 days after receipt. These workers have difficulties getting help for traveling abroad, because their activities are subject to various regulations that protect state secrets. So regulated by The departure of police officers abroad.

If the person has received permission to travel abroad, after returning from another country, they are forced to surrender passport to the personnel Department and then make a detailed report about the features of your stay in another country. This document is provided for review to senior management.

Sometimes, the departure of high-level management permission is required even more senior commanders, and for crossing the border other employees need their treatment to the authorities. If access to classified information for employees was carried out according to the second form when his unwanted departure, crossing the border will be the most difficult action possibleonly in exceptional cases.


Ordinary citizens of Russia, not related to the state secret, are free to cross the border in accordance with the generally accepted rules. For employees pravoohranitelnyh bodies this process complicated, as they often get permission for the data having a large state value.

He Released the document, which limits the right of members of the military forces of Russia to leave the country's borders. Considerable restrictions have been many groups, in particular, such persons:

  1. Officials in the interior Ministry, including a full range of positions.
  2. People who are members of the migration service of the Russian Federation.
  3. Priceslasuna to the Department responsible for combating drug trafficking.
  4. Controls the process of implementation of punishments.
  5. Individuals priceslasuna to the Ministry of defence.

Features visa requirements

A Visa is not free to get those who has any relation to the mystery of national importance. There is also a separate limiting list, which includes all of the country, permitted to the citizens consisting on the military service. The list of States was compiled on the basis of the overall political situation in the international arena.

visit of police officers abroad

The Ministry of internal Affairs interfered with its employees in the possibility of a foreign holiday, as under the ban to travel has got even neighboring countries. Some individuals, for a specified period becomes to travel abroad. Such restrictions are taken primarily to ensure the security and safety of the employees themselves. There are recommendations in which presented the request to all police officers to refrain from traveling to some countries. These restrictions and prohibitions apply to virtually all military, so orders received wide publicity.

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