What does the yellow markings on the road in traffic?


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Every vehicle driver have to remember which marks are to comply with the rules on the roads, their compliance with traffic rules, certain Standards, including. There are also yellow markings on the road. What does the line on the pavement? It helps to focus on the way in the dark, used with other signs. Lines on a road, there are three colors: yellow, white, orange. The latter is used as a temporary marking, usually when doing repair work.

Yellow markings on the road what do you mean

The Function of road markings: informs about the approaching traffic signs, dangerous sections of road, separates lanes of traffic, in addition to the requirements of road signs. Consider, what does the yellow markings on the road in traffic.

The Horizontal line is a separator for streams of traffic moving in opposite directions with two or three strips, and delimiter areas of roadway, entry is prohibited. Horizontal partitioning is used in Parking lots. Cross it is prohibited.

Marking yellow

Not all motorists give the right answers to the exams, answering the question, what does the yellow markings on the road. Many people take it for temporary but it is permanent and acts as a kind of horizontal.

Typically yellow line represents the reference point for taxis and other passenger transport. She also can be seen in the field of sewage or covers. Some parts of her are equipped with special reflectors.

Solid line

Solid yellow marking along the road divides transport streams of opposite directions, means threat the boundaries of the movement, the border roads, the entrance to which is forbidden. It marks the end of the Parking lot.


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Yellow markings on the road which means traffic

It is forbidden to Cross, but only to stop the vehicle at the roadside, leaving in permitted areas with the purpose of Parking or stopping.

Consider what does yellow markings on the road. Solid is usually combined with the appropriate sign. It is applied along the borders, roadsides at a distance of 20 cm on the edge of the roadway and prohibited bus stops, prohibiting duplicates the stop sign.

Yellow markings on the road what do you mean

The Double solid line acts as a delimiter transport streams of opposite directions in four or more lanes. The intersection of the markings is prohibited.


Intermittent line indicates the edge of the carriageway two-lane roads. When marking with long strokes two times in short periods of overtaking vehicles is permitted.

The Appropriate sign and dashed yellow markings on the road mean that Parking in such areas is prohibited, but is allowed to stop or unload. The line can be at the edge of the road, to be marked on the curb. Similar markings on country roads prevents a stop in the area marked, and a violation of the rule will be regarded as a movement at the roadside.

Intermittent also shows the boundaries of the bands if you have them two or more in one direction separates traffic flow in different directions, where there are two or three lanes.

Intermittent stroke length which is three times higher gaps is a warning about approaching a solid markup.

Intermittent with touches of equal size to the spaces between them, means movement at the intersection.

Many intermittent is applied to the intersections, intersections of roads, area bus stops. Double discontinuous on boundaries of lanes, applying the reversible regulation of the transport streams separated in the opposite direction (with void reverse lights).

Yellow intermittent marking on the road what do you mean

Yellow intermittent means the prohibition of the Parking lot, duplicating the prohibitory sign, is applied at the edge of the roadway, on the top of the curb. Permitted bus stop for five minutes or more for landing/disembarkation of passengers and unloading of transport.


This kind of markup would mean permission to taxi stop, other modes of transport – ban. An exception may be the landing of the passengers, but if you have free space and no interference routing transport. To make it turn impossible.

Zigzag markings are applied at the edge of the roadway, and also middle of the road, if we are talking about the tram. Depending on its length at the same time will be able to stop one or more vehicles. Failure to comply with the rules established in connection with a dashed line, will face the driver filing penalties.

Yellow marking along the road

Other kinds of lines:

  • Combination: separates traffic flow of opposite, associated areas, if rebuilding this markup is allowed from one of the bands. The intersection is only allowed for the intermittent part. Thus marked the turning space, entry and exit from Parking.
  • Stop line: used to specify where the mandatory stop at the intersection, requires to give way. The plot is a mandatory stop with a simultaneous prohibition signal of a traffic light is installed withsign prohibition traffic without stopping on railway crossings.

Requirements for drawing lines

On the territory of the Russian Federation yellow marking at the center of the road can be caused by any materials which meet the requirements: paint, thermoplastic, polymeric strips, not projecting more than 6 mm above the road surface. GOST sets the coefficient of traction (25%), and the period of durability of the coloring material (from 6 months).

Yellow marking on the road center

On the roads of all categories, the markup is applied on cleaned from old paint surface. In the absence of artificial lighting on the road line should be printed with reflective substances.


Motorists should understand the purpose of the yellow markings on the road and that means its application. Otherwise, the vehicle is not parked in the designated place, according to rules of traffic regulations may be towed and taken to the Parking lot.


  • At the crossroads along the curb line outside of the village there is a penalty in the amount of 1500 rubles;
  • For violating the limits of the village also relies fine of 1500 roubles for inhabitants of regions (3,000 rubles for Moscow residents);
  • Parking in a yellow zone marking involves evacuation to the impound lot without the consent of the owner of the car, payment of a fine for violation (for being on the Parking is forbidden).

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