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Osteoarthritis is a disease that is common among citizens not so rare. Now it's detected even in young people. Take the army with osteochondrosis? Or you can not worry about the performance of military duty? To understand this need every recruit. There are so-called categories of life. They indicate the health of the citizen. What can you say about the ability to service and also on how low back pain interferes with the performance of military duties?take the army with osteochondrosis

Description of the disease

To start is to understand what kind of disease it is. Understanding how the disease is serious, will help to judge the suitability of the citizen to the service. In Russia, only healthy citizens are drafted into the army. You can serve citizens with minor injuries and illnesses.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the spine that is most often found in people under 30 years. A kind of the offset discs of the spine. Over time, swelling of the limbs and pain. The disease in the early stages does not bear any significant risk. Therefore, citizens are interested in, take the army with degenerative disc disease.

Initial stage

The First thing you should pay attention to is at what stage of the disease. This is an important point. Because osteochondrosis, as already mentioned, at the initial stage is not dangerous. Many do not even know that they have a similar disease.

Take to the army with osteochondrosis? When it comes to the early stages of the disease, in which no serious displacement of intervertebral disc, then the service will take. True, assign a special category of validity. Or rather, the one that many people want to see in the military card. We are talking about category. Read more about it later.list of diseases


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Accordingly, the initial stage of the disease is not a contraindication for service in the armed forces of the country. Citizens with a similar illness would be in the army the General rule with those who have no diseases, and other citizens fitness categories.

Serious problems

Should pay attention to the fact that when a "running" stages of degenerative disc disease the issue of komissovanie or the assignment of the category of unfitness of the citizen to the service, is handled individually. Named disease occurring without significant symptoms, is not an indicator for military service. But it's not as easy as it seems.

Take to the army with osteochondrosis? At serious stages of the disease - no. But for this to be removed 3 sections of the vertebrae. Or severely deformed spine. And in the back there should be a strong regular pains.

If the citizen was drafted into the army and there arose such complications, the young man commissions. And military ID issued in the prescribed form. In fact, it will be assumed that the citizen has served the allotted time. While in the military card will indicate that the person is the reserve. And the reason for sending home also is prescribed.category in the military card what do you mean


Low back pain and the army - things are compatible. But not always. Sometimes when there is disease of moderate severity you can get a small respite from service. Usually it is granted for a year. Next, you will have to go through the Commission again. If the diagnosis is confirmed, no improvement is observed, the citizen again gets time on the treatment of the disease. Because low back pain can be cured. Problematic, but to make it possible.

In some situations you can even wait until the end of military age with some delays. And then, as a rule, the citizen will be issued a military card with a mark that the former recruit was low back pain. All officially honestly. Accordingly, the question of whether to hire them into the army with osteochondrosis, is handled individually. But, as practice shows, often the disease is not a hindrance to the call.

The Reality and the promise

What they say the recruits about the studied disease? Is it possible not to serve in the presence of degenerative disc disease? Serious forms of the disease do not occur very often. They usually take place closer to 30 years. So in 18 years it is unlikely that the citizen will suffer from severe back pain. Accordingly, the call can never be overturned.

Many recruits suggest that in fact low back pain "otkosit" from army will not work. The military often do not consider the disease as a serious illness. Exactly the same as gastritis. Accordingly, to encourage citizens will be. But in the case of serious complications, as has been said, will be put komissovanie.low back pain and the army

Cervical osteochondrosis

But that's just what to do with his back. There is such a thing as cervical osteochondrosis. Not such a common disease, but it still occurs in practice. Typically, for a given ailment displacement cervical not bring discomfort. Occurs fracture of the pedicles of the vertebra, which then can incorrectly grow together. But again, no visible signs of such a disease delivers.

Take to the army with osteochondrosis of the cervical? Yes. But, as in the case of vertebrates, when observed serious pain or offsets can hope for a reprieve from the army komissovanie or full exemption from service. During the call-set date.

Define categories of life

But now you can think about this paragraph as of the date. This is a very important thing, which should know every recruit. What is generally called the fitness categories?

Each inductee has its own characteristics of health and disease. A perfectly healthy young men are now almost there. Category validity is a way of identifying possible human activities while in military service. Each recruit receives one category or the other after undergoing a medical examination. She indicated the military card.

The Category of fitness for military service may be different. Some citizens can only serve in wartime, due to the nature of health. Someone is officially released from the army because of certain diseases. To take this into account, it was invented a system to evaluate the state of health of recruits. What can you say about it?

Category a

A - the first category of conscripts. Quite rare. As practice shows, it includes only citizens with perfect health. These people fully fit for service in the armed forces. Unable to enlist in any army.the category of fitness for military service

In some cases the category is given to citizens with a history of broken bones, concussions, or those who have noticed a slight vision problems. Most often, citizens with similar health consider to send to serve in the Presidential Regiment.

Category B

The Next scenario is fitness to service with minor restrictions. Such citizens shall be assigned to category "B". Usually in this situation we can say that a citizen fit for military service in part. He has medical reports about certain diseases that do not impede the performance of military duties.

That can be attributed here? For example, vision problems. If human vision is not more than minus 6 diopters, it will be drafted into the army, but with some limitations. You cannot send these recruits in certain armed forces.

The "b"Category

Category "In" the military card that supposed to mean? This option is found in practice more and more. This category of citizen serviceability of military age, which is assigned when the presence of certain diseases would not hinder the performance of military duties. But in peacetime, such a person will not serve. It is possible to get rid of the army.fit for military service partly

Category "In" the military card that supposed to mean? This kind of liberation. During the hostilities in the country, the citizen will be called for service. But in peace time he is called for military duty. In fact, this release legally. The recruit is issued a military card with an appropriate note. We can say that this category sounds like "valid only in time of war." Readings for assignment - certain diseases. Their list is available from the doctors and with the help of the law "On military duty".

Category "G"

What makes a category "G"? This is a temporary exemption from military service. For example, due to mental disorders or diseases, subject to adjustment. An indicator for the delay.

In this case, the category is assigned on average for 6-12 months. It can be extended if the illness after a specified period of time passes. Or change to a different category of fitness.

Category D

"D" - absolute disrepair to the service. This category want to the citizens. Although many people prefer to stay on the "In". There is a list of illnesses that are reasons for assigning a category "D".usable only in time of war

In Addition to the military ID citizen put in the passport stamped. It is necessary to impose some restrictions on the activities. For example, people with ...

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