Monument "Waiting" in Murmansk – a monument to the women who know how to wait


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Murmansk – it is the largest city in the Arctic circle. Today it has about 305 thousand people. Life of the overwhelming number of them associated with the sea. In 2012 a monument was unveiled “Standby” in Murmansk dedicated to all women who send their men into the sea. Today it is one of the most romantic and popular sights in the city.

Like them «Waiting» 30 years of waiting…

In the 1970-ies of the last century, the Northern poet Victor Timofeev wrote the poem “Sentimental watch”. It is in the lines of this work is the first to appear the way “Waiting”. It is worth noting that the author himself before the dedication of his life to the art was a naval Navigator.

monument waiting in Murmansk

In 1984, Viktor Timofeev appealed to the city Council with a proposal to erect a monument to inhabitants of Murmansk, dutifully awaiting their husbands, fathers and brothers during the long sea voyages. As it turned out, the idea is not very fresh – in many port cities such monuments were. This means that you need to put the monument «Waiting» Murmansk. The city appeared only due to non-freezing sea waters. In the 90s a competition was held sketches, and even determined the winner. But in such a difficult time for the country, the idea just had not been implemented. Only in 2011 the project was unfrozen.

Inauguration of the monument

The Monument «Waiting» Murmansk – is a national project. The construction and installation of the sculptures was collected about 15 million rubles. Investors have become legal entities of the region and ordinary residents of Murmansk. In autumn 2011 we held a new contest, which was won by architects from Smolensk – Yu, Anushka and I. Chumakov.


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Monument waiting in Murmansk photo

In mid-November 2012 the residents and guests of Murmansk were unable to attend the opening ceremony of a new monument. The event was attended by the Governor and the mayor of the city, as well as many other distinguished guests. The monument «Waiting» Murmansk was opened under the poems by Victor Timofeev and melody of the group «Beatles» performed by the brass band. After solemn speeches of high-ranking officials ordinary citizens of Murmansk were able to see the sculpture, to lay flowers at its foot and take a picture.

Pictures and description of the monument

“Standby” – it is the monument represents a sculpture of a woman at the foot of which is the bollard, on which sits the Seagull. The growth figure is around three meters. “Waiting” frozen in a welcoming gesture, and her eyes directed to the side of the Kola Bay. The woman is dressed quite modestly – in a long dress and the open cloak. Her hair fluttering in the wind, and on the feet there are shoes.

monument waiting in Murmansk where the

The Monument «Waiting» Murmansk, a photo of which you can see in our article, is mounted on a granite pedestal. In the lower part of a monumental bas-relief base from waves of the sea. On the pedestal there is an inscription in Golden letters: “Able to wait for”. On a separate Board, mounted near the base of the monument, you can read lines from a poem by Viktor Timofeev. Around the new attractions of Murmansk today, you will find a landscaped square. From the monument you get an excellent panoramic view of the Kola Bay.

Where is the sculpture “Standby”?

The Place for the monument was chosen long enough. In other cities of the sculpture with a similar meaning are set usually on the embankments. However, in Murmansk the entire coastline is a closed zone of special regime. Is it possible to put so national monument there, which are only to pass? The search for the perfect place for new sights, stopped at a final stop of the bus route №18. Be sure to visit during a visit to Murmansk the monument «Waiting». Address of interest: the intersection of Kovalev and chumbarova-Luchinskogo. The nearest public transport – “street Sashi Kovaleva" (bus No. 18).

Residents and guests of the city to new sights

The Majority of them a monument to “Standby” like. This is a beautiful and romantic image, reminiscent of devotion and love. In Murmansk the monument compares favorably with many others. Often in the port cities pose sculpture dedicated to the wives of seafarers. The image of a “Waiting” is more versatile. In Murmansk almost all the female population's waiting for someone. And it's not just the suitors and husbands. Here in the sea escorted sisters, brothers, daughters-fathers.

Murmansk monument waiting for address

Many citizens like the choice of the place where the monument «Waiting» Murmansk. Where is this attraction, today everyone knows. Here come the newlyweds, a lot of them from time to time visit the Park and just for relaxation in a picturesque location. Have “Waiting” and their detractors. According to some residents, monument, obsolete, It looks outdated because of too strict architectural forms. And yet most of the sculpture is very like, and some of the sailors admit that she reminds them of their own wives in their youth.


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