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Andorra-a small country, sandwiched in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. But, despite its modest size, this Principality attracts foreign tourists like a magnet. And there are several reasons.

First, it is free trade. Because of this, “the country Duty-free" (also known as Andorra), you can buy high-quality goods at twenty-five, and even forty percent cheaper than in neighboring France and Spain. Second, relax in the thermal baths. “Caldea” Spa in Andorra La Vella, is known far outside the country. Thirdly, the wonderful nature of the Pyrenees and historic mining villages, clinging to the rocks like swallow's nest.

But the most important sights of winter in the Principality of Andorra ski resorts. Thanks to them the country gathers every year more than half a million foreign tourists. And in winter, dwarf the population of the Duchy increased tenfold! Review of the best ski resorts and will be the subject of our article.

Andora ski resorts

What are the advantages of winter Andorra

At first glance, the Principality does not promise such dizzy heights, as lying in the Alps, Switzerland and Austria. Pyrenees (at least those slopes, where skiers ride) barely exceed the mark of two and a half thousand metres above sea level. But there are some pluses from the Principality of Andora. Ski resorts (photos – this confirmation) is well equipped. They have a variety of trails and plenty of lifts. Not forgotten "apres ski". In the resorts there are plenty of evening entertainment.


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Service in Andorra is the same as in Europe as a whole. But the price is much lower! So, if you trip to Courchevel or Davos – an impossible dream, why not try to break in the Pyrenees trails in Andorra? In addition to skis, snowboards and sledges in this country have something to do. And the modest size of the Principality only play into the hands of those tourists who want to explore Andorra and down.

Don't forget about the shopping. One native Andorra have 1.5 store. And the last plus of the Principality – the climate. Snow in this southern country, set every winter, in contrast to resorts in the Alps where global warming presents skiers unpleasant surprises.

Andora ski resorts reviews

Getting to Andorra

To visit the Principality, you will need a multivisa Schengen area. Why do you need it repeated the permission to enter? Because in a small Principality has no airport. And station, by the way, too. Will have to get on the bus: either from France or from Spain.

From Russia it is easier to fly to Barcelona. From Barcelona there are direct bus links to the Principality of Andora. Ski resorts available in France. Should be landing in Toulouse to come from the airport, Blasiak to the main train station Matabu and take the train to La Tour de Carol. But to not go at the last stop, and the station l'hospitalet Près-Andorra. From there a bus to the first ski resort in the Principality-Pas de La Casa.

When to go to Andorra

“the Country Duty-free” be a flow of tourists. The opportunity to buy high-quality household appliances, optics, electronics, watches, tobacco and alcohol exists in Andorra all year round. But in the winter this range is added and ski clothing. Clothes and shoes newest brands sold at thirty per cent cheaper than in the European countries and the models of last season – twice.

Andora ski resorts where the snow-covered every winter opens the skiing in December. It is then a good cover on all slopes. To the epithet “the Country Duty-free” and added “the Principality Ski resort”. And the last skiers Dogoniat its in early April. But in Pas de La Casa, the highest resort in the country. In some years, ride to end of April, but not without the help of snow cannons.

Andora ski resorts photo

Andora ski resorts: overview and feedback

In fact, all the Principality fits in a narrow mountain gorge, which gradually descends to the Spanish city of Sioux d’Urgell. In Andorra there are two ski areas, United by a common ski pass.

The First of these – Grand Valira, named after the main river of the Principality of Andora. Ski resorts located in the ski area of Grau-Roig, Pas de La Casa, El Tarter and Soldeu. “.” combines Arcalís and PAL-Arinsal. Of course, this is a very conditional division.

There are a lot of private resorts outside the ski area, but not less popular. For example, La Rabassa, where Europe's longest toboggan run, or Sant julià de lòria. All of these mountain resorts have their own specifics. And not only in terms of training skiers. There are resorts that are located very close to the capital of the country (encamp, Escaldes), but because a great après-ski provided to you. But there are quiet places (Canillo). And in Pas de La Casa, you can combine a ski holiday with a gambling casino game.

Andora the best ski resorts

Grand Valira

In the ski area of the Principality of Andorra's best ski resorts are located high on the slopes. Encamp and Pas de La Casa predlagyut great après-ski. But at the same time at these resorts there are many ski runs of different difficulty levels. Lifts-gondola, saddle, rope tow takes skiers to the top in fifteen minutes.

All the tracks are marked, lit at night, there are soft bumpers. Snow compacted with special equipment. In Pas de La Casa has a half-pipe for snowboarders and slalom slope. These are two of the best resort of Grand Valira different variety of terrain. There are as steep and gentle slopes. So you can go skiers with different training.

Andora ski resorts review


In this ski area on the West of the country includes such resorts as Ordino Arcalis and PAL Arinsal. The last – the largest. It covers an area of seven hundred and seven acres, which lie sixty-three kilometers of trails. Ordino Arcalis is located at a considerable distance from the capital of the Principality of Andorra.

Ski resorts reviews called the most beautiful and romantic. In Vallnord many Romanesque churches, old castles. So the lack of a stormy evening of life can be offset by fascinating excursions. The best in this ski area the tourists consider Ordino and La Massana. But the masses in the ski it's gonna be boring.


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