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Thanks to the pleasant climate, smooth beaches, warm Mediterranean sea, rich recreational resources and traditions of Spa Tunisia has become one of the leaders of the tourist market in the Mediterranean region.

And in front of the cultural heritage of Tunisia even the industry leaders, Turkey and Egypt, hats off. The fact that the segment of the earth, which was inhabited by citizens of Tunisia, in the past century someone all the time I tried to conquer, and a lot of it even worked. So, in the ancient age in this area flourished the ancient city of Carthage, founded by Phoenicians. Then it was completely destroyed by the Roman conquerors. Even Tunisia had long been under French rule, as long as state control does not come from the Arabs already. Prolonged colonization has left a unique fingerprint in the cultural life of the country. And nowadays, almost each “fingerprint” has developed into a popular excursion hotel garden beach 3 Tunisia Monastir

The Most popular tourist card of Tunisia – the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage, and even in El James is an ancient amphitheatre-the architectural dominant of the country, hero posters, and travel photos. He at the greatness and size not inferior to the Roman Colosseum, but not as “common”. And in every tourist town there is a local interest.

Tunisia, tourism Sousse and Monastir, and what they interesting and original?

Monastir and Sousse-are equally popular, but fundamentally different in color of the resort. Monastir is full of historical sites imbued with the spirit of antiquity, antiquity. It should go to those who love to organize excursions, to trample on the ancient stairs to visit temples, mosques, memo, etc.


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And here – the birthplace of European youth, young, noisy, colourful resort town, a beautiful and fun place.

The Tourist area of Skanes is located between the interesting cities. Customers can develop and explore the world, visiting iconic reminders of antiquity. But primitive night entertainment, which include alcohol, songs, fun, dance, etc, you can afford, if you go to Sousse. my hotel garden beach 3

My Hotel Garden Beach 3*, (Tunisia Monastir): General information

The Hotel was previously called the Dessole Garden Beach Club 3*. This great budget hotel has been operating since 1990. It offers almost a full range of travel services at very affordable prices. The total area of the territory of the hotel complex – 20 thousand sq. m. Total on-site are three two-storey buildings.

Ideal for family tourists and young budget travelers, students, etc. But demanding tourists or pensioners may need to look for more solid hotel garden beach Monastir 3

The Staff at the hotel speaks English.

The hotel has no rooms for tourists with disabilities.

Pets are allowed in hotel rooms is prohibited.

Check in My Hotel Garden Beach 3* occurs no earlier than 14:00, check-out until 13:00. Paying 30 dinars, you can take advantage of early check-in and relax in your room upon arrival. The service is convenient for tourists with young children and with a very early arrival hotel garden beach club 3


The Hotel is very well located, 11 km from the ancient town of Monastir and 12km from Sousse, in the village of Skanes. This location is convenient in all respects. Large cities are almost near (7-10 minutes by taxi or bus), you can go to visit iconic tourist sites, monuments, large ancient settlements. But the village where the hotel is quite calm and serene, quiet. The hotel grounds are surrounded by beautiful gardens, next to a splendid sandy beach. Nothing distracts from relaxing, but prelexical enough, you can go shopping and educational program in the city. my hotel garden beach 3 reviews

The Airport of Monastir is situated 6.9 kilometres, Enfidha airport, which receives the majority of Charter flights from Russian tourism companies located in 61 km from the airport of the capital of Tunisia – 169 km.

A Private sandy beach of Skanes is located just 100 m from the hotel.

Some interesting places located in the surrounding area?

15 km from the hotel the centre of the old town of Monastir-Madinah. Architectural monuments such as the Great mosque, the national Museum of art, temples, Ribat deserve a cursory or careful inspection.

The mausoleum of the first Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba — another architectural credit to the city. The building has a majestic look: with its Golden dome, wide avenues, groves.

Fans of thalassotherapy, clubs and evening entertainment straight to Sousse. This resort is relatively more expensive than Monastir or Skanes. It is popular among young people, Europeans, lovers of Spa, recreation and nightlife.

Outdoor Enthusiasts can also choose what to do in the area of Skanes. In the vicinity there are Golf courses of international class 18 holes.

Also in the region, many ranches where you can treat yourself can riding. Horseback riding along the coast from Monastir to Sousse, you can also afford, if you visit a few riding schools.

Another popular kind of leisure in the area of Skanes is diving. At depths it is convenient to observe small variegated marine fauna, reefs, underwater landscapes.

Infrastructure on the territory of the complex

My Hotel Garden Beach 3* (Tunisia, Monastir) is a big well-groomed, green territory. The hotel is surrounded by a picturesque garden with olive and Mandarin groves.

There are 2 outdoor pools (adults, depth 2.5 m, and children's), car Parking, a Spa centre, a nightclub, a fitness center, a restaurant, a poolside bar, a meeting room.

In the tourist feedback about My Hotel Garden Beach 3* guests have written that the territory of the hotel is pleasant, clean and very well appointed. The staff carefully cleans the pools, flower beds, paths, etc. my hotel garden beach 3 Tunisia reviews

Classification and description of rooms

The Hotel complex has a total of 114 rooms. In the hotel there is a very good proportional relationship between the size of territory and number of guests. Not every pricey five-star hotel can offer its guests much space. Therefore, on site, no annoying queues for sunbeds, the crowds at the pool, newsagency guests at the evening prestavlenija, delays in the bars, as it is often found in mass hotels in the Turkish sample. Guests can indulge in the luxury – just to rest and not to Wake up neither light nor dawn, to take the chair, then stand in the queue to the bar, then run to the beach to reserve a spot under an umbrella.

Room Types:

  • Standard (only 104 rooms), the location of maximum 2+1 persons
  • Suite (10 rooms), the location of maximum 4 people

All the rooms in My Hotel Garden Beach 3* (Tunisia, Monastir) have views of the tropical gardens and furnished terraces or balconies.

The room has air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, Hairdryer, mini bar (extra charge).arisa garden beach hotel 3 reviews

For the AirCon remote at the reception take a Deposit in the amount of 15 dinars during the eviction of the mortgage..

Clean the rooms daily, change of towels every day, bed linen-once in three days. Every day mini bar replenish 2 bottles of drinking water. Other drinks or snacks in the Minibar for an additional fee.

The hotel

My Hotel Garden Beach Club 3* works on the system “all inclusive”.

Time frame «all inclusive": 07:00-00:00. In addition to Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant system "buffet" of the works of late Breakfast and dinner at the poolside bar.

The Lobby bar is open from 8 am to hotel garden beach 3 Tunisia Monastir

There is Also a disco bar which is open from 22:30 until two in the morning, but they serve drinks only for an additional fee.

Guests can visit the Moorish cafe for fresh coffee and desserts, hookahs, it is open in the evening, not working on “all the inclusive”.

Hotel service: free and paid services

The Hotel My Hotel Garden Beach 3* to Monastir offers basic service set that corresponds to its price category.

Free services for guests:

  • Secure car Parking
  • Wireless Internet in the hall;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Currency exchange (from 9 in the morning until five in the evening);
  • Animation,
  • Housekeeping services.

my hotel garden beach 3 Tunisia

For an additional fee the hotel can enjoy the following services:

  • Spa.
  • Safety Deposit box at the reception.
  • Rental.
  • International call...

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