Les Invalides in Paris (Les Invalides): history, description, location and photos


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One of the most famous and most popular tourist attractions of the capital of France is the Les Invalides. We offer you to learn about the history and related interesting facts.

Les Invalides in Paris

Les Invalides in Paris: photo description

This structure is a complex of buildings located in the 7th arrondissement of the city. In French this place is called Les Invalides. There are monuments and museums related to military history of the country. In addition, there are a nursing home and a hospital designed for veterans. Thus, the building is used not only as a landmark and monument, but for its intended purpose. As for history, there are museums of the Army, Modern history, Plans and reliefs. In addition, the complex contains the tombs of a number of French military heroes, the most famous of which is Napoleon.

nursing home


The Invalides in Paris, began to be erected by decree of king Louis XIV, dated 1670 year. This building was supposed to be a refuge, a hospital for sick and aged soldiers. The architect of this building was the Liberals a He. As of 1676 most of the buildings were completed. The facade of the Invalides had a length of almost 200 meters, and the complex consisted of fifteen courtyards, the largest of which was intended for parades. The construction project also included the Church, the construction of which was completed after the death of the architect He in 1979. She was given the name Saint-Louis-des-Disabled. Soon after its construction, the architect Mansur began the erection of the new Church, designed exclusively for the king. For its sample was taken to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The structure has turned out harmonious and lush and became one of the symbols of Baroque architecture of France. Thanks to the majestic sight of the Church often called the Cathedral of Invalides.


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Les Invalides in Paris photo

Place of burial

Of Course, one of the most famous attractions of the complex is the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides. Originally the Emperor was buried on the island of St. Helena, where he died. However, in 1840, king Louis Philippe was organized by the movement of his body in the Church of St. Jerome. Les Invalides in Paris is also the burial place of several members of the family of Napoleon, who served under his command military officers and other French military heroes.

the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides

The Museum

Going on a tour of the Invalides in Paris, many tourists try mandatory to visit this landmark. Collection of Army Museum covers the period from antiquity to the present. It was founded in 1871 and was originally called the Artillery Museum. In those days the word “artillery” was understood to be a variety of items, relevant to the weapon. In 1896 was established the Museum of the History of the Army. In 1905 it was decided to merge the two museums. Today, the Army Museum has nearly half a million exhibits, including armor, weapons, uniforms, emblems, paintings, books and more. The total exhibition area is 12 thousand square meters. All the collections divided into historical periods, and visitors have the opportunity to make a journey from ancient world to the twentieth century.

The Museum of relief plans

The History of this building dates back to 1668. It was at that time Minister of war of king Louis XIV – françois-Michel Le Tellier - began to assemble a collection of three-dimensional models of fortified cities. This was done exclusively for military purposes. Special attention was paid to the layout of the city fortifications and topographic features of the landscape (hills, ports, etc.). In 1700 the king ordered to move the collection to the Louvre. The first time the layouts were made by military engineers in the field. However, in 1743, for these purposes was established two workshops in Lille and Bethune. Most represented in the exhibition layout were made during and after the war of the Austrian succession, which lasted from 1741 to 1748, the year. The purpose of their creation was a visual image newly captured cities. Significantly updated the collection was 1754. Subsequently, it exhibits almost stopped using it. In 1774 the collection was nearly destroyed as a result of the fact that gallery of the Louvre, where it was located, decided to refocus on painting. But in 1777, the exposition was moved to Les Invalides in Paris, where she is to this day. In total, the Museum today contains about hundreds of models. The public also shows only 28 of the relief plans of the fortifications, which were located along the English channel, Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts and the Pyrenees.

les invalides

The Museum of contemporary history

Initially, this institution was established in 1914 and was a Military Museum library. In 1973 it was moved to the Invalides, and in 1987 received its present name, which reflects the essence of the collections, of relevance not only to military action. Today, the Museum of recent history is more than half a million objects, Dating from 1870 to the present time. Assembled here is a collection of covers the main periods of French and international history with social, cultural and political issues through paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, posters, postcards, photographs and other items. In addition to the permanent, and are often held a variety of interesting temporary exhibitions.

Nursing Home today

High glittering dome of one of the buildings of this complex became one of the main landmarks of the French capital. Many tourists attraction attracts beautiful architecture, a unique interior of churches and museums and put on display opposite the Invalides captured guns. However, the complex is not only a historical and cultural landmark of Paris-Invalides performs its direct function. So, it is today home to nearly one hundred veterans which are looked after by the state.


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