Where better to rest in Abkhazia


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Abkhazia – the heart of the black sea coast, the place where the soul can rest. The resort is surrounded by the green of the Caucasus mountains, fall in love with at first sight.

where better to relax in Abkhazia

This piece of Paradise is fraught with a lot of secrets to learn which can only be one who at least once visited there. Currently, the resort is gradually regaining its lost popularity, which had in Soviet times. Earlier here year-round, tourists from all over the country, now travelers have become much smaller. At the resort many beautiful and interesting places, but where better to relax in Abkhazia?

tours in AbkhaziaAnyone who has ever visited the sun valley Apsny (Abkhazian name of the country), will return here again and again, but what city to choose, where to stay, are very difficult to solve. First of all, decide how you plan to relax. Quiet and peaceful family vacation provided to you in Gagra. This is the warmest and driest place on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. Clear water, pebbly beach, plenty of green parks and beautiful waterfront – all of this is located in Gagra. Where better to relax in Abkhazia, if you come to swim in the sea and enjoy the wildlife away from people and nightlife? Of course, to Gagra! You can stay there in one of the hotels or resorts, also near the coast rented houses and rooms. On the mountain Mamzyshha there are several viewing platforms that are located at different levels. Rising to a height of 800 metres, you will see all the Abkhazian coast of the Black sea and even make out the Turkish coast. In addition to Gagra has a Park named after Prince of Oldenburg, a restaurant with a century of history, the colonnade and many other beauty.


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road to AbkhaziaReturning to the question about where to have a rest in Abkhazia, it is worth mentioning the New MT. This city is famous for its tourist attractions, which attracts people from different corners of the planet. Mysterious caves, beautiful lake Ritsa, which is at a height of 926 meters and has a thousand-year history, the famous new Athos monastery and numerous waterfalls, each of which has its own legend. A trip to Abkhazia will cost you a modest sum, but the main and most enjoyable spending will directly tour of all the beauties of Apsny, which obliged every tourist of this resort.

The Most vibrant city, nightlife, where there is plenty of entertainment for children and adults, is Pitsunda. Here are concentrated all the major resorts and hotels of Abkhazia. Summer cafe where you can taste delicious barbecue and drink wine, have a special charm. Songs in Russian and Abkhaz languages in a live performance will affect the delicate strings of your soul and chacha will warm a cool evening. Pitsunda is good because the beach here is fine sand, and the sea is as pure as in Gagra, which is convenient for families with children. For entertainment you will find here monkey nursery, and the main attraction is the temple built in the 12th century.

If you still don't know where to rest in Abkhazia, believe me, no matter where you stopped, this country will give you such emotions that you will return here more than once. Tours to Abkhazia you can find at travel agencies. The season here starts in may and ends in November.

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