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From time to Time every person wants to rest somewhere on the shore of the sea. Today many tourists as the place for holidays choose the Egyptian city of Hurghada. Here is the luxurious resort Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5*. Where exactly is the hotel and what conditions are offered to foreign tourists? What are the reviews left by travelers about this place? Appropriate for the entire family? These are important questions, the answers to which will be of interest to many readers.

Location and description

coral hills marsa alam 5

A Large hotel complex Coral Hills Resort Marsa Alam 5* is located in the resort area of Hurghada, near the shore of the red sea. The famous tourist town of El Quseir is located about 27 kilometers. The nearest international airport built in the city of Marsa Alam, 40 km away, But about a distance to not worry as tours in most of the cases include and transfer.

Hotel Total area is about 100,000 square meters, and every area is clean and well maintained. There is a large four-storey main building and several one-, two - and three-storey blocks, which are reserved for the living room.

The Hotel complex Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5* (Egypt, Hurghada): room description

coral hills marsa alam Egypt 5

This hotel complex can be considered quite large — it has 339 rooms. For the most part this is a standard room, but there are spacious family rooms and private villas with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and an office. Depending on your requirements and capabilities, employees are sure to help you to choose the most comfortable place.


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All rooms are spacious with individual balcony, overlooking the territory of the hotel and the sea. Of course, in the room you will find the necessary furniture and household appliances. In particular, there is individual air-conditioning and a telephone with direct dial function (intercity and international calls are charged separately). Valuables can be stored in a small safe. The room has a mini bar but it is filled with drinking water only on the day of settlement — any other drinks must be paid separately. A TV.

The bathroom has a comfortable shower and a Hairdryer for drying hair, toilet, wall mirror, set of toiletry accessories and towels.

Food guests

coral hills marsa alam 5 reviews

Like most Egyptian hotels, the hotel complex Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5* offers its guests scheme «all inclusive”. Buying a tour, you get three meals a day, snacks in bars throughout the day as well as juices and drinks from the Egyptian producer. According to reviews, the food in the hotel is really high class — guests can enjoy buffets with a large selection of dishes, snacks, salads, fresh fruit and these Oriental desserts.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit a wonderful Italian restaurant Hills Food Court — you will have a free entrance once a week, but only on prior reservation. The yard also features a grill restaurant where you can taste delicious dishes cooked on the fire. The pool, lobby and beach bars which serve light snacks and beverages.

Water activities and the beach

coral hills resort marsa alam 5

Hotel Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5* has its own beach area, which is located in close proximity to residential buildings. On the Bank can rest only for the hotel which is very convenient. Here a sufficient amount of loungers with mattresses and parasols.

The Beach here is covered with soft Golden sand, clean it regularly. Sunset in the sea convenient, but since it is located near a coral reef, tourists are advised to use special shoes. The beach has a volleyball court and water sports centre. The lovers of active leisure will have the opportunity to ride on a boat, boat, catamaran, banana boat, water skiing, etc If you wish at any time can take the advantage of the diving centre, where rent is required for dive equipment and also conduct training course in diving.

Additional services in the hotel

hotel coral hills marsa alam 5

Many Russian tourists place for a vacation is becoming Hurghada. Hotels 5 stars, of course, offer a range of additional services that help make the stay more comfortable. This hotel is not an exception.

It Should say that on site constantly has Laundry facilities. If you have your own or rented transport, you can leave it on the private Parking. Also in the rooms and public areas have Internet access, but this is a paid service. Medical office at the hotel there, but if necessary you call the doctor. Also the hotel offers to visit several stores and gift shops. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the business center, where computers and other equipment. The hotel has a spacious conference hall, suitable for hosting business events and various celebrations.

Hotel Coral Hills Resort Marsa Alam 5* (Hurghada): entertainment and leisure tourists

Of Course, on site you can really have fun. For example, here there are two large outdoor pools with sun loungers and parasols where guests can relax and unwind. The hotel Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5* offers its guests a Wellness centre where you can visit the sauna or Turkish bath or book a few massages, or relax in the Jacuzzi.

coral hills resort marsa alam Hurghada 5

A small but well equipped gym. Also features a Playground for mini-football and volleyball. There is also a tour Desk that will help you choose an interesting tour around the area. By the way, guests can visit the seaside mangroves absolutely for free. Near the hotel you can ride the ATV. And of course, in the afternoon and evening, guests are entertained by the animation team.

Conditions for rest with children

Many tourists are interested in the question of whether to stay in hotel Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5*, together with the child. Of course, this hotel complex is perfect for family vacations.

First, let's talk about the amenities. In the room necessarily, immediately upon demand, will deliver the bed for a child, and in the restaurant you can always ask for a highchair for feeding. By the way, in the main restaurant there is a specially built children's play area, where children can dine in the company of peers. Of course, there are special menus.

Your child on site will not be bored. In the yard is safe and spacious children's pool. Also guys can have a great time at the mini club, where they will engage educators and animators. There is a Playground with swings, which kids just love. And in the hotel are always a variety of classes for children, sports competitions, art lessons, dance, etc. in a Word, boring your child will not be exact.

The customers say about the hotel

Many people are primarily interested in questions about what they say tourists already had time to visit the hotel Coral Hills Marsa Alam 5*. Reviews for the most part are positive, although there are some negative comments. Indeed, the rooms here are spacious, and from the window you can enjoy views of the sea. Near the hotel there is a quiet Bay with coral Islands, where most tourists spend their time.

Hurghada hotels 5

The Food in the hotel is on quite a decent level — has a large selection of appetizers, meat dishes, and fresh fruit and vegetable salads. On the territory of the hotel there are several shops where you can buy different things and Souvenirs. Perhaps the problem in this case is the fact that not the entire staff understands Russian language, although there are some members with whom you can talk.

Of Course, one of the most popular areas of Hurghada is today. Hotels "5 stars" usually are quite expensive. But this is an ideal hotel for a budget holiday on the beach, and that is what makes her so popular.


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