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One of the most popular tourist centres in Europe, of course, is the capital of Lithuania. To visitors a positive impression not only on tours of historical places, but also from the living conditions, they will be welcomed by Vilnius hotels.


For any tourist it is important the location of the chosen hotels. The hotel's “View” in Vilnius is located in Old town, has category three stars. Of the attractions within short walking distance are located here the gates of dawn, town Hall and town hall square, the Artillery Bastion. Also, tourists will appreciate the architecture of the Cathedral, the Church of saints Peter and Paul, Church of St. Nicholas. There are several nearby shops, market, close to railway station and bus station. The restaurant serves European cuisine. Parking for guests with own car available at extra charge on site you can rent a car. Tourists are offered several options of rooms:

  • Single – the cost is 2929 rubles for one night stay;
  • Double – the price for the room will be 3143 rubles per day;
  • Double with panoramic Windows – its value 4215 rubles per day;
  • Suite – for one night the price will be 6519 rubles.

All rooms are bright and spacious, many with beautiful panoramic views of the city. There is free wireless Internet access.

hotel panorama Vilnius

Crowne Plaza Vilnius

If you are considering in Vilnius hotels in the city center, please note the Crowne Plaza Vilnius. The hotel has a category of four stars, located in the Central part of the city. On the one hand is the business district, on the other – old town. The hotel has a large panoramic restaurant, a summer terrace. On site Parking is available. Distance from Vilnius international airport is 7 kilometres from the international railway station and the bus station is just 3 km away. For tourist accommodation are offered the rooms of different categories:


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  • Standard double room – its value is 7736 rubles for one night stay;
  • Double / twin standard room-non-Smoking-room price also 7736 rubles per day;
  • Executive double room-the room rate is 9036 rubles per day;
  • Same for non-8386 rubles for one night stay;
  • Suite price is 12937 rubles per day.

The price includes Breakfast "buffet". Free WI-FI.

Crowne plaza hotel

"Grata hotel" in Vilnius

The Hotel “Burr” has category three stars, is also located in the city centre. The historic Old town is 15 minutes walking distance. Guests can use a tour Desk, and ATM installed in the hotel. Secure Parking located in the garage. One kilometre away is the Vingis Park and many shops and clubs. The restaurant serves a daily Breakfast "buffet". Bar. For accommodation of guests are offered the following room options:

  • Economy single - 2143 rubles per day;
  • Double – 3929 rubles for one night, if populated, one person, cost $ 3572 ruble;
  • Double – 4286 roubles per night if occupied by one person – 3929 rubles;
  • Suite – 6644 ruble for one fact stays.

All rooms are decorated in warm, bright colours. Breakfast is included in the price, allowed Pets.

grata hotel Vilnius

Hotel Grand Resort

The Spa hotel Vilnius Grand Resort has the five-star category. In addition to the hotel itself, it's restaurants, bars, two pools, a Spa and Wellness centre with extensive list of services. A four minute walk from the resort is the beach. The hotel has a professional Golf course, has its own courts for playing tennis. Unlike other hotels in Vilnius, this hotel is located in 20 kilometers from the city. To get to the city center, the hotel offers a free Shuttle service. From the Windows of elegant rooms with scenic views of the lake. Accommodation is available in these options:

  • Double classic room – 7144 rubles per one night stay;
  • Double superior room-8573 rubles per day;
  • Executive double room – 9001 ruble per day;
  • Family room (for 4 persons) – 11573 rubles per one day of stay;
  • Premium Suite – 15716 rubles per day;
  • Presidential Suite - 28575 rubles for one night.

The price of all rooms includes Breakfast. Have access to free wireless Internet.

Spa hotel Vilnius

Artis Centrum Hotels

Among the hotels of Vilnius, is located in the city centre, be sure to pay attention to Artis Centrum Hotels. The hotel is a five-star category, is a restored nineteenth century building in the old town. From the Windows of the elegantly decorated rooms offer views of the Old city, also see the Gediminas tower. The hotel has two wonderful restaurants. Guests can swim in the indoor pool includes a steam room and sauna. Artis Centrum Hotels – it is a good choice if you want to admire old architecture. It offers rooms of several categories:

  • Double – 7858 rubles for one night, if populated by one person, the price is 6787 rubles;
  • Executive – 8930 rubles per day;
  • Junior – 10358 rubles per day;
  • Suite – 11787 rubles for one night.

All room rates include Breakfast, have access to free wireless Internet.

Artis Centrum Hotel

Hotel Congress

Of the many hotels Vilnius with its magnificent building will surely attract the attention of a four star hotel Congress. Like the previous one, it also is a building of the nineteenth century in the city centre. The Cathedral of Vilnius, just a 10-minute walk and 800 metres from Gediminas tower and Vilnius castle complex. A restaurant and bar, Parking has a limited number of seats. There are different options for guests:

  • Single room – 5358 rubles for one night stay;
  • Double – 6072 rubles per day;
  • Mini-Suite – 7501 ruble per day;
  • Junior - 8215 rubles per day;
  • Suite (balcony) – 8930 rubles per day;
  • Luxury apartments – 12502 rubles per one fact of residence.

All rooms feature wooden furnishings, air-conditioning, safe and Minibar. Free wifi access IS available.

hotel Congress

Hotels in Vilnius. Reviews

The Travelers, of course, share in the feedback your emotions about staying in hotels:

  • The hotel “View” tourists enjoy primarily for its convenient location. Market, shops, railway stations, and Old town-everything is within walking distance. The rooms comfortable, clean and warm. The staff is friendly and helpful, speaks Russian. From the Windows offer wonderful panoramic views of the city. If the room has no panoramic Windows you can admire them from the hotel lobby. Cook very tasty. Works well WI-FI.
  • About the hotel Crowne Plaza Vilnius, guests respond very well. Around a quiet green area, big rooms with comfortable furniture, convenient Parking. The breakfasts are delicious and varied. The staff is friendly, English speaking. The hotel has a swimming pool, two saunas. Very beautiful views from the Windows. A wonderful place for walking. All visitors give the hotel a high rating.
  • The hotel “Burr” guests love a good window view, good sauna and pool. Breakfast is hearty, in a large assortment of fish and fruit. The staff is friendly, speaks Russian. The rooms are clean and comfortable, there are tea and coffee. Close to the train and stop before the airport.
  • The Hotel Vilnius Grand Resort like the guests with its nice location outside the city. The entire staff speaks Russian, guests are greeted with welcome. Had a good Spa-center. Stunning views of the lake. Convenient Shuttle service. Two large Parking lots. The breakfasts are great, everything is cooked very tasty, served with red fish and blue cheeses. The rooms are spacious and clean.
  • Artis Centrum Hotels popular with tourists for its int...

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