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Those who want to relax by the sea, a fabulously beautiful place with amazing nature of Kemer is perfect. This is a spectacular resort in Turkey, located forty kilometers South-West of Antalya, is situated at the foot of the Taurus mountains, on the shore of the sea Bay. The city is famous for the fact that it was described by Homer in his “Iliad”.

Holiday in Kemer

Batont Garden ResortTo Say that it will be an extraordinary and rich – saying nothing. Although Kemer is a relatively new resort — he is little more than a decade, but it has become a fully formed modern leisure centre with luxury hotels and Nightclubs, excellent restaurants and East cafe. Dynamics night life here is so swift that the newcomers do not have time to visit all the available places.

But the tourists in this enchanting in its beauty of the area attracted primarily to its natural wealth of secluded coves, lush vegetation closed, almost transparent, turquoise water, pine thicket.

The Sea breeze, picking up the aroma of the oil creates healthy air, and the surrounding rocks with orange groves form a truly unique microclimate. But that's not all: in Kemer magnificent beaches. Many of them are for environmental cleanliness awarded the Blue flag. Experienced travelers love to come here to swim and sunbathe on the beach with the romantic name “Moonlight”.Batont Garden Resort Hotel 4

The Unique climatic conditions provided by the sea and the surrounding mountain ranges, give the opportunity to tourists almost do not experience the high temperatures characteristic of the region in high season. Here the sun shines year-round. In summer the water temperature is twenty-seven, and in winter not lower than ten degrees.


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Kemer Hotels

As is known, the criteria for choosing hotels for accommodation is different for everyone. For someone an excellent hotel is one that offers excellent services for others important to the quality and amount of nutrition, third – the presence of entertainment and fun atmosphere. In this one, not as tourists, not just visited this resort, can rest real to evaluate a particular hotel, to tell about its advantages and disadvantages.

Kemer Hotels have very different price categories. There are many comfortable apartments, for example, Asdem Beach 5* Catamaran Resort Hotel, and others. Very popular and four-star hotels such as the Festival Tekirova, Ambassador Plaza (4*), Batont Garden Resort, Hotels Park Claro, etc.

In hotels of this category of tourists are offered a spacious and well maintained rooms. And although they may not be as luxurious as more upmarket, nevertheless they have a very good infrastructure and has everything to be able to rest with dignity. Many opt for «treshka», which in Kemer is also quite a lot.Batont Garden Resort Hotel

Batont Garden Resort

This hotel travelers knew how Visage Luxe, and before that it was called Club Siesta Garden. It is located nine kilometres from Kemer, the former fishing village of Goynuk. The nearest airport is Antalya far away at forty five kilometres. Many Russians stop your choice at Batont Garden Resort 4* reviews which are mostly positive, because of short time of transfer. After all, tourists coming on holiday with young children, it is especially important.

The Hotel is built on the territory of twelve thousand square meters. It consists of three three-story buildings that are surrounded by a green garden. A front room balconies give the opportunity to admire not only the sea but also majestic mountains, from the slopes of which comes from a pleasant pine aroma.

The hotel Grounds are fully landscaped. Lawns, trees, spruce, exotic flowers, benches placed under the canopy of branching trees, everywhere there are boxes, there are signs indicating all basic infrastructure – all of this is done to make living as comfortable as possible. For green spaces following special staff of gardeners, there are staff responsible for cleanliness.Batont Garden Resort 4

In accordance with the rules, the grounds are designed for relaxed movement of tourists in wheelchairs, for which on the ground floor there are several specially equipped rooms with comfortable bathrooms. For them, provided and elevators. The hotel Batont Garden Resort 4* free private Parking with possibility of Parking for large buses. Book in advance locations is required.


Batont Garden Resort 4* offers a full range of services that correspond to a hotel of its category. It's the item for exchange, Laundry, doctor's office, beauty salon, dry cleaning, fitness centre, Concierge service, Luggage storage, safe-cell. In addition, on the territory of the hotel there is a small shopping centre, a souvenir kiosk, where the departure can be expensive to buy gifts for family and friends.

Registration Desk operates non-stop-around the clock. Expect a settlement in the cozy lobby. Here, functions of the Bureau of excursions and rental of the vehicle. At the reception you can, if necessary, to arrange the return Shuttle to the airport, buy air - or train tickets, photocopied documents, receive or send Fax.Batont Garden Resort Hotel Kemer

The hotel has a small meeting room with an area of eighty square meters, for up to fifty people. There is also an Internet café, working from nine in the morning until ten at night. Free in the lobby and in public areas and in rooms-paid Wi-Fi. At the entrance to the arranged bus stop. Every twenty minutes a Shuttle departs from it in the direction of Kemer.


Batont Garden Resort Hotel is positioned as the average number of rooms. It consists of three three-storey buildings, perfectly renovated. The housing stock represents one hundred seventy-seven rooms.

171 Standard Rooms with an area of 26 square meters for accommodation of up to four, six Family Rooms in forty square meters, designed for six and consisting of two bedrooms separated by a connecting door. There are also two rooms for guests with disabilities. In each of the latter can accommodate a maximum of two people.

The Hotel Batont Garden Resort, though recently built, however already once been repaired. The rooms have a mini bar at check in is a half liter of bottled water, TV with six Russian and one music channels, safe and direct dial phone.Turkey Batont Garden Resort 4

The Furniture is brand new. On the floor – carpeted. For a comfortable climate in the rooms meet established split-system air-conditioning. The hotel Batont Garden Resort Hotel (Kemer) installed an electronic card system door opening, have a fire alarm and extinguishing system. The rooms are cleaned every day. Change of towels and bed linen maids perform three times a week.

Lights, lamps, curtains, bedspreads – all designed by professional designers. Give the rooms a special atmosphere of coziness. There are also balconies overlooking the pool or the sea. They have plastic chairs, there is also a dryer. In the bathrooms high quality ceramic tile that does not slip, there is a hair dryer, a shower cabin and washstand nightstand. All accessories are updated daily.


Hotel Batont Garden ResortHotel Batont Garden Resort offers its guests food concept «all inclusive», which is valid from ten thirty until ten at night. For Breakfast (from 07:30 to 09:30), lunch (from 12:30 to 14:00) and dinner (19:00-21:00) served buffet style. In high season also offers dietary cuisine and a special children's menu.

Sweets and snacks are served from two to five days in the main restaurant, coffee and tea, as well as no - alcoholic drinks from local producers in one of three bars-pool, lobby and beach. Freshly squeezed juices are available for a fee in all areas. Some drinks are foreign manufacturers, including the champagne and wine you can buy in the lobby bar. Children under the age of eighteen alcohol is not sold.

For security purposes in bars on the beach and at the pool all drinks are served only in plastic glasses. To get power on the system “all inclusive” residents must wear their wrist bracelets. Depending on the weather at the main restaurant guests can dine either on the terrace or indoors. In the menu of European cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate about three hundred fifty people.


Batont Garden Resort 4 (Kemer) has a small private area in the public area for swimming. Its length – hundred and fifty meters. Coating – ...

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