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Stay in the Republic of Turkey today is the most convenient holiday option for Russians. All you need to do is to buy a travel Agency ticket and get on a plane. Continue to take care of you: meet, conduct, arrange, serve, treat, and then kindly carried out by wishing a happy journey and speedy return. Turkey available for people with different incomes, with respect to all almost equally friendly, and no matter what category of hotel you stay in five-star Robinson Club or Imeros Hotel 3* in Kemer. Unlike other Mediterranean countries, Turkey not only to “luxury”, but more modest, budget hotels can work on the system “all inclusive”. In this article we will focus on the beautiful resort of Kemer and in particular about the hotel Imeros Hotel Beldibi 3.imeros hotel 3

About the resort

The Mediterranean and Aegean seas of Turkey for more than 20 years become a favorite destination of Russian tourists. The prices here are relatively low, a wide variety of hotel complexes, the pleasant climate and, most importantly, high quality service. One of the most popular resorts is the region of Kemer. It is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Its coastline stretches for 60 kilometers. The region consists of five major towns, namely: Goynuk, Kurish, Camyuva, Tekirova and Beldibi. That's the last of them is mentioned in the beginning of the article, the hotel Imeros Hotel 3* Kemer Beldibi.imeros hotel 3 reviews


The surrounding area of Kemer is very picturesque. Here the emerald slopes of the mountains, above which rise the majestic rock formations, the lush vegetation that rises to the turquoise sea. The Mediterranean climate is one of the most favourable worldwide. What only epithets are not rewarded: soft, pleasant, comfortable, etc. and do, visitors are more than comfortable. No sweltering heat, the stifling dampness or, on the contrary, dryness, the sun shines almost all year round, rainfall is small. All this makes the resorts along the coast, a welcome place of rest for tourists from all continents.


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In Kemer the swimming season begins in early may and ends in late October. Therefore, anyone wishing to accelerate its meeting with the sea, soon to be in a comfortable natural environment and spend may holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean, while to his native Moscow continuously poured rain, can buy a ticket to the Imeros Hotel 3* Kemer or in any other Turkish resort and a few hours to be in one of the closest to us paradises on the planet. By the way, in Antalya and other southern regions of Turkey can rest for the whole year. Of course, in the off-season is unlikely to swim in sea water, but the sun will be free. As seen in the picture, around the spacious pool of the hotel Imeros Hotel 3*has a large number of comfortable sun loungers to sunbathe on which a fun one. Unfortunately, this property provides an indoor pool, a service which you can use in the cold season, so if you like to swim, you'd better choose another hotel to stay in the period from November to may.imeros hotel beldibi 3 kemer

Service Level

Many of the hotels from 3* to 5* categories are the “all inclusive”. This relates primarily to the method of supply. Russian tourists, that is true, first attracted by this circumstance. When these systems rest on the premises from morning till late in the evening to enjoy all the benefits provided by the hotel, with food served according to the “buffet". Of course, many resorts also have restaurants, “a La carte”, but Russian tourists prefer to enjoy a buffet.

A Very important point in the service of the hotels in Kemer, for example, Imeros Hotel 3* is that they seem tailored for the Russians and Russian speakers (CIS) tourists and kept in staff personnel who are proficient in the Russian language. Of course, this is a big advantage. For example, travel blogs and share their impressions tourists have visited the hotel Imeros Hotel 3* the feedback regarding this feature is always commendable. Practically all hotels of Turkey and in particular of Kemer have all the necessary conditions for an interesting and eventful holiday: saunas, spas, restaurants, pools, discos, bars and cafes. In addition, for our guests organize interesting excursions to the sights that abound in Turkey, and an interesting entertainment program for both adults and for your little ones.imeros hotel Kemer 3 [


No matter How comfortable and well-groomed territory of hotel complexes, but for tourists who came to the sea, the first important beach and water activities. From this point of view in Kemer everything is organized perfectly. There are plenty of water sports, of course for a fee, on the beaches there are comfortable changing rooms, toilet, sun loungers and parasols. However, if you prefer sandy beaches, there is hardly find. On the coast, this resort region, almost all beaches are shingle, and even if in some five-star hotels, an artificial sandy beach area, the sea bottom is everywhere covered with small pebbles. The hotel Imeros hotel 3*has its own beach, but he, like other budget hotels, not sand.

Attractions of Kemer

Regardless, in any of the resort towns of Kemer, you relax, you will be offered sightseeing of the entire region. He is beautiful port city, here at the entrance rises the arch in Greek architecture. Hire a snow-white yacht, you can make an unforgettable tour on the water and from the sea to explore the entire coastal strip. Here near the harbour is a Park Yoruk (a kind of ethno-historical Museum under open sky, where you can get acquainted with the traditions and peculiarities of the nomadic Turkic peoples) and Moonlight Park (Lunapark). It every evening entertainment, there are plenty of cafes and bars. Especially like the First young tourists. After all, it features a gorgeous Dolphinarium with an exciting program and a kids club. Olbia Park a little more modest, but also is a great place for Dating. The hotel Imeros hotel 3* is located just only 18 km from Kemer, in settlement Beldibi - and from there to the city there are regular flights, tourists may from time to time to come here in search of entertainment for themselves and their children. For tourists who prefer cognitive rest, that is, a variety of excursions to ancient monuments, can be arranged a trip to the majestic ruins of the ancient Greek cities of Phaselis and Olympos, as well as to the Church of St. Nicolas in Demre. Here you can see the perfectly preserved amphitheatre built in the first century of our era.imeros hotel 3 Turkey

Village Beldibi

As noted above, the tourism region of Kemer consists of the eponymous port city, and five scenic villages. Beldibi is the largest of them. There are many hotels of different categories. The best option for budget travelers is Imeros Hotel 3*. Turkey are known for attracting huge number of tourists to its resorts is trying to set up a tourist business so that the service and helpful attitude felt not only resting in hotels class “de Luxe” but “state”. However, tourists should understand that if they decided to save money on your holiday and got vouchers for more than low prices, then expect service on the highest level they can not. Therefore, it is incomprehensible complaints of Russian tourists regarding the service in budget hotels, for example, Imeros Hotel 3*. Reviews are not always commendable. However, they forget that the choice in favor of this hotel or other hotels of the same category were committed because of their cheapness. However, in no other Mediterranean country, three-star hotels do not practice the system “all inclusive”, so we pay tribute to the service of hotel complexes, of the village of Beldibi.

By the Way, this resort is perfect for youth recreation. Here is the best on the whole coast disco Jest Disco Club there are many night clubs and other entertainment places. For lovers of active holidays, Hiking and Jogging there are well maintained paths and trails between with groves of lemon and orange of three trees. Their fragrance spreads for miles and gives a good mood during all time of stay in this heavenly place. So if you are optimistic person, newarchive and picky, and appreciate natural beauty and a good mood, but don't have very much money, then go to Imeros Hotel 3. Kemer, unlike Anatolii and Marmaris, is a more affordable resort, but this is not to say that the service here is poor quality. Just due to the lack of sandy beaches in tourist flow in this area is less intensive. By the way, in Beldibi great magician...

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