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The Magic phrase “distant Islands” beckons all travelers, promising unexplored land with exotic scenery, new towns, interesting meetings and discoveries. And if under unexplored Islands means the Islands of Greece – almost impossible to resist. Because Greek has always been steeped in myths and poetic legends, which are known to us from childhood and are the real jewels in the Treasury of world culture. The nature of Greece is as unique as its history – the sea coast with its sandy beaches, the southern flora and fauna, teeming with bright colors, attracts countless crowds of tourists.


The Most famous Greek Islands – Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. After the legendary island of Crete, considered the birthplace of the God Zeus, the most interesting for tourists is considered to be the island of Rhodes. According to legend Rhodes was a gift from Zeus to the sun God Helios, in honor of what the island was installed the famous statue of Colossus of Rhodes. The statue, which had an unheard of at the time a height of about 37 meters, served as both a beacon to swim to the island ships. Because of imperfections in its construction, the Colossus of Rhodes lasted a little longer, a little more than half a century and was destroyed by a strong earthquake. Despite this, a giant statue was listed among the seven wonders of the world.

Rhodes-an island with turbulent history, which is depicted in a variety of public and residential buildings. Moreover, numerous architectural monuments of different eras, absolutely flow harmoniously in the modern, fashionable areas of Rhodes. A vivid example of such a combination – the capital of Rhodes, of the same name, located in the North of the island. The city of Rhodes, the way I see now tourists, consists of two parallel existing worlds.


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The First world – a fabulous and mysterious medieval town, surrounded by strong walls. The huge gate leading into the fortress dedicated to two symmetrically positioned guard towers. The main street, named after the knights of St. John, leads directly to the steps of the Palace of the Grand Masters of the order. The interiors of the Palace amaze with their beauty and luxury finishes, lots of carved ornaments, as well as fortifications and underground warehouses, typical of many buildings of that time.

And another world – a multifunctional resort city, offering visitors a wide choice of places of cultural recreation and entertainment. Like other Islands of Greece, Rhodes island has an extensive network of tourist hotels of different levels, shops, plenty of restaurants, bars, night and day clubs, discos and casinos.


For those who prefer a bustling entertainment restful contemplation of the beauty of nature, best suited, located in the Ionian sea island of Zakynthos. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, a striking combination of white cliffs, with numerous grottoes and caves, emerald greenery, sandy beaches and bright blue sea. The beaches of Zakynthos deserve special attention. The local administration has created all conditions for recreation on the water. Those who prefer an active lifestyle can enjoy water sports or spend the day skating on the boat and swimming. And for those who like to combine business with pleasure, there are various excursion routes. Their number includes the boat trip to the Blue caves – most of the main attractions of Zakynthos. The blue cave was formed by sea waves that year after year hit coastal cliffs.


Of Course, to describe the Islands of Greece can be infinitely long, as long as stay on them. However, the reading is unlikely to replace the real feelings from the events experienced, for good reason, a famous proverb says that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

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