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Recently, Alanya in Turkey was a simple little town. And now this place is one of the most visited resorts in the country. This place is suitable for those who stay in a noisy companies prefer quiet, solitary pastime. All hotels Alanya (including Acg Hotels Orient Family 5) located on the first line, which is especially nice. acg hotel orient familyIn Addition to the beauty of nature, this small but cozy resort town offers its guests to visit a variety of shops, specialty boutiques. Here you can buy excellent things in Turkey such as carpets, jewelry, leather goods and so on. Different Alania and plenty of bays with nature's amazing beauty. Among other benefits, this resort town is famous for the abundance of monuments of history and culture. Guests to Alanya to visit the red tower, date of construction which is considered 1228. Within its walls is a Museum of Ethnography. Many tourists visit the citadel, which housed the historic city. The best time to holiday here is the period from beginning of April until the end of November. The air in these months up to twenty-five degrees. Although, it is fair to say that there is very rarely cloudy, so tourists from around the world visit Alanya all year round.

acg hotels orient family 5

Hotels in Alanya: Acg Hotels Orient Family

Let's Start with the fact that this hotel belongs to the category of “5 stars”. He began his work relatively recently, namely in 2004. It is not located in the city Alanya, and 132 kilometers from it, in a place called Mahmutlar. Judging from the name of the hotel, it can be assumed that he intended to stay with the family, and this is indeed the case. It consists of 4 buildings. The whole hotel complex is situated on the mountain, allowing guests to enjoy the unique sea views. There are several pools (3 for children and 7 adults) and a huge number of bars and the excellent restaurant, which allows to spend a nice time in family circle. Acg Hotels Orient Family has a high level of service. The complex is always at your service Laundry shop, dry cleaning, medical room and even a few theaters. 


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acg hotels orient family reviews

In Addition, Acg Hotels Orient Family has its own Spa area, friendly and welcoming staff which will allow to forget about all the problems. Not to mention the fact that on the territory of the hotel there is also a hairdressing salon, comfortable and multi-purpose fitness center. And how on holiday in Turkey to do without the well-known Turkish sauna and baths? By the way, the leisure activities can be organised on the highest level in Acg Hotels Orient Family. The reviews speak for themselves. Here are just some of the activities. First, it is disco. Second, a variety of programs (dance, Comedy), educational activities (lessons, belly dance, step aerobics, etc.). But those who do not like to walk, especially like in a vehicle.

Car rental, a cozy Internet café – these and many other delights the hotel management its guests.

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