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Think about where to stay during your holiday in Anapa? “Odyssey” is a lovely Guesthouse with a long history, which is located just 50 metres from its private sandy beach.

Quick overview

Anapa Odyssey

Guesthouse “Odyssey” (Anapa) first opened its doors in 1961. The last renovation carried out in 2009. The green area of 6 hectares is home to several residential and administrative buildings. Vacationers can use various forms of entertainment: cinema, dancing, sports games and much more.

The Number of rooms

PANSIONAT Anapa Odyssey reviews

Guests of Guesthouse “Odyssey” (Anapa) be offered in one - and two-room “standard”. The apartments are in two-, three - and four-story residential buildings. Room types:

  • One, two, three and four;
  • Double.

All rooms have single or double beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, tables and chairs, a refrigerator, a TV and a fan. In two-, three -, and four-bedroom apartments have one bed, and one bedroom – two. The bathroom with shower is in the room.

All types of pension Fund “Odyssey” featuring 426 apartments in six buildings.


rest Anapa Odyssey

The Infrastructure of recreation “Odyssey” is:

  • Parking;
  • Luggage storage at the reception;
  • Round-the-clock first-aid post;
  • Computer room;
  • Club;
  • Dance floor;
  • Indoor movie theatre;
  • Tour Desk;
  • Store and fruit stand;
  • Garment;
  • Hire of pedal cars, sports and beach equipment;
  • Children's Playground and room;
  • Playgrounds.

The hotel Guests are offered such activities as volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, tennis and table tennis, disco, entertainment to cultural events, watching movies at the cinema, excursions.


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Food is in the dining room. The rate already included Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu always includes meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products. Wishing to taste shish kebab of pork or sturgeon, soft drinks, beer and wine costs Anapa to visit the summer cafe is also on site.

A ten minute walk from the buildings is a private sandy beach. There is the rental of beach equipment, chairs, tents, locker rooms, and there is a lot of fun: slides, water skiing, banana boat, boat trips, kitesurfing, Windsurfing and so on.

Treatment takes place on the basis of the neighboring resorts. For a surcharge, guests can visit sessions of massage, therapeutic baths, galvanic-mud, inhalations, classical or manual massage, as well as undergo physiotherapy, ECG and ENT office.

Reviews of pension “Odyssey” (Anapa)

Odyssey Anapa reviews

More than half a century of its existence in the boarding house was visited by a great number of people. Some came here with their children, others prefer to relax in solitude. Someone just wanted to sunbathe on the beach or to have fun, someone wanted to get healthier. For all time got the holiday “Odyssey” (Anapa) the reviews are not only positive but also negative. Here are the main points that you should know those who are going to visit the recreation center in the near future:

  • In Addition to the beautiful and well maintained grounds, this Guesthouse has a private landscaped beach. There is also a rescue post.
  • Served is very delicious, the portions are large. Always on the tables are vases with fresh fruit.
  • Clean the rooms, and taking out the trash and change of towels is produced only on demand.
  • Self-cleaning provided the appropriate inventory on the floor.
  • Children have a large Playground where there are slides, swings, Swedish wall and a real ship.
  • At the cinema the next day show films for adults and cartoons for children.
  • Around the Guesthouse is a large number of shops, cafes and various entertainments.
  • Some packages have not yet replaced the old furniture with the new one.
  • Cold water is supplied round the clock hot and only happens a few times a day.
  • On the beach free of charge sunbeds and parasols.
  • The rooms are not air conditioned, has fans. But still quite muggy.
  • Wireless Internet only works near the reception Desk.
  • Electric kettle, and Ironing Board with iron designed for one floor.
  • To move With animals is prohibited.
  • The boarding house Territory is fenced, at the entrance there is security.

Location recreation

Guesthouse “Odyssey” is located at the address: Anapa, the Pioneer Avenue, 267. From the local airport it is situated 8 km away and the train station is just 5 km away and the Guesthouse can be reached by taxi or public transport. From the airport take a bus No. 113, station No. 100 and No. 129. From the bus station goroute taxi № 114, 134, 128, and 124. You need to get out at the stop called "Boarding house “Odyssey”.

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