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For a country holiday with friends or family perfect recreation "Teremok". Kichigino, is a picturesque village in the Uvelsky district of Chelyabinsk region. In the relic pine forest on the banks of the river Uvelka you can spend time away from prying eyes, because there is no nearby rest homes.

recreation "tower" in Kichigino reviews


An Ancient pine forest, where is located the base of rest "surf" in Kichigino, photo which is presented below, has earned the title of the monument of nature. Resting here, guests get a dose of healthful air. The calm atmosphere of the forest will help to remove fatigue and relax, and activates the saturation of the body's cells with oxygen. Pine air helps to suppress the activity of pathogens and to replenish vitamin C, boosting the immune system.

recreation "tower" in Kichigino photo

Recreation center Teremok (Kichigino) will provide an opportunity to satisfy aesthetic tastes, because the panorama opens eyes with steep banks, the river Uvelka is amazing. From the hill you can see how the river meanders, drifts toward the horizon, and near it runs the river Kubanka, and together they head to the big Yuzhnouralsk reservoir.

Closer to nature will help the boat trips on a catamaran, a boat or a boat that will provide the recreation center Teremok (Kichigino).


The recreation center welcomes guests all year round, so it provides accommodation in summer and in winter. Winter offers fully equipped double, triple and quadruple rooms in three-storey building and group of friends can be accommodated in the cottages that can accommodate from ten to thirty people.


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recreation "tower" Kichigina

In Summer, tourists staying in wooden cabins in the forest, it is possible to feel the real foresters. The complex is located three-, four - and six-bed wooden cabins with a barbecue area and facilities on the street, which got its name recreation center Teremok in Kichigino. Reviews of vacation in the woods is always good, thanks to the positive emotions from the nature and quality of service.

  1. Building № 1 and № 2 - storey capital building, which is on 22 and 25 well-furnished rooms with a TV, a refrigerator, a dining area and necessary furniture, a wardrobe or hallway. Located on the first floor cafes and places for recreation.
  2. Small Cottages to three storey buildings of 10-12 people, which is equipped with four bedrooms (in each), kitchen-Diners, toilets, showers, TVs, music centers, refrigerators, microwaves and electric stoves.
  3. The Cottage is a large two - storey building that can accommodate 20-30 people. The house has five bedrooms and a room for banquets, where the bar separates from the common areas a kitchenette. The presence of a TV and music centre will help to pass the time. Also, the house-Villa has three bathrooms and a shower.
  4. Wooden houses - shield structure for three, four, six or eight seats. They are equipped with necessary furniture, and some houses located areas for recreation and picnic area with barbecue, table and benches. Bathroom and shower summer type, located on the street.
  5. Gazebo and veranda - guess night stay for parties or simple get-togethers.

For children up to seven years are not charged, and from 7 to 12 pay only half the cost.

"tower" recreation how to reach us

Recreation center Teremok Kichigino designed for the countryside and nature in the rent of residential premises does not include any meals. But guests can choose three meals a day in the dining room or order meals from the daily menu.

For holidays and evenings, you can hire a Banquet hall with a festive dinner table. Rooms designed for the reception for 35, 55 or 100 people. The service is always on top and not satisfactory. Here you can celebrate any event in a pleasant environment without much pomp.

What is included in the price?

Coming to the recreation center Teremok, guests need not worry about the safety of their cars and free use of a free guarded Parking lot with video surveillance. At any time guests can be accommodated in the barbecue area and enjoy a barbecue or barbecue outdoors.

Provides Free access to children's and sports grounds, beach chairs and volleyball on the beach, as well as the track and the rink during the winter. This allows you to diversify leisure of adults and children to take that will make a rustic forest recreation is not only useful, but interesting.

recreation "tower" in Kichigino how to get


Except for meals recreation and provides other paid services, such as:

  • Visit to bath;
  • Rental of sports facilities: pedal boats, boats, bikes, fishing gear, inflatable sled (tubing).

Arriving at "the mansion" on vacation, everyone will be ableto find something to their liking and financial capacity.


A kilometer from the recreation on the mountain jerboa recently worked with the archaeologists who discovered numerous mounds that serve as a proof that thousands of years ago in the South Ural lands were Sarmatians. Therefore, Chelyabinsk oblast and, in particular, uvelsky district can rightly be called the birthplace of this nation who became famous for his conquests. And some historians suggest that many of the knights of the round table, including the legendary King Arthur was come from Sarmatian tribe.

Excursion to the site is free guide. In addition to interesting historical background, the guests, climbed up on the mounds, magnificent views of the vast steppes and the valley of the river Uvelka. This unforgettable spectacle will leave a lasting impression.

How to get in "the mansion"?

The Best place for countryside recreation for residents of the cities will be Teremok - recreation, Kichigino. How to get there, you can see on the map. It is located in Chelyabinsk region near the village of Kichigino.

Moving to the South of the city of Chelyabinsk at Troitskomu highway, 75 km away guests get in the uvelsky district. Located the base of rest "surf" in Kichigino. How to get there, tell any resident of this village. It is necessary to pass on Peace street to the village end, then turn onto a forest road. And after a mile it begins the territory of the resort, the staff welcomes guests with country hospitality that promotes good mood and anticipation of a good holiday.

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