The Country Of Tunisia. Reviews and the choice of accommodation


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In Russia, not always and in the summer is the summer. Particularly affected residents of the Northern regions and North-West. In June, the summer has not started yet, mid-month cold and rainy (in fact only the beginning of June), in July, the sun Peeps out, but not always, and in August the summer was over (well you want it, it's already August).

This is repeated from year to year, and gradually matured the desire to leave for the summer in Africa to the sun in the sky scorched, the sea was warm, and no clouds for the entire month!Tunisia reviews

Now the desire is feasible and not even too inaccessible. Two African countries - Egypt and Tunisia - are ready to accept tourists, and in advance to issue a visa is not necessary. Before you choose a hotel and to collect the suitcase, it is best to study the Tunisia reviews about it, to do the same with Egypt.

A month to go to Africa is unlikely to succeed, but in a couple of weeks is possible. If you really want to warm up, go in Tunisia, about the weather near the Sahara is always very positive. And to experience the true desert wind in July-August. At this time, from the Sahara blowing in the desert wind the Scirocco. Tunisia Sousse reviewsIt brings unbearably hot air. On the street to be simply impossible, Siesta comply with all the polls. The outside temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. So the day have campers divided into two halves: before noon and after it.

It does not really matter what place you choose in the country of Tunisia: Sousse, hotel reviews which you have conquered, or Hammamet. The hot breath of the Sahara in any case, you will feel it.

So the country is chosen, the mood of the Mediterranean sea are, now you only have to choose a hotel and make no mistakes. Hotel search - employment very pleasant. But first, you should make sure the passport is still valid, because if the validity period ends after a couple of months, the country may not be allowed. Then about Tunisia reviews will only be able to read. As in any country, working in tourist hotels there are many. How to choose the site, what exactly do you need? After all the beautiful pictures, and what will happen is unknown. Need to type in the search engine “Tunisia, Hammamet, reviews” and will get on any forum. It is on these sites people share their holiday experiences, criticize or praise the accommodation, recommended tours and activities.


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Just do not believe criticism of the brand. It might be a fake review of the tourist, and the black PR competitors.

So, the country selected is Tunisia. The reviews I have read, the hotel has found. Now it's time to get ready. Everyone has an idea on how many party dresses need at the resort, but some things need to take everything. First of all, this cream with UV protection, popularly referred to as as sunscreen.Tunisia Hammamet reviews

Then you need a swimsuit, and preferably two or three. Good hotels towels are, but this needs to be checked again. Shoes it is better to take light, hard to believe, but the rain there won't be.

Packing up for vacation, it is hard to put aside a warm jacket, closed shoes (in case of rain) and a sweater. But believe me, in Africa it is certainly not needed!

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