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In the center of Simferopol, surrounded by lush greenery, lies a Children's Park – the place where people come to walk with children to relax and have fun. Parents bring kids to classes at studios and clubs. Children's Park Simferopol – the world of creativity and joy.

children's Park Simferopol

Park History

This is the first Park in the Soviet Union, intended exclusively for children's development and creativity. In 2018, the Park will celebrate the anniversary-60 years since the Foundation. Beautifully landscaped grounds with an area of about 17 hectares of lush greenery – and beautiful trees, and manicured flower beds, from early spring to late autumn is covered with bright flowers.

The pride of the Park – a 6-meter oak, proudly bearing the name of the Giant Tauris. It is believed that its age is about 700 years.


Many parents bring their children to the Park to ride their favorite rides.

In the depths of the Park there is a free Playground, made in the form of a huge ship. In the gaming system for the kids to frolic while parents relax on the benches.

Preserved attractions set in the middle of the last century: carousel "Saturn" swing "Pumps».

The Park has many modern, bright theme.

  • Ferris wheel
  • Trampolines;
  • Train;
  • Electromachine;
  • Carousel.

children's Park Simferopol photo

Very popular shooting range, which conduct a competition for the marksman.

In the Park you can ride on the machine or gyrometer, eat ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy.

Adults And children love to take pictures in the Children's Park Simferopol for a free site «Pushkin's fairy Tales”, where he found refuge Baba Yaga, the Goblin and the little Mermaid, a huge head of a knight galloping on a horse Ruslan, 33 heroes by Chernomor, goldfish and squirrel nibbling emeralds.

Children's Park in Simferopol-the territory of joy

After the improvements recently undertaken in the Park, it includes a special area for fans of bikes and skateboards. Specially curved platforms give an opportunity to young athletes to hone their skills.

Zoo in the Children's Park

In the Children's Park Simferopol is a zoocorner. The enclosures are home to over 300 species of animals and birds. In the zoo there are some bears who are willing to accept a treat, camels, foxes, wolves, monkeys, raccoon dogs.

For the family of the young lions in 2017 built a new spacious enclosure, which is very much to its inhabitants.

The tiger and the Cougar, the Buffalo and deer, saiga antelope and lynx-all of these animals children see near, not in the picture, and at the zoo. Enthusiastically consider kids and Pets: goats and pigs, rabbits and horses. In the center of the small zoo is a pond where swans, ducks, geese and even the red-eared terrapins.


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That is why the weekends around the enclosures do not pass – the animals come Simferopol and guests come from other Crimean cities. Many of generation remember from childhood Simferopol animals.

In recent years, rapidly developing animals: new animals, build comfortable shelters and enclosures are old. The dream of the administration – to get the status of the zoo.

On-site so there are 2 playgrounds, plenty of benches, WC.

All children waiting for a visit to the zoo in the Children's Park Simferopol. How much is such a campaign, interested parents and the organizers of extra-curricular activities.

The Cost is low:

  • Adults – 200 p.;
  • Child tickets – 150 p.;
  • Children under 5 free accompanied by an adult.

The Price may vary, so better to check information on the official website.

children's Park Simferopol zoo how much it costs

The Park was a place for the building, which housed a large aquarium. Exotic fish, turtles of different species, crocodiles – all of this attracted the attention of curious kids.

Creative and scientific-research circles

After it was created Children's Park, on its territory was opened the Palace of pioneers – it is now the Palace of children and youth creativity.

At this point, each child can find something to their liking, because there is almost all directions:

  • Vocal / choreography;
  • Fine and decorative-applied creative work;
  • Physical culture
  • Technical and literary creativity.

Free classes are conducted by experienced teachers. Children participate in local and national events, contests and festivals.

Near the small zoo houses the art room, where students have made a significant contribution to the beautification of the Park. Children's drawings of parks and squares of Simferopol, antique maps and animals decorated the blank walls and platform.

In the Children's Park is youth astronomical Observatory, which created a unique Museum space of the minerals.

Another popular spot in the Park – a children's educational Playground ‘Junior inspector”. It was here, surrounded by traffic signs and markings, trained young inspectors of traffic police and on the weekend of the traffic regulations on cars, scooters, scooters, bikeslearn to ride children.

Holidays in the Children's Park

Holidays in the Children's Park Simferopol likes adults and children. Every weekend there are children's discos and thematic programs, in which toddlers communicate and play with your favorite cartoon characters.

In the Children's Park (Simferopol) the tradition are national and public holidays:

  • New year and Christmas;
  • Mardi Gras;
  • Easter;
  • Victory Day;
  • Day of protection of children;
  • The Day of family and loyalty;
  • The Day of Russia and others.

working in the children's Park Simferopol

It often hosts exciting performances, organized by talented children together with teachers and parents. For many of them work in the Children's Park Simferopol – joy and pleasure. Public holidays features:

  • Performances by the “live” sculptures;
  • Show on stilts;
  • The concerts of collectives of the Palace of art and drama studios;
  • Soap bubble show;
  • Workshops;
  • Contest of drawings on asphalt;
  • Face painting.

How to reach

In the Simferopol Children's Park located on square of Kuibyshev, Kirov Prospekt, 51.

Through the stop “Kuibyshev market” are almost all city buses and minibuses.

You Can go to the Children's Park from the street.

Within the Park there is ample free car Parking, so you can safely come in his car.

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