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Host & ndash; is an incredibly picturesque resort, which occupies a small stretch of territory between the centre of Sochi and Adler. It has a very harmonious and tranquil environment. In this town like to spend time with anyone who avoids noisy entertainment and crowded places. Coming from other countries and cities of Khost began taking about 100 years ago, and then from a small village turned into a stunning resort with well developed reviews

This place has everything you need for interesting and comfortable rest: attractive beaches, a great choice of restaurants and hospitality establishments, a huge number of attractions. The settlement was granted town status in 1899, with the first settlements appeared here much earlier. In 1912, he began active improvement of the resort – it is now considered a flourishing tourism industry.


The Main attractive feature Hosts – the beaches, the length of which is more than ten kilometers. So, the beginning of the coastal area takes in the Adler district, with stretches continuously from the center of Sochi. The local beaches are fully equipped. They can take comfort in the sun and to dedicate your leisure to different opportunities, evidenced by numerous reviews. The host also offers to families with small children its beaches, as the sea in this place is always clean and calm.

Flora resort

The Unique climatic conditions – another important feature of this resort. They contributed to the development of unique flora. Walking around the squares and parks give a huge amount of experience, as here you can see a large number of exotic flowers and plants, as evidenced by the feedback. The host also offers to view the plantation of cork oak, perfectly integrated in the city.Hosta photo


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The Main part of the excursion sites are natural attractions. And fans of the monuments of history will find something to diversify your vacation in the Host. Reviews 2014 from the permanent guests of the city positive: each of the minutes contained in the order and available for viewing. Khostinsky district is famous for its spas and health resorts, and therefore, the property will be possible without problems to combine health care with a pleasant stay. Charming and quiet resort of lovers of beautiful nature and beaches will not leave indifferent, it will appeal to both couples.

Café Hosts

A Selection of culinary establishments is huge, talking about it and many rave reviews. The host offers the usual taste, cute cafes and excellent restaurants in which to try rare wines and enjoy the delicacies. Sycamore street is the center of the popular vacation spots, it is a dining room “plane”, one of the most popular and oldest establishments in the resort. Here there is a spacious open terrace and two beautiful rooms, the menu will astonish you with the abundance of incredibly delicious and simple meals. Among its features-a large selection of fresh pastries and a rich collection of Kuban wines.

Families “Luck”, also enjoying great popularity. Many guests here attracts a fine array of treats and cozy atmosphere, there is always a relaxed atmosphere and sounds and upbeat music. Those who are planning to spend a night, it is best to take a table in advance. But cafes «San Marino» guests will appreciate the reasonable prices, great quality food, and exciting entertainment. In the daytime you can relax in a completely quiet environment, while in the evening guests can take part in a fascinating show-the program.Hosta Sochi reviews

Near the bridge on Sycamore street is a bar called "bodega". This unique dining establishment combines classic pub, stylish club and Museum. Here you will enjoy a vacation to all who choose good beer, while not indifferent to the taste of the Kuban wines. Your favorite drinks, in addition to offering visitors a multitude of interesting snacks. Enjoying the cozy atmosphere, guests can play backgammon or chess. The most curious will be interesting to appreciate the unique collection of exhibits located in the Museum pub.

Directly at the Resort there is a “Cheburechnaya”. Here prepare excellent pasties, many vacationers come here on the way to the beach in order to bring a favorite snack. Close to “Tavern”, in which you can try speciality khinkhali, as well as popular dishes of the cuisine of the Caucasus. A large number of attractive bars and cafes located on the beaches, so long to find a suitable place vacationers don't have to.

Hotel facilities

Host – a small length of the resort, its population is small, although this is common to all small towns in Krasnodar Krai. And hotels of the city can be called comfortable and large, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Host offers a network of complexes that differ comfortable rooms, qualified staffa wide range of services.

A Few resorts will help you to organize a full-fledged family vacation. The complex includes comfortable rooms, five meals a day. And Wellness treatments perfectly matching with the rest on the Bank of the Host city (photo of the resort can be found on this page). Every tourist has the opportunity to find the time to discover. To choose the right direction will help, the friendly staff pensions.crystal host reviews

In Addition, the private sector offers the best opportunities for accommodation in Khosta (Sochi). Reviews about this house, basically, leave those who want to save some money. Locals welcome offer to settle in the newly completed houses, and to occupy the apartment or room. This choice will help save some funds and give the opportunity to feel during the holidays mobile, settling in the town of Khost. The private sector (the reviews mostly positive, since the local population is always glad to visitors) is also handy for the people who came to stay for a long time. But you will have to organize their own food.

Holiday “Crystal” (Host): feedback

It is located in the centre of Khosta, just a hundred meters from balneofizioterapevticheskoe resort “Matsesta”. Guests of the boarding house here waiting for a cool subtropical climate and pleasant weather. This is a very beautiful place with great pebble beach which is 150 metres away the town of Khost. Vacation, prices here are lower than in the same Sochi, suggests the convenience and comfort of tourists. In season the cost of accommodation is from 1800 RUB / day, and housing in the private sector can be found for 500 rubles.

The Number of rooms there are different apartments. There are rooms with facilities designed for the unit, additionally, the standard and two-room suites. All rooms have TV, split system, comfortable furniture, a refrigerator. The boarding house territory is landscaped and fenced, there are many green spaces and clean air.aquamarine resort Khosta reviews

Holiday "aquamarine"

This is a budget rest house is situated seventy metres from the pebbly well-appointed beach resorts “Wave” and “Host”.

The five-storey building with attic and Elevator, built in 2000 and reconstructed eight years later, is a boarding house "aquamarine" (Host). Reviews about it mostly positive, and it's not surprising. It offers double and triple rooms in two categories: superior and standard. Each has a fridge, air conditioning and a TV, and daily housekeeping services.

Yew and box tree grove

The Main attraction is the Khosta yew-box grove. It is a nature reserve walk which will be very informative and interesting. It is part of the Caucasian reserve. Here you can find a species, on our planet has grown another thirty million years ago. Among the unique plants include yew, evergreen boxwood. In his honor, the Park got the name. On the territory of the groves is possible to see about two hundred species of plants, here is the one historical object.

Khosta fortress

It is possible to go, heading to the Northern part of the grove. This fortification – one of the most amazing sites of the area. Still remains unknown the time of construction of the fortress, and its purpose. At the present time the travelers offer you to look at the dilapidated tower, the surviving part of the in host reviews 2014

Other attractions Hosts

To learn many interesting facts about this city, you must go to the Museum of history. His Fund is around 6000 exhibits, most of which is devoted to the development of the tourism industry. Its location was the house built before the revolution, a part of the most important sightseeing objects. This building was built in 1914 and was originally the seat of the people's house. The building after the revolution has been empty long enough, and then became a cinema, “Beam”. In 1995, the architects recognized the building as a cultural heritage site, since it is used for the storage of historically valuable exhibits.

One of the most important archaeological areas in our country is river valley Hosts. Scientists say that man started to inhabit these places in the stone age. There are ancient caves, now available to the public. In the city there are religious monuments. So, the Church of the Transfiguration striking stunningly beautiful appearance and excellent performance of the interior. A petite resort town its guests is ready to offer a guided tour, full of surprises.

Entertainment in Host

In the village the entertainment industry is well developed, wide beach area is not the only place of rest. Here is a water Park with a huge number of water rides and slides, where they like to relax guests with children. There is a huge pool, near which is equipped with sun umbrellas and luxurious sun loungers. While children are having fun at the fountain, the parents can relax comfortably on the terraces.

The resort has a wonderful anddiving center, located near the resort “Caucasus”. In this place everyone can take lessons from instructors, rental of equipment necessary for diving. For visitors can arrange visits to suitable for diving.

The youngest guests will be interested to go to Luna Park, where the choice of rides has been outstanding. There was a colorful gaming area with safe entertainment, while the older children are happy to go to the a holiday prices


Should Definitely pay attention to the shops, very popular among tourists is also the Cossack market. In this place you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, in addition, this homemade wine and plenty of interesting treats. A gift shop called "cat house" located on Sycamore street. It sells a variety of figurines of cats. The city is considered to be the most ambitious of the shopping center «Athena" which includes stores of different specialization.

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