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Borisoglebsk with 60-thousand population is located in the North-Eastern part of the Voronezh region, on the left Bank of the river Crows. What is interesting in the city? In this article you will find description and photos of attractions in Borisoglebsk.

The City and its features

The Caucasus, Shanghai, Worowo, Valley of the Poor – that's such an outlandish place names are found in the urban environment of modern Borisoglebsk. Once they were separate towns, now – informal areas in the city.

Borisoglebsk was founded in the late XVII century and wonderfully preserved historic layout, 1806. This city has been included in the list of historical settlements of Russia. There remained about a hundred architectural and cultural monuments. Initially the settlement had the function of a fortress defending the borders of the country from periodic Tatar raids.

In 1703, the fortress was built a wooden Church of saints Boris and Gleb, the name which the city got its modern and beautiful name. In Soviet times, this “brand” the name decided to change to something more progressive and in the spirit of the time. After lengthy discussions chose one of the options – Alhazred. The new name for the city was approved by local activists, and trade Union Congress. Fortunately, in the Kremlin, this initiative was not supported, and the city was left STS.

What are the main attractions of Borisoglebsk the Voronezh region? We'll cover that next.

Main sights of Borisoglebsk

So What can this city offer to the tourist? The main attractions at the Borisoglebsk three – architecture, museums and local beer. Last brewed here since 1878!

In Borisoglebsk need to come to slowly walk through the quiet, cozy streets, admire the beauty and grace of the old merchant houses, to feel the atmosphere of the County town, which is almost not changed its appearance since the beginning of the XIX century.

All the travelers are met by a gorgeous train station. Its Central building is a valuable architectural monument, in which traces of classicism, Renaissance and traditional Russian style. In Borisoglebsk – three museums (a lot for such a small town) of art, natural history and art gallery.

Borisoglebsk sightseeing

In Addition to the usual magnets and the famous beer from the Borisoglebsk you can bring your own fine work of wood, clay, light and very warm shawls from goat down. The city has a number of hotels, guest houses, cafes, restaurants and eateries. Therefore, no overnight stay and a delicious lunch the visitors won't leave.


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The Church of saints Boris and Gleb

This is perhaps the main attraction of Borisoglebsk, the oldest building of the city. The Church was built in 1703 out of wood. But in 1784 he burned to the ground, after which it was replaced by a stone Church. The Shrine was built slowly and in stages: first rose the Cathedral part of the Church, and then – a refectory and a three-tiered bell tower. At the end of the Church was crowned with a beautiful octagonal dome.

photos of the sights of Borisoglebsk


Plant for the production of the popular intoxicating drink originated in Borisoglebsk in 1878. It was founded by a German named Lamar. Although local residents are actively brewed beer here.

From a distance the massive and gloomy building of the plant resembles either a prison, or a Gothic castle. Unfortunately, the tour aims to get inside it. But the products can be found in any store or bar in town. To date, the STS, the brewery produces ten varieties of beer.

sights of Voronezh Borisoglebsk

Tellerservice forest

Outside of Borisoglebsk minutes too short. In particular, it is possible to visit Tellerservice forest, which adjoins the city from the West. In the Turkic language his name translates as “infinite forest”. Really, the area is huge and amounts to almost 40,000 hectares. the Length of the forest – about 60 kilometers.

This is one of the oldest forests of Russia. The first written mention of it dates back to the year 1571. Tillermans in the forest a lot of trees-long-livers. Among them, the old oak in the Voronezh region, whose age is estimated to botanists, more than 350 years.

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